Differently: Rethink what's possible

A Life by Design with Saket Jain

September 29, 2022 Carla Reeves
Differently: Rethink what's possible
A Life by Design with Saket Jain
Show Notes

Today on the podcast I have Saket Jain join me for a meaningful conversation about building balance, wealth and freedom in all facets of your life.

Saket is a bestselling author, investor, syndicator, and philanthropist, and Founder and CEO of Impact Wealth Builder where he helps people achieve financial freedom through real estate.

He has a very interesting story and big mission

We talk about the keys to building a life by design from mindset to making decisions to identifying pillars to help guide your choices

Saket generously shares so many nuggets of wisdom - I really enjoyed this conversation and I think you will too.


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