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The Sunny Turntablist With Spiñorita

December 09, 2021 Club Management Season 2 Episode 48
Club Management
The Sunny Turntablist With Spiñorita
Show Notes

For one of the last shows of 2021, Shannon invites sunny radio host, DJ, and promoter @spinorita to the show.

The Los Angeles native has been serving up listeners fresh new music from a bevy of different genres on her long-running NTS show Casual Play. She's a pleasure to listen to whether she’s scratching through broken beats, hip hop, or disco tunes, there’s no shortage of fun listening to the energetic radio’s hosts dynamic mixes and live sets.

Like many DJs, Spiñorita was left wondering how to connect with fans when the pandemic hit last year, but after toying around with her live stream setup at home, the busy DJ found success on Twitch, quickly pulling in over 10,000 followers on the platform with her superb record collection and sunny personality. Shannon spoke to Spiñorita about the success of her Twitch show, how she took the leap into DJing full time, and her forthcoming EP which will deliver a different musical side of the busy turntablist.


DSXSWC - Kaidi Tatham

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