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Mental Health & Therapy Pt. 2 With DJ Voices

April 28, 2022 Club Management
Club Management
Mental Health & Therapy Pt. 2 With DJ Voices
Show Notes

Episode 57 has arrived and this week, we continue the conversation on mental health and well-being in music with DJ and event organizer Kristin Malossi (@latenitesbookclub), who performs under the moniker DJ Voices.

From breaks and bass to techno, Kristin is known for her genre-shifting DJ mixes that pack a powerful punch from start to finish, and as a booker at NYC’s famed Nowadays, Kristin extends her explorative ethos into the lineups she curates, inviting a loaded roster of talented producers and DJs to perform at the bustling venue from Pearson Sound and Nikki Nair to Tim Reaper.

While fulfilling, being in nightlife can have its challenges. There are late nights, unforeseen cancellations, and crazy hours. It can certainly take a toll on your mental health and over the last year, Kristin has been trying to find the perfect balance.

The busy DJ talks about her mental health journey, the problem with hustle culture, what it’s like working at the legendary Nowadays, and she sheds light on an interesting question. Does being in nightlife have a shelf life?


Earwig - Pearson Sound

Zeus Dub - Mezey & Nosho

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