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Take Back Your Time | Guest Christy Wright

December 28, 2021 Clint Herndon & Christy Wright Season 3 Episode 87
Next Peak Podcast
Take Back Your Time | Guest Christy Wright
Show Notes

Christy Wright is the #1 bestselling author, personal growth expert, and host of The Christy Wright Show. She's also the founder of Business Boutique, which equips women to make money doing what they love. Regardless of where you are today, Christy will help you build confidence in yourself, strengthen your faith, and become the person God created you to be.

In today's episode, Christy shared her journey of writing her newest book, "Take Back Your Time."

Christy Wright said, "The black hole of insecurity cannot be solved by doing more." 

"What if balance isn't so much something you do. How you balance it all perfectly. What if it's something you become where you could be balanced and still be busy, where you could become a balanced person in an out-of-balance world where balance looks more like peace, being confident in your choices, being proud of how you spend your time. Actually enjoying your life. I think that's what we're really after when we say we want balance, and it turns out the path to that is not productivity. It's not doing more waking up earlier, having a better time management app being more efficient, productive, multitasking. That's not what leads to the thing that we really want. And so I wanted to dig to the deeper issue below the issue, the deeper desires we have going on in us. When we talk about time, we talk about balance and say, Hey, let's talk about what's really going on and what really gets in the way. And let's fix it there. And then that, of course, will affect our calendar and the practical side of things. And so, in this book, I really set out to redefine this word, reclaim it and redefine it. And so the way that the thesis of the whole book is life balance is not doing everything for an equal amount of time. It's about doing the right things at the right time. And when you do the right things at the right time, You will actually feel that sense of balance you've been looking for, but here's the great news you get to decide what's right for you." - Christy Wright

Patrick Lencioni said, "If everything's important, nothing is."

Christy shared five action steps detailed in her latest book because we can not grow when we stay comfortable, and so you're going to have to get uncomfortable to grow.

(1) Figure out what matters.
(2) Stop doing what doesn't matter.
(3) Create a calendar that reflects what matters.
(4) Protect what matters with boundaries and say no.
(5) Be present for what matters, be where your feet are, whenever you are there.

Top 3 Books Recommended by Christy:

(1) Ruthless Elimination by John Mark Homer
(2) Get Out of Your Head by Jenny Allen
(3) Surrendered Yes by Rebecca Lyons

Get in touch with Christy:
Website: Christy Wright
Instagram: Christy Wright

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