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Confessions of an Expat Marketer with Fintech CMO Kelly Pettersen

July 19, 2021 Terry McDougall Season 1 Episode 30
Marketing Mambo
Confessions of an Expat Marketer with Fintech CMO Kelly Pettersen
Show Notes

With over 10 years of international experience, Kelly Pettersen is a renowned executive in the tech world. Kelly currently works at Coinbase as a senior member of the Institutional Sales & Trading team, working with institutions across EMEA on their cryptocurrency adoption journey. Prior to joining the Coinbase, Kelly led business development globally for

skew, the leading cryptocurrency market data, analytics and derivatives platform. She has a track-record building fin-tech start-ups and has led multi-million-dollar strategic projects and transformational marketing and sales-driven initiatives in the finance and banking sector. 

 Kelly is an endlessly curious person, with an open mind and passion for diversity and for how technology can positively shape the future of the financial industry.Kelly is a former US collegiate student athlete completing her undergraduate degree at Providence College. She is currently living in London, UK and earned her Executive MBA from Esade Business & Law School in Spain which is an international management program taught across Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America and the US. Using her immense network of expert tech founders and investors, Pettersen is able to engage in a relevant discussion about a wide range of topics in the tech industry.

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