ASMP Experts & Masters

Ep 28 - Photography Rep Heather Elder

March 22, 2020 American Society of Media Photographers Season 1 Episode 28
ASMP Experts & Masters
Ep 28 - Photography Rep Heather Elder
Show Notes

Today’s special guest is Heather Elder, a photography rep that has worked with some of the most well-known photographers in recent memory. Heather has spent years sharing thoughts and secrets of the photography industry through her blog, Notes From a Rep’s Journal, and her podcast, Dear Art Producer. After 25 years, she still figures out ways to innovate and adapt to the industry as it changes with the times. Heather brings years of wisdom and experience to the table, so pay attention!

In this episode, Gabriella Marks, ASMP National Board Member, and photography rep Heather Elder talk about…

  • What doesn’t an artist representative do?
  • Creating a sense of community in an industry that lacks one
  • The importance of clear communication throughout the entire process
  • Walking the line between following up and not being a stalker
  • Start with the creative call and work from there
  • Advice for beginners on how to approach creative treatment
  • Breaking down estimates and approaching the job
  • What can be said about you that cannot be said about anyone else?
  • How photographers are integrating motion into what they do
  • Using ASMP’s heritage to look forward into the future
  • Persistence is key if you want to work with Heather

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