Client Spotlight: Live More Fully Now with Diana Bresnan
Differently: Rethink what's possible
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Differently: Rethink what's possible
Client Spotlight: Live More Fully Now with Diana Bresnan
Sep 02, 2021
Carla Reeves

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Sometimes paths cross at the perfect time and in the case of Diana and I meeting - this was true for me.  Diana shares her unexpected journey of coaching with me and the things she did to start living her life more fully right where she was instead of waiting until "someday" in the future.  

We dive into the barriers that get in the way and keep us from enjoying our life now, the power of being present and what it means to have a commitment to create and live life fully right where you are planted.

Diana‚Äôs background includes Human Resources leadership roles primarily in Fintech and Media industries, most recently as Chief Human Resources Officer with Early Warning Services, creator of the Zelle payments network.  After a 30-year career, Diana has retired and continues to create life everyday.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Diana! 

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