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AI Music With Jaymie Silk

February 10, 2023 Club Management Episode 70
Club Management
AI Music With Jaymie Silk
Show Notes

We’re kicking off the first episode of 2023 with the inimitable @JaymieSilk. The Paris-based producer, vocalist and remixer has been churning out music with machine-like efficiency over the last two years.

Jaymie weaves and bobs through a number of music personalities greatly influenced by his Afro-European roots. From club tracks to thrashing techno beats, you’ll get a little taste of the rave and the diaspora in between when listening to the producer’s music.

Our host Shannon Dawson caught up with Mr. Silk as he was gearing up to release his most ambitious project to date– Rub Music Vol. 1, a six-track EP filled with AI-generated vocals from popular artists like Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd and the late great Tupac. The EP is packed with driving dance floor bangers that are sure to set the club off at any given moment.

Jaymie Silk chatted with Shannon about his early beginnings as a producer, the ups and downs of being independent in the industry, the power of AI and the potential dangers it could have on the music industry.


Temptation - Jaymie Silk

Black is Beautiful - Jaymie Silk

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