Follow Joy with Lisa Berry

December 15, 2022 Carla Reeves
Follow Joy with Lisa Berry
Show Notes

Could you be so bold to follow what brings you joy?

My guest, Lisa Berry, shares her journey with us today of doing just this and it has led her to some pretty interesting places.  She often found herself asking "What am I dong with my life?” This question propelled her to new places and eventually caused here to take a leap into what she calls an “abyss” - that ultimately put her on the path to what she is doing today.

Today, she owns and operates Chill Boutique in Fountain Hills,  an Arizona based clothing store (shopchillstyle.com).  

Her life mission is to support others in unearthing and honoring their most authentic selves, and, like her, living a passion-based life.

May her story and journey help you to see your own more clearly.

Grab your favorite beverage a journal to capture your insights and allow her JOY to spark yours!

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