Digging Beneath the Surface with Page Huyette

January 27, 2022
Digging Beneath the Surface with Page Huyette
Show Notes

In 2021, I was navigating some things that led me to become overly consumed in my work until a series of things got my attention...

​ Something started happening with my eye sight that didn’t feel right

​  I noticed a pretty significant change in my overall mood/well-being

​ And, a nudge from God showed up in the most unexpected way...

And, that’s where Page (@pagehuyette) comes in!  Come to find out she had a similar story.

Page is a real estate broker in Montana obsessed with raising the bar in the field of real estate - to help established agents create clarity around their zone of genius to build their business with ease. We share our story of meeting and her journey of digging beneath the surface to make the changes she TRULY needed to make in her business and life.

Today we share the intersection of our stories and so much more.


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