Club Management

Techno Rising With KYRUH & WTCHCRFT

August 05, 2022 Club Management Episode 62
Club Management
Techno Rising With KYRUH & WTCHCRFT
Show Notes

For episode 62, Shannon speaks to KYRUH and WTCHCRFT, a DJ duo who has been blowing up dance floors in NYC with their fiery DJ sets.

Whizzing through trashing Techno, Hard House and booming Electronic vocal samples, KYRUH and WTCHCRFT light up the dance floor with their high energy. Every time the pair manage to offer up something unique and their creative synergy feels timeless and unbound.

KYRUH and WTCHCRFT have been devoted to the rave since high school and college, where they happened to meet and form an inseparable friendship. Now big things are exploding for the DJ duo. After their electric performance at Berlin's popular radio station HOR, the besties have been booked and busy, and they’re actually gearing up for another Euro tour.

What's the secret to their undeniable sauce? Shannon spoke to KYRUH and WTCHCRFT about their early DJ beginnings. The pair walked through how they plan their electrifying sets, and the duo share some exciting developments about their buzzing DJ careers.

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WTCHCRFT - The Callers


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