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Ep 30 - Part 1: Photography Consultant J. Sybylla Smith

April 26, 2020 American Society of Media Photographers Season 1 Episode 30
ASMP Experts & Masters
Ep 30 - Part 1: Photography Consultant J. Sybylla Smith
Show Notes

Today, Tom has the pleasure of interviewing J. Sybylla Smith, an educator, curator, and incredible photography consultant, providing collaborations on editing, sequencing, marketing, and writing artistic statements so artists can apply for grants or exhibition proposals. She also consults with educational institutions in order to develop programming and more dynamic partnerships. Sybylla writes and lectures on visual culture, gender equity and photography, and the creative practice, with a focus on equality. With such a diverse background, there’s plenty to hear in this one! 

In this episode, Tom Kennedy, ASMP’s Executive Director, and Photography Consultant J. Sybylla Smith talk about…

  • What propelled Sybylla to use photography as an outlet of expression
  • How Sybylla’s creativity in her social work career led her to photography
  • Identifying the things that are of value that Sybylla wants to work on
  • Smartphones and technology have made photography more accessible
  • Cross over between personal history and world history as a curator
  • Multimedia trends reverberate into academics and visual arts over time
  • The real key to making impactful work and how to see the possibilities
  • Sybylla’s techniques to holding up a mirror to photographers
  • The biggest barriers to self-awareness in the world right now
  • Opportunities that are coming forth in these unprecedented times
  • In our current situation, we need the reality and the hope

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