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Music Masthun, Jesse Gimbel Builds Alluring Music.

November 25, 2019 Round Guys Brewing Company / Jesse Gimbel Season 3 Episode 7
Round Guys Radio Network
Music Masthun, Jesse Gimbel Builds Alluring Music.
Show Notes

Round Guys Radio welcomed Jesse Gimbel and his highly talented but not named band for a special podcast and performance. Round Guys Radio is hosted by Bill McGeeney, and produced by Mamata Tharima. Learn more about Round Guys Radio by listening wherever podcasts are found, or going to Performances recorded at
Jesse Gimbel appeared on Round Guys Radio’s Music Mashtun episode this November. The show recorded in October prior to Gimbel’s performance at the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company in Lansdale, PA on 11/22/19 with My Familiar and Pulling Daisies.

Best described as modern folk with mixtures with catchy pop-rock sounds, the band plays an eclectic sound driven by members Andy Williams (drummer), Robbie Simmons (bass), and Bianca Cevoli (keys). 

Gimbel maintains a notable regional name thanks in part due to the band’s impressive onstage presence but also from his very theatrical, diy approach to marketing. Gimbel describes building from scratch a scene where he drove a car into a lake for the ‘Move or Move On’ video.

In the current environment, Gimbel feels it’s best to build innovate, catchy tracks over albums, which accordingly should narrate a complete musical story. To this end, the band focuses on building individual tracks specifically to deliver impressive stand alone sounds. 

In addition to making unique, folky music, Gimbel runs a basement studio where notable performers such as Victor Traps and Ryan Tennis have recorded. 

The Jesse Gimbel experience doesn’t solely derive from one man. It is an all hands on deck collaboration. Singer and keys, Bianca Cevoli maintains a longstanding college founded music related relationship with Gimbel. A lifelong guitarist, Cevoli, only took up keys as a serious endeavor after receiving the call to join Gimbel for his new project. She describes her role as multi-instrumental involving both keys and percussion, depending on the moment and the song. Meanwhile, bassist Simmons joined the band after responding to a post by Gimbel in need of a bass player for a gig on the self described world’s hottest day.

Find out more about Jesse Gimbel via Facebook,, and Jessie Gimbel’s bandcamp page. Also, be sure to check out his youtube site, where you can find special retooled versions of his songs listed as “Field Trips.” 

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