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Ep 29 - Photographer Erika Larsen

April 05, 2020 American Society of Media Photographers Season 1 Episode 29
ASMP Experts & Masters
Ep 29 - Photographer Erika Larsen
Show Notes

Tom’s guest today, Erika Larsen, is a photographer known for extended essays that document various cultures from a variety of perspectives. Erika is well-known around the world for her work with National Geographic, Time Magazine, and other globally-recognized companies. She has specialized in immersive photography in order to tap into the world’s oldest profession, storytelling. Erika believes that good photographers have the ability to freeze time, and she has let that fuel her throughout her long and impressive career. 

In this episode, Tom Kennedy, ASMP National Board Member, and photographer rep Erika Larsen talk about…

  • How Erika got started in the field of photography
  • Cutting out a lot of the noise that comes with having a plethora of tools
  • Storytelling is the oldest profession that the world knows
  • Developing a relationship with the earth and what it means to be human
  • Staying present and focused while photographing when the world is so loud
  • Erika has spent a lifetime finetuning her photography skills through experience
  • Overcoming the initial challenge of gaining acceptance into different cultures
  • Everyone in this world holds a certain knowledge that is unique to them
  • Getting people to open up and convey the essence of their own story
  • Keeping track of where you are in the evolution of each story
  • What catches Erika’s attention when she is in the moment of taking a photograph
  • Achieving a stillness and what that does for different people
  • Having a great support system when life takes you all over the world
  • Making an impact on the world and how to do it
  • What the person next to you says can or can’t happen doesn’t exist

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