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Inside the Brewery 03e Behind the Scenes - Never Get Old
December 15, 2018 Round Guys Brewing Company

Patti Brett, owner of Doobies Bar in Philadelphia, and Scott Rudich, founder of Round Guys Brewing Company, sit down to chat in a series of podcasts about Bowie Week and the beers to be on tap during the 10 day event (January 4 - 13). In this fifth episode, Scott Rudich tells us how the New England Style IPA, Never Get Old, came about. Tomorrow we go behind the scenes into our Barrel Aged Buddha of Suburbia, discussing how each beer was made. The Original Slacker Podcast presented by Round Guys Brewing Company is hosted by Bill McGeeney and recorded live in the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company. Round Guys Brewing Company brews four beers specifically for Philly Loves Bowie Week (Loving the Alien Saison, Sigma Kids Saison, Buddha of Suburbia Foreign Extra Stout, and Never Get Old New England Style IPA). In addition, Round Guys Brewing Company will be releasing a bonus barrel aged Buddha of Suburbia at event venues, Doobies Bar, the Glenside Ale House by Round Guys Brewing Company, the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company, and the Lansdale Brewpub at Round Guys Brewing Company. All music used is under creative commons licensing. 

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