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Mommas In Music Pt. 3 With Ikonika & Sepha

December 30, 2022 Club Management Episode 69
Club Management
Mommas In Music Pt. 3 With Ikonika & Sepha
Show Notes

For episode 69, we finish up the last installment of the "Mommas in Music" series, which also happens to be our final episode of 2022. For this show, Shannon talks to two mommas in different parts of the world about their experiences with motherhood, production and music.

For the first half of the show we head to the UK for a lovely chat with DJ and producer Ikonika. The Hyperdub artist has spent over two decades making the world dance to her incredible tracks filled with a little bit of everything from dubstep and grime to house and a slew of other genres. There’s something admirable about Ikonika’s ability to shape-shift and transform into what the heck she feels like. Over the last two years, the London-bred artist’s imagination has taken to her music to some incredible places.

Look no further than “No Way,” Ikonika’s contribution to Adult Swim’s "Digitalis" compilation in 2021. We were also blown away by “I Need You,” a sultry dance track that features rolling Amapiano and catchy synth melodies on top of the star’s wispy vocals.

Now, Ikonika is sending the dance floor reeling with her new EP “Bubble Up” a project that showcases her vocals and love for vintage deep house. Shannon chats with Ikonika about her production process, writing music through her pregnancy and what's next for her busy career.

For the second part of the show, we bounce over to Olympia, Washington to chat with producer, DJ and momma of two, Sepha.

Like Ikonika, Sepha has a deep appreciation for club music from all corners of the world, and you can feel it in her sets and on her weekly Twitch streams.

With two busy kiddos, at home, Sepha always finds some time to get in the flow state with her production work and DJ sets. We were thrilled with her “Thank You For Club Music” EP in 2021 and everything else that has come out of her steady wave of production over the last two years.

Shannon spoke to Sepha about club music culture in Seattle, how she makes time to create amid her busy parenting schedule and what she loves most about being a momma.


"No Way" - Ikonika
"I Need You" - Ikonika
"Bubble Up" - Ikonika
"When you look at me" - Ikonika
"Trillium Joan" - Sepha
"Thank You For Baltimore Club - Sepha

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