Differently: Rethink what's possible

Overcoming Burnout with Kyle Ota

March 16, 2023 Carla Reeves
Differently: Rethink what's possible
Overcoming Burnout with Kyle Ota
Show Notes

Do you struggle with taking on too much?  Do you find it hard to rest?

I have a conversation for you today that cracks this all open and takes you behind the scenes of burnout -the impact, the costs, the heartache AND the recovery.

Kylie Ota, a Business Burnout Coach, joins me today and generously opens her heart and shares her story of over-working that eventually wore her body down and caused a major, important pivot in her life.

I believe you will find yourself somewhere in here story - I sure did.

This is a long conversation, but well worth the listen. 

I invite you to shine a light in your own life as you listen to her story - is your body, or an area of your life calling for your attention?


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