ASMP Experts & Masters

Ep 25 - Lou Jones

December 15, 2019 American Society of Media Photographers Season 1 Episode 25
ASMP Experts & Masters
Ep 25 - Lou Jones
Show Notes

Tom’s guest today, Lou Jones, is a long-time Boston freelance photographer. Lou received his degree in physics and you could say he was well on his way to becoming a rocket scientist, until he found his way to the art of photography. Since then, he has spent his career blending the commercial and editorial sectors. Through personal and long-term projects, Lou is working to effect change in how the world views different social issues.

In this episode, Tom and Lou talk about…

  • Considering photography as a career choice from a start in physics
  • Starting to build his own sense and skills as a photographer
  • Perseverance through racism and other early obstacles
  • Blending the commercial and editorial sectors
  • Learning to navigate cold calls to make your way into the room
  • Reaching a broader audience through the use of social media
  • Using personal projects as a means to attract clients
  • How social components of photography have changed over time
  • Working to effect thinking about the realities of Africa
  • Biggest challenges facing the team with the effort to cover all of Africa
  • What brings Lou joy being a photographer
  • Sustaining creativity after amassing such a large amount of experience
  • Engaging the public in the value of work that photographers do
  • Serious advice for anyone looking to become a great professional photographer

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