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Art of the Brewery: Growing Art with the Headway Art Collective

February 02, 2021 Round Guys Brewing Company Season 4 Episode 5
Round Guys Radio Network
Art of the Brewery: Growing Art with the Headway Art Collective
Show Notes

Two artists find themselves at a crossroads, eager to showcase their art. Shannon Vogel, utilizes the pour painting technique to create impressively real texture in her art, adding both depth and personality to each painting. Melinda Szczepanksi ([email protected]) indulges her deep love of stained glass, both rescuing and refurbishing old glass art to build into new custom glass designs.

Both Vogel and Szczepanski became part of a new organization, the Headway Art Collective, established in 2018. It’s goal, as told by founder Erik Sacony, is to bring art to breweries, specifically harness the already apparent creative overlap between craft beer and local art. Headway Art Collective provides space for artists to grow and support each other, as a living breathing artist community in the Montgomery County, PA area. 

Host Bill McGeeney brings you the story of the Headway Art Collective, here on the Art of the Brewery, on the Round Guys Radio Network.  Round Guys Radio Network’s Art of the Brewery is one of three shows on the Round Guys Radio Network. Please follow Round Guys Radio wherever you receive your podcasts (Apple, Google Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc); also join us online at and sign up to our mailing list for new updates and stories at
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1 First Step by TimMoor

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