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The Tonal Shift: Alyssa Garcia

August 17, 2020 Round Guys Brewing Company / Alyssa Garcia Season 4 Episode 3
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The Tonal Shift: Alyssa Garcia
Show Notes

The young, Philly based singer-songwriter, Alyssa Garcia, sings with a maturity not often found in people so young. Her award winning music brings an indie pop flare to thoughtfully written lyrics. Living by the mantra, “Music is the cure”, she strives to use her original music as an outlet of positivity and reliability. Garcia pens soulful tunes that tell her listeners a story.

Garcia released several Eps including her latest, “Year One” and one full length album, “three little words.” Currently, two tracks on her album (“Loved Actually” and Better Life”) are featured in the film “Getting Grace” directed by Daniel Roebuck.

Currently working on her second full length album, Garcia released her first sing “Running,” as can be heard throughout this episode of the Tonal Shift. Linda Perry’s “We Are Hear” series features “Running” on July 3rd, 2020. 

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