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Motivating the Adoption of Change with Change Management Expert John Deel

July 05, 2021 Season 1 Episode 28
Marketing Mambo
Motivating the Adoption of Change with Change Management Expert John Deel
Show Notes

John Deel is thankful and humbled to be branded by his customers as an Organizational Change Management (OCM) expert and recognized leader of "the people side of change" (digital, global, cultural). Many businesses are facing significant and “always-on” change to remain competitive. Advances in technology remains a big factor in being relevant and viable - businesses are increasingly appreciating the importance of PEOPLE in driving business results. John believes “people are the game” and this is his lane. John has a passion to share, leveraging his current 20 years in OCM and previous 20 years in IT, as he HELPS YOU in the following areas:

1. OCM Practitioner – “ringing the cash register” - over 27,506 hours of client billable work as a high-touch change practitioner leading the efforts and working closely with people (from shop floor to top floor).
+++ Results for Clients: $258M in business benefits delivered
+++ Results for Consultancies: more than $6.8M revenue from client billable work (@30-50% margin)

2. OCM Business Development - "selling" – evangelizing and tightly integrating OCM components (deliverables) into large scale transformations to drive and sustain business benefits.
+++ Results for Clients: evangelizing and championing the change while delivering $258M in business benefits
+++ Results for Consultancies: $61M in revenue by directing and assisting with the sales of enterprise OCM, Organizational Design (OD) and performance improvement solutions

3. OCM Capability Development – “giving back” - growing the people, tools, methods, approaches and overall knowledge capital required to have an OCM Practice.
+++ Results for Clients: helping them develop their own Change Management Office (CMO) or Change Capability so they are equipped to support their own strategic initiatives
+++ Results for Consultancies: helping them launch a new OCM Practice or maturing/growing their existing capability; acquisition and development of top talent in the OCM space and the development of customized tools/approaches

To contact John:
404-316-5469 (Mobile)
[email protected]