ASMP Experts & Masters

Ep 26 - Robert Seale

January 12, 2020 American Society of Media Photographers Season 1 Episode 26
ASMP Experts & Masters
Ep 26 - Robert Seale
Show Notes

Robert Seale is a commercial photographer and long-time ASMP member based out of Houston. Throughout his career, he has been able to stay versatile and prolific, while providing his services to advertising agencies, corporate reports, and a host of editorial publications. Robert has made a name for himself with his exceptional technical ability, graphic eye, lighting skills, and his execution speed as a visual problem solver. From his start as a college newspaper photographer, Robert has spent years establishing himself as one of the premier names in the commercial photography industry.

In this episode, Tom Kennedy, ASMP’s Executive Director, and Robert Seale talk about…

  • Getting into photography and influences that Robert had
  • Transitioning from newspaper to sports magazines
  • Preparation for photographing an athlete without the athlete
  • Deciding to go out on his own as a commercial photographer
  • Looking into the creative process that goes into getting a great shot
  • Educating clients about the photography that they are looking for
  • How Robert finds people that he really likes to work with
  • Advising young photographers on which skills to hone in on
  • The evolution from film to digital and how it has changed photography
  • Importance of Instagram for displaying your portfolio to the new world
  • Changes going on now that are creating more avenues for photography services
  • The two factors that go into charging appropriately
  • Things to know if entering the photography industry right now
  • Staying critical and re-evaluating your process as time goes on

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