Client Spotlight: Make Joy Loops with Samantha Brodt

September 30, 2021 Carla Reeves
Client Spotlight: Make Joy Loops with Samantha Brodt
Show Notes

Sometimes it's the "one more thing" that becomes the catalyst for positive change.  When life feels too busy and overwhelming it's easy to convince yourself that this is just part of adult life.  Another option is to step up and take a chance to make a change.  

That is exactly what Samantha did!
 In this episode, I have a conversation with my client Samantha Brodt, Senior Account Manager at GE Healthcare Financial Services.  Samantha shares what she did to lighten her  load and while her circumstances are the same, she is navigating her life, differently.  Stay tuned until the end where she shares the beautiful surprise that awaited her during the last weeks of working together.  She is now chasing joy and working toward making the world a little better, one little gesture at a time. 

Samantha has been a champion for women’s leadership and mentoring initiatives throughout her career and has chaired several events including the Women Lead HERe Conferences.  The next one is coming soon where I am honored to be speaking :)  - see link below.


9th Annual Women Lead HERe Conference

Date:  Friday, November 5th (delivered virtually)

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