Navigating Normal

E34 Baker and his journey through sobriety

March 21, 2023 Stitch Season 3 Episode 34
Navigating Normal
E34 Baker and his journey through sobriety
Show Notes

TRIGGER WARNING:  This episode talks about extensive  illicit drug use, sexual assault, and overdose.

Baker is a recovering addict that has been relocated to the west coast in an effort to find sobriety and happiness.  As some of us may know this is a hard journey and if any of you are will I encourage you to take a moment and help a fellow survivor out by donating a couple bucks to his CashApp $Bakedry23

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction remember there is help.  Search for local resources in your area or consider calling the SAMHSA Hotline:

Featured song this episode is Leviathan!Leviathan! by the very talented Jaron Weidner.  Check out some of his other work on YouTube or Spotify:

Introduction music courtesy of the amazing Chris Butler.

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