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Music Mashtun: Working in the Studios of Greats with Andross

January 22, 2020 Round Guys Brewing Company / Andross Season 3 Episode 7
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Music Mashtun: Working in the Studios of Greats with Andross
Show Notes

Round Guys Radio welcomed Andross for a special podcast and performance. Round Guys Radio is hosted by Bill McGeeney, and produced by Mamata Tharima. Learn more about Round Guys Radio by listening wherever podcasts are found, or going to Performances recorded at
Andross appeared on Round Guys Radio’s Music Mashtun episode this January. The show recorded in October prior to their upcoming performance at the Glenside Ale House's Acoustic Corner in Glenside, PA on 1/25/20 and the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company in Lansdale, PA on 1/26/20 with Cold Climb It, Bloom, For Lack of a Term.

Thoughtful post-punk band with titles infused with cultural nostalgia from literature and video games, band members include guitarist and vocalist Tim Balch, guitarist and backing vocalist Chris Waters, bassist Drew Grahn, and drummer Tom Brucker. 

More than just pop-punk, Andross simply put is a band of smart individuals steeped in at times, surprisingly thoughtful rock. Lyrics occasionally lean political, including the song Pinko paying homage to Green Day's American Idiot. Song titles include allusions to literature, such as "Caligula Deleted Scene" and "the Great Panjandrum" alluding to the wall breaching explosive device of the same name.

"There's so much music, how do I stand out? People will be very narrow in their approach of songwriting."

One way is through the use of creative videos, including the recently released video for "Arms Race" in July of 2019. And the polished release of The Great Panjandrum video in late 2018. The band also found solace in recording with legends.

At the LumberYard studio in Hammonton, NJ, a studio project by renown front-men, Ace Enders (The Early November) and Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard), Brucker recounts being molded into a stronger drummer by the former Man Overboard front man. During Arms Race, charged with competing ideas, they reaffirmed the original conclusion

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