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Art of the Brewery: the Artist Philosopher

February 27, 2021 Round Guys Brewing Company Season 4 Episode 7
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Art of the Brewery: the Artist Philosopher
Show Notes

He doesn’t consider himself to be a philosopher, but we beg to differ. Listen and tell us we’re wrong!

The artist philosopher, Dan Yowell, began creating intricate label art for Round Guys Brewing Company with a simple sketch. The sketch found its way onto the wall of the Round Guys Brewing Company kitchen, where it sat for a considerable amount of time. 

In 2020, Round Guys Brewing Company decided to revamp a legacy label for its Chronomancer Quad Ale. Finding a new design that successfully conveyed the idea of a “Chronomancer” became surprisingly difficult to source.  After exhausting all of his sources, Bill McGeeney put out a general call within the organization for ideas. Scott Rudich suggested to use that design that sat clear taped to a wall. 

Dan Yowell’s odd design, which to the layman resembles a mega-grub, became an instant fan favorite. People instantly found themselves attracted to the abstractness, imparting their own ideas and emotional attachment to something, that for all practical purposes, was a weird giant grub. 

Host Bill McGeeney takes you on a mission to learn about Yowell’s philosophy based inspiration for his art, along with how he binds craft beer and brilliant designs together in this Art of the Brewery podcast on the Round Guys Radio Network. Please follow Round Guys Radio wherever you receive your podcasts (Apple, Google Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc); also join us online at and sign up to our mailing list for new updates and stories at
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Cali by Wataboi
Failles Instrumental by HaTom
Light Day Drum n Bass by TimMoor
Reddit by Dreamheaven
1 First Step by TimMoor
This Place is Killing My Dreams by Dreamhaven
Background Loop Rusty 02 by Zenman

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