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A Deep Dive into Financial Services Marketing with FCS CEO Kevin Windorf

April 25, 2022 Season 2 Episode 17
Marketing Mambo
A Deep Dive into Financial Services Marketing with FCS CEO Kevin Windorf
Show Notes

Kevin Windorf is the CEO of the Financial Communications Society, the only national not-for-profit industry association for financial marketers. With a mission of “Community, Education, Philanthropy,” the FCS connects thousands of marcomm and media professionals through more than 50 events a year, staged online and in-person. As a result, the FCS has donated nearly $2.8 million since 2000 to more than 25 children’s charities.

Kevin was first elected to the FCS Board of Directors in 2005, during his client-side career in financial services, which spanned 25+ years. He led marketing teams at BMO Capital Markets, Deutsche Bank and Chase, providing marketing, communications, and media relations solutions for investment banking, institutional services and private banking. He later joined the media solutions team at CNBC, before moving to the agency world, most recently, working as the Client Strategy Director for the New York office of global marketing agency, Living Group. 

Through his agency work and as an independent branding and content strategist, Kevin has worked with global asset managers and insurance companies, leading private equity and hedge funds, newly launched wealth management and investment advisory firms, as well as professional and business services companies. He has written original content for more than 250 clients and has named over 30 new businesses.

Kevin is the author of three books of short fiction, each published by Quindorian Press: Speaking In Tongues (2013), The Gate (2014), and The Serpent Bearer: 13 Tales of Suspense (2018).

He earned his MBA (Marketing, Operations) at the Stern School of Business at New York University and his BA in Communications (Creative Writing, Film). He has also studied writing and film at New York University.


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