ASMP Experts & Masters

Ep 23 - ASMP Archivist Grayson Dantzic

October 21, 2019 American Society of Media Photographers Season 1 Episode 22
ASMP Experts & Masters
Ep 23 - ASMP Archivist Grayson Dantzic
Show Notes

The calling cards of any archive are preservation and access. Tom’s guest today is Grayson Dantzic. Grayson is an ASMP Board Member in the New York chapter, a photographer, and an archivist. As an archivist, he has been working with Tom to organize and assess the value of ASMP’s archives as a representation of the history of photography over the past 75 years. Grayson’s goal is to raise awareness about the roots of photography and the ASMP in order to shed light on the rich stories behind the people that have shared history through photography.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Grayson’s journey to photography and photo archiving
  • Raising awareness about the roots of photography
  • How passionate the early founders were for what they were trying to do
  • Comparing the media saturation of today to the founding times
  • Putting together a rich tapestry of the history of ASMP
  • Surprising takeaways from looking at the archives
  • Connecting resources between different archives
  • Compensating for the loss of the human connective piece in photography
  • Building the archives from the ground up
  • Opportunities that are waiting in the archives
  • Establishing connections with different research and preservation institutions
  • Envisioning the desired digital archive presence and pool for resources

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Life Magazine

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To learn more about archivist and photographer Grayson Dantzic go to his website:

To read about the Smithsonian traveling exhibition of Jerry Dantzic photographs of Billie Holiday that Grayson curated go to:

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