Club Management

A How To On Handling Music Business Pt. 3 With DJ Noir

July 22, 2022 Club Management Episode 61
Club Management
A How To On Handling Music Business Pt. 3 With DJ Noir
Show Notes

Episode 61 has arrived and we are jumping into the last episode for the How To Handle Music Business series. For the last episode, we invite none other than the fierce blend Queen DJ Noir to the show. She’s the co-founder of @JukeBounceWerk, an international collective of producers and DJs, who have laid the groundwork in expanding the Chicago Juke and Footwork sound in Los Angeles and across the globe.

DJ Noir has been working in music and nightlife since the early 90s, priming her impeccable DJ chops in LA’s drum and bass scene. Now, she continues to pour her energy, wisdom and care into her community with JBW. She’s a mama bear and a mentor, continually encouraging her crew and those hungry to excel in the music world to perfect their skills. She does it all while churning out heavy-hitting mixes, touring and releasing her own production under the moniker Phyliss Jaxson.

Outside of music, Noir has used her platform to speak out against some of the social injustices Black artists often face in the industry. In 2020, the star penned an essay in DJ Mag that explored how language can be used to appropriate and erase Black artists with the rise of the 160 movement.

Shannon spoke to the music titan about Juke Bounce Werk’s early beginnings, what it takes to make it in the industry and what artists should do to build meaningful relationships. Noir also spoke about some of the backlash she received from her DJ Mag article and why it was important to address the glaring elephant in the room.


Hornz Bang - JAE DRAGO X DJ Noir

In Love - Phyliss Jaxson

Thot Lava - Phyliss Jaxson

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