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Dance Mania's Youngest Female DJ With Jana Rush

January 13, 2022 Club Management Episode 50
Club Management
Dance Mania's Youngest Female DJ With Jana Rush
Show Notes

For the first episode of 2022, DJ Shannon invites Dance Mania alum, Jana Rush.

Jana Rush’s hefty catalog extends back to the label’s heyday. She was dubbed “The Youngest Female DJ” under Dance Mania after she made an appearance on 1996’s “The Armageddon”-- a split collaborative EP With DJ Deeon.

With the mentorship of some of the greats like Chicago’s juke king Gant-Man and the late great Paul Johnson, Jana’s production style slowly morphed, incorporating a bevy of different sounds from footwork and juke to techno. The best thing about the Chicago native is that she works at her own pace, there’s no rush to create and the time and care she puts into her craft is evident, especially on her last LP "Painful Enlightenment," a project that takes you on an intense roller coaster filled with different chaotic samples, sporadic percussion, and vocal samples.

Jana reminisced about her early beginnings cooking up tracks with Paul Johnson, why she takes her time with producing, some of the challenges she faced coming up in the industry, and what she plans for 2022!

@Jana_Rush (Instagram)

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"Drivin' Me Insane" ft. Nancy Fortune - by Jana Rush

"Acid Tek 2" - by Jana Rush

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