You drink - you learn.

#21. Creating emotional intelligent organizations with Caroline Stokes. 🇺🇸/🇨🇦 lg.

November 07, 2021 Dirk Schülgen
You drink - you learn.
#21. Creating emotional intelligent organizations with Caroline Stokes. 🇺🇸/🇨🇦 lg.
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Everyone of us wants the best talent in their teams. People who can drive change, grow the business, make a difference, bring energy and solve the biggest challenges within the organisation. We call them unicorns - everyone is looking for them, but they are pretty hard to find. 

My guest today knows how to attract these talents, but more important she also knows how organizations need to change to keep them. Carolin Stokes is the author and TedTalk Speaker of „Elephants before Unicorns“, spent years in the tech industry at PlayStation, Virgin and Nokia, build a humanistic headhunting and consulting company and is supporting big organisations to become emotionally intelligent. Most importantly - she is a fun and inspiring talk partner. 

Some things I have learned in our session:
➡️ Never underestimate Empathy as a game changer for personal development.
➡️ Always be honest and transparent to potential new hires about the challenges within the company. It’s the only way not to loose them in the first three months.
➡️ Make sure you find the „elephants“ in your organization. What is keeping people to bring up challenges and solving them? Start to tackle them from top to bottom.
➡️ Start now to assess where your Org stands in terms of emotional intelligence: Workplace EQ Diagnostic

More information on Caroline Stokes:

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Show notes:
3:07 Drinks of the day.
5:15 How Caroline became Caroline.
13:40 The power of unicorns.
20:10 What is an elephant?
35:17 Measuring EQ.
45:00 Onboarding Talent.
54:00 The network question.

Drinks of the day.
How Caroline became Caroline.
The power of unicorns.
What is an elephant?
Measuring EQ.
Onboarding Talent.
The network question.