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Ep 31 - Part 2: Photography Consultant J. Sybylla Smith

May 03, 2020 American Society of Media Photographers Season 1 Episode 31
ASMP Experts & Masters
Ep 31 - Part 2: Photography Consultant J. Sybylla Smith
Show Notes

This is part 2 of Tom’s interview with  J. Sybylla Smith, an educator, curator, and incredible photography consultant, providing collaborations on editing, sequencing, marketing, and writing artistic statements so artists can apply for grants or exhibition proposals. She also consults with educational institutions in order to develop programming and more dynamic partnerships. Sybylla writes and lectures on visual culture, gender equity and photography, and the creative practice, with a focus on equality. With such a diverse background, there’s plenty to hear in this one! 

In this episode, Tom Kennedy, ASMP’s Executive Director, and Photography Consultant J. Sybylla Smith talk about…

  • Enabling photographers to be creative in new ways while living in the current situation
  • Being able to power past the limitations that fear might impose
  • We can only go one day at a time!
  • How the present moment will affect the institutions and where the artist fits in
  • It’s always collaborative, there is no individual success
  • Amplifying the reality that there are no borders separating us right now
  • Start talking outside to other professions to collaborate
  • Here’s how to reach Sybylla and work with her right now

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