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Music Mashtun 06: Terretta Storm
December 23, 2018 Round Guys Brewing Company

Band members from Terretta Storm joined host Bill McGeeney at the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company on November 23rd, 2018. Terretta Storm fuses dynamic life experiences into a powerful, inspirational alternative rock sound. Pressing with pertinent and poignant lyrics, Terretta forges topical conversations through lyrical eloquence. Terretta's powerful vocals pairs nicely with hard driving guitars and heavy hitting drums to create an ambiance hard to find in the current musical landscape. The band performs the song Itchy Trigger Finger at our venue, the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company, in Lansdale, PA. The Original Slacker Podcast is presented by Round Guys Brewing Company. Round Guys Brewing Company serves three locations, two in Lansdale, including the original location, the Lansdale Brewpub, and the Glenside Ale House. Find out more about Round Guys Brewing Company via our website at Find out more about Terretta Storm via their facebook page at

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