Club Management

The Philly Club King With DJ Sega

March 10, 2023 Club Management Episode 72
Club Management
The Philly Club King With DJ Sega
Show Notes

For Episode 72, Shannon sits down with one of the forefathers of Philly Club Music. Meet DJ Sega. The producer and phenomenal DJ has been blaring down sound systems around the world for more than a decade with his hard-hitting high energy club anthems and edits. And he’s truly a student of the game.

Sega’s passion for producing and Djing came at a rough time period in his life. After the death of his grandmother, the Philly native locked into production as a way to process and mourn her loss . But after a few short years of toiling away his musical production software, Sega created something special.

Combining the fundamental roots of Baltimore Club and Jersey Club's rhythmic flare, Sega was one of the first producers to craft the Philly Club sound, a fast and energetic genre that rests at 140 BPM, sometimes soaring to 155 BPM.

Laden with samples of rock, hip-hop and everything else in between, Sega’s infectious beats have had crowds rocking around all the world and now, the producer has been building up a steady following with his weekly DJ Twitch streams and helpful content on producing, streaming and other music related topics.

Shannon spoke to the Philly legend about his early days DJing at Philly's famed Jamz Entertainment Center, the emergence of Philly Club, his time with Mad Decent and Sega finally sets the record straight about what really happened between him and Diplo.

Tracklist ~

DJ Sega - At All (The DJ Sega Remix)

DJ Sega - Hey Mr DJ (The DJ Sega Remix)

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