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the Original Slacker Podcast Presented by Round Guys Brewing Company
Music Mashtun 11: Victor Traps
February 06, 2019 Round Guys Brewing Company

The boys from the Victor Traps join host Bill McGeeney and cohost Steive William Johnson for an explosively rowdy time! Learn what makes this local pop punk band tick! The Victor Traps play at the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company on February 8th. The Original Slacker Podcast is presented by Round Guys Brewing Company. More information about all things Round Guys Brewing Company can be found at Find out more about the bird sounds via 

The boys from the Victor Traps join host Bill McGeeney and cohost Steive William Johnson for an explosively rowdy time! Learn what makes this local pop punk band tick! The Victor Traps play at the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company on February 8th. The Original Slacker Podcast is presented by Round Guys Brewing Company. More information about all things Round Guys Brewing Company can be found at Find out more about the bird sounds via 

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:08[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 2:0:32hey, welcome to another episode of the original slacker podcast presented by round guys brewing company. I am your host, Bill Mckinney, and today we're going to be talking with the victor chops ban who will be down here. There'll be down here in February, February 8th at the underground at round guys brewing company, eight o'clock show with brick nova girl's size events. Aiders full Bush. It's gonna be really great show. But today you get to hear the story of who Victor Chops are. And in short victor chapter ban, that was the brainchild of John Kemp. This is a pop punk band. It's really fun band and listened to music wise and a guys are pretty wild themselves. We got Greg shine off. We've got Joe [inaudible] and we got Ben [inaudible] who will be all chatting with me in one second. So let's jump right into it.

Speaker 1:1:13[inaudible]

Speaker 3:1:43today I have with me John Cab over to my left, who you play some shitty guitar. It's straight. Your descriptions are best. I got to say I love this because it's probably pretty accurate, right? Like Greg, you know, you got some good guitar and I guess some shitty vocals. We didn't put that down. No, no, but I did. What am I as I should be beat the skins. Penn who? Pizza Scans is also the year removal services. Yes. That's good. How old is that? Lucrative. Uh, no. Really. $14,000. A little over 10. Proudly over $10,000. That's your removal services. Oh Man. That's what it cost me. It cost you [inaudible] you just get your user moves. It's just, it's a story.

Speaker 3:2:37Tell a story about the can weaponize anything. So I was dating this girl always starts off like this. Went to dollar beer night at the horseshoe man for real fast. I have guest. So Steve, Steve jobs going back to Ben over here to drummer for victor traps. So I'm dating this girl. We want it to dollar beer night. And uh, her ex who's a frat boy shows up with all his friends and he messed with it as long as soon as he mess with me all night. Which Weezer song did he bring with him? Which song was playing? I think God snack was plying. Um, but, uh, at the end of the night, like one o'clock in the morning, you know, it's dollar beer night, so I'm pretty tore up and, uh, I'm standing by myself in the corner and, uh, he comes and like surrounds me with his meat head friends and, uh, tells me I'm going to spit in your face.

Speaker 3:3:32Like I used to spit in hers and spit right in my face. And the real question was it consensual, spinning ease into it. And he's two and he's like, I'm going to see how you're going to react to it. He was okay with it, so right. Just by digging it. So he spits in my face and it comes at me, swings at me. And, uh, what did you say to him? I don't remember. I know you've been drinking for five hours. Dollar drafts and I'm surrounded. I'm cornered by, by me that it's, you know, but frat boys. So, uh, he comes at me, swings at Man. Uh, I'm like ambidextrous. I can't do, I can't do, I can't do everything I write, I write with my right hand. I throw with my left hand, well I'm holding my beer, my right hand, but I always throw my first punch with my left hand. So I throw my, my left and then, you know, things are so crazy. I forget that I'm holding something and I go to hit him with the right and smash their goes to pine class and his ear.

Speaker 3:4:39And uh, so I got tackled by the bouncers and dragged outside, flashed through the left first. That's my, that's my knock down one. You spit in his face? No, he's spit in my face. We're a band by the way. So long story short, I had to go in front of a 12 person jury and uh, I had to get a lawyer and everything. I ended up getting off on self defense. They were trying to prove that they sewed it back that night. It was hanging by the ear lobe. It was comfortable, top to down to the ear lobes. Who's hanging from they? They put it back on. I thought it was gone. Now they put it back on. No, I'm sorry. No, I didn't know him. I saw him one time, like a couple of years later I saw him out somewhere and I laughed in his face. He just walked away because he's got a fuck that beer. He's still got the same girl. I have no idea. Do I know? I do not. Absolutely. Did you guys make amends and start a child care center together? Yeah. And then I shit my hands and clap.

Speaker 1:5:47[inaudible] Joe. Joe, the guy screwed

Speaker 4:5:58up in the first round off. What do you do for the bat? On this pass? Yeah, on his back. On this past I play bass. I'm kind of the band spackle. Oh, okay. What'd you do before? Hey, while I used to be Greg, he was the good guitar. Yeah. I used to play lead guitar, but you know, everyone's got a strength, a weakness here. It's kind of like an RPG with drunks. Yeah. Oh yeah. I was, yeah, I was in the band and the previous iteration, um, John kicked me out. It actually didn't kick him out. I hit me up, my dad died and he's like, he's a jerk. Fuck it. This guy's in a bad place. I don't need him in my band. Well, you doesn't mean that energy and really drives you. How dare you bring the doom and gloom to the band.

Speaker 4:6:40And then I looked, I thought the band was dead. It had a, I saw a thing on Facebook. Uh, I think it was mugs, right? Yeah. Victor Chat playing mugs. I'm like, f well, alright, I guess that's not me. And I showed up and I saw Greg. I scowled at him so hard. I could, I could feel it. Yeah. Like I was literally like, this guy is really staring at me and they don't like me. Yeah. I'm like, who is this guy? He's, I mean, marginally have to here than I am, but what's going on here? Uh, but it turns out, actually yet I said hefty. He's asking for the robberies. I couldn't, I couldn't say bad of him because he was really good dude. Better than I am a guitar. Then I came back in and play bass and I just have less class and I just go for it.

Speaker 1:7:23[inaudible]

Speaker 4:7:36Ms. Dot. Roderick and, and, uh, I got, so what do we classify as danger? It was a Sunday, right? Sunday fun day.

Speaker 3:7:46It was Sunday. Fundays who were out, me and a friend are out now, like start at like 12. Okay. And a football bar jumping, you know, bar hopping and uh, went back to his house. His wife cooked US dinner. I've took like a good afternoon. I took a nap and I woke up at like seven 30 and I, I bugged out because I thought it was the next morning and I thought I was late for work. What were you daydream, what was it? I was drinking beer. Shots of fireball, you know? Okay. Yeah. This ShotSpotter was the one. Yeah, that's the one that did man. And uh,

Speaker 4:8:22I don't think it's the next day. Yeah. I don't think, I don't think any amount was enough to know

Speaker 3:8:27I'm to fall asleep. Especially if you're drunk, but you ever fall asleep. He be sober and you wake up a little while later, you're confused about what time it was. Like what day it is, you know, like is it my dog has that problem all talk, but it's, it's seven 30 at night, so there's a lighting out is the same as like, and it would be in the morning. So I'm like, fuck hey, home get changed. So I'm flying home, I get pulled over and I got to fucking Dui. Brutal. And then joined the band.

Speaker 4:8:56Yeah. And then, yeah. And then, and then like two weeks later I joined rector, trap drummer. I'm ready to go. Can't drive, but I'll be there. When I first joined the band, San Penola from Black Friday, death count said to me, well now you'll get your first Dui. Even victor traps. You know that is not true. I was out here, but I did go through a fuck that shit. No, I don't have it. You haven't yet. No Shit. But other criminals. The Hook you up. Don't worry. After we play chaplain, so I had to go through a DUI checkpoints. That's a skill I wish I was at. The other end of that phone wasn't Tom. It was chaplain seat. You did say, well, do the checkpoint. Right. So go ahead. So we started kind of early, played on the show with you guys actually. Cool. It was fun night.

Speaker 4:9:39Yeah, it was, and went to a diner and it was hours since I, I mean, I was very drunk, but I thought I was sobered up and I'm driving on county line road, you know, I'm talking to John on the phone. Here's the fun nature to my class is that there's no way to sober up. Only time. Yeah. Well, yeah. So I'm talking to John. I'm just like, yeah, a fun night. Oh my God. Oh my God, there's a Dui checkpoint. I'm so fucked. And John's like, oh my God, you're so fucked. Which helped my anxiety and we pull up, we pull up, I'm by myself. I pull up while he was on the phone with you on the phone with John, I hang up, hang. I'm like, I gotta go. I gotta deal with this. I'm listening to him. Totally fucking freak out. I had a full mouth session freaking out like double Melton. I'm like, uh Oh. Uh, I get a call you back.

Speaker 4:10:27So I had to jump ball. Don't ruin my story. I didn't get there yet. So I, uh, I, you know, I actually passed the field sobriety test, which was wild and he just kept going and going and then, uh, it was all in like the fall, the light fall, the light and I'm like, I can't follow this light. And sure enough, I just said, you know, just give me, give me the breathalyzer. I was getting tired, I wasn't feeling great. It was like giving the Breathalyzer and get this over with. And he said, all right, go home. Um, so I called John and was like, this is, you know, I'm done driving to shows. Now you got to try me to share those you, oh, is that why you don't do, I don't drive to shift. You can pass the breathalyzer though and they can still take you in if you're, if you fail all the other fishing or something, because obviously you're not capable to drive. If you can't do these tests, you shouldn't be driving so they can take you in and you have to submit to the field sobriety tests as far as blowing. You can wait on the chemical test. How the hell did we get cut on the [inaudible]?

Speaker 4:11:30Let's talk about musical now. Wait a minute. If he refused the breathalyzer anything fuses it. They can't charge you with Dui. If you legally, if you try and refuse any of their processes, you are charged with Dui. Implied consent. I dude, I just took the classes, I this shit

Speaker 3:11:54[inaudible] class and it drove away from, they're doing like a hundred pick up a six pack. I don't think you learned anything. Well it was more about drinking and I was

Speaker 1:12:04great. Pretty sober.

Speaker 3:12:18I will stop. Keep the horse you man. I was banned from there for life for that. And uh, I went back in there like a year later I order beer, the guy gives me beer and then one of the other bartenders recognizes me. It comes over and takes my beer and he's like, dude, you're, you're not allowed in here. You're banned for life. And I'm like, ah crap. Oh and I, I said, yeah, they didn't have to say I didn't have no staff turnover. Has It on sale at the same bar towel bars. This he being an asshole though. I asked him, I said, well I want my dollar back for the peer that could cause you took my $4 beer and then he says you owe us for the class you broke a year ago. I'm not giving you your dollar back to shea. You win. Cause I did smash one of your class. Did you guys also play music? Yes. That is correct. Yeah. So job. What's uh, tell me a little more about victor chops. You guys have two albums here comes sticky Bronco and the longer I'm in this band, the dark, my eyes get a, we hardly ever gets yeah, we just, we just took something down.

Speaker 5:13:25Love Bandcamp. Um, that was stuff from 2000 and uh, I guess 11.

Speaker 3:13:31That's awesome. John. How to victor was never straight edge. How to pick the tribes come down.

Speaker 5:13:36Uh, so I was in a band with, um, uh, San Panola in black Friday, death count, uh, and New Sofa studios. Um, and then that ended and then I looked and do stuff. And what am I, am I loud enough? I'm sorry dude. You guys are okay.

Speaker 3:14:00Yeah. So he's using his NPR voice. No, I am no, I don't want you to tell us. John wants you to tell us about the first time you played with these guys. Oh, these guys aren't you tell me it's good idea. It's a very magical moment or any of us actually, um, originals. No, no. Is anyone who, oh gosh, no, please pause. The graveyards are lit up with the acts solely a detriment to the victor trash picked up traps is John and whoever he wants to play with. Well, and that's the thing. How long has the traps? So I, I, I've been, I've been doing it under the moniker of victim

Speaker 5:14:40since, uh, say like 2011. Okay. And then

Speaker 3:14:47you made three albums then just under victor traps, right. With a bunch of different, so

Speaker 5:14:52good. I, I mean, I, I, I ended up with, uh, Greg, uh, who was the last iteration, Joe who was the second iteration iteration and then who was now this and you found Ben at a truck stop, like hunched over in a corner, found Ben. I've known Ben since Ben is like,

Speaker 3:15:08we have five bucks is five bucks.

Speaker 5:15:15Ben Is, Ben is actually one of my, one of my really, really favorite people, uh, because I've known him for so long, but we've,

Speaker 3:15:22oh yeah, I don't care about Greg and Joe and I have poor taste in friends 44. But when I was in junior high were just talking about the under age. When I was in junior high, um, he was in a band called Chrissy. And, uh, this guy, Jack Kerrigan was in the band as well. And he dated my sister, who's a great guy. So I would go to all their shows and stuff. And, uh, that's why I've known John since I was in junior high. I never, uh, never thought I'd be playing in a band with them and abandoned at all. Was it everything you'd hoped it would be? It's, it's a lot to it man would be great.

Speaker 5:16:03Greg? Uh, Greg, uh, I met because, um, when I was getting married a few years back, uh, I was introduced to this Guy John Roebuck who introduced me to Greg and Sam Penola. Uh, again tried to get me together with a bunch of people so I could continue to do this. How long ago was that? Like two years. Right after, right after, uh, it kind of dissolved with you? Yeah. Wow. I didn't realize it. Okay. I thought it'd been longer than that. No, I'd say it's a 2015 now. I didn't think it was that far back. 16 maybe. Yeah, cause I was doing, um, I dunno. And then, uh, I liked Greg a lot because, uh, he's easy. He's not a dick. Uh, he can play guitar rather than I can. So I kind of stuck on this table because it completely alive. I've known for a while and I don't know, I like Joe a lot. Joe used to play guitar. He played guitar very differently. Then, uh, Greg does a, which I appreciate because I try and play guitar. Like Joe would play guitar very inefficiently, are much younger than there was very diplomatic. So Greg, I come from, what are you 30? I'm thirsty. 30 then you're 38, 38

Speaker 3:17:32I will be 39. February 28 in prison. Nice. [inaudible] you bring cakes to where it's funny the candle take from my salary, my sentencing day February 14th.

Speaker 4:17:51So I will be getting fucked on Valentine's Day that she won't be alone. We have decided that. Yeah, I'll hold that

Speaker 3:18:03by making the uh, February 8th show. Uh, my, my,

Speaker 5:18:08I would actually just like him to call in from a Bucks County prison and do his beats

Speaker 4:18:13struggling like tap on the phone

Speaker 3:18:19that you would never know when I was going to call because it would be great for a, a recording to have the uh, yeah, we should, yeah, you're getting a call from,

Speaker 4:18:31yeah, Blah Blah Blah Blah. We can schedule that

Speaker 5:18:38hit record on every phone call that came to you. How you just expect that it's going to come from a certain number. Right. How many fucking odd phone calls do you get a day?

Speaker 3:18:48Yeah. Yeah, about the reading. That's about an average. They all hang up on me and we're going to get cold.

Speaker 4:18:53We're going to get to,

Speaker 6:18:55my goal is to make key Indian person hang up on me.

Speaker 4:19:11Hey John, I got a question for you. Did you find that hard to sign band members at any point during victor traps? Is find it hard to find them. Yeah, like one side as you call it, like you stops truck stops and it seems like the easiest place to find is it hard. $5 to keep is that $5 is $5. You know what

Speaker 5:19:30I that's a good point. Cause you're recording each very different during interaction for each one. Haven't really lucky. When I first started playing music, I was playing with, um, a friend of mine, uh, Michael Barn. A lot of people know Miss Lance. Uh, he's in the handling fan, Todd's and whatnot. So we came up and then in like 1994, we got a band together with Jack Kerrigan who's also in metroplex and uh, or are they, and he was in Chrissy with me. So I had a really, really good experience. Very Young, like 19, 20, 21, 22, uh, through my twenties until I got married to that was just an as a for music. No, it was, yeah, it was a lot of fun for us. So I remember seeing Chrissy with lag wagon at the Khyber. We had a lot of fun and it did not hurt to have Matt Honamin Beautiful Med.

Speaker 5:20:26Honamin and, and, and that's the thing. Like I had a really, really great four year experience of being in a band and knowing how to be in a band with people that you really like being in a bandwidth. Um, and after that, uh, I got married, I had children. Um, I had a lot of things go on in and kind of, I don't want to say on the backend of it. Um, I am 44. I am still trying to do something I was trying to do like when I was 22 but on the back end of it, it's kind of the same thing. It's like I found a three really, really, really awesome people to be in a bandwidth and I'm a lot more, what

Speaker 4:21:14are they coming today? But as an adult, as an adult,

Speaker 5:21:22uh, you get to, I don't know, I feel very, very fortunate. I get to be, I get to feel, you know, I dunno, like 25, 26 again,

Speaker 4:21:34I mean, why is it that music sounds like, and this isn't a knock, this sounds very stuck in time, which is great. I don't mean that like in a way that, no, no, I hear what you're saying. And that's by design. It's fantastic in that regard. You've, Oh, is this the style you've always played your whole life? No, not for me. Well, for you, John crossed the border for me. This is your bed. Yeah. Is this now I wouldn't say it for you either because I mean, Chrissy was more the same wheel house. It's got to show these field nineties nineties pop punk and reflects the era in which came up for sure. And that's the era that I started listening to me too when Greg was four when I was like, yeah, for his album was Dukie. It's like, did you guys listen to a lot of Scott at that time too? Are you guys big Ska fans at the time? I'm, I'm [inaudible]. I'm a Ska fan and they probably shit on before it was in the jungle. Scott for a while.

Speaker 4:22:38Sorry. I remember those old school days and they're just like stuck in my brain. Exactly. Good baselines from though, man, I mighty boss. And then the rest is just gone before they turned it. Goldfinger was great. Scott. Man, I don't think that they were a Ska band there. A pop punk band. Then it's gone really, really well in the same way that no affects incorporates Scott that baseline. That's not an incorporating. Scott like that is just what trade, here's your bedroom. But that's a great song. They weren't, they weren't a scout band? No, they were a Ska punk band. It's called core, right? Back in the day, it's got color. We come up with a really stupid labels for things when really we're talking about nuances now, right? Getting rid of them. Then the nuance that I knew why there were no nuancing mighty Bosstones right. Straight up and all that type of out make an additional albums.

Speaker 4:23:48You have to find a new way. You don't want to keep doing the same thing over and over again, right? You want to find, I don't know, creativity. All of the bands that are writing music nowadays, don't you just keep on writing. So we're not talking about, we're not talking about how we spoke before on the creed and the, uh, the wheezers of the world, right? But in general, most musicians are you going to do something different? You don't want to keep beating the same Bush every single time. You didn't want to tweak it. You don't necessarily want to jump out here, your box, a pimple. You want to tweak it. You want to come with something new. And I think we were talking about Boston's yet. They might have been Scott, but then at some point they kind of transition into something a little weirder. Really know what you would classify.

Speaker 4:24:27Dickie strap was interviewed in American hardcore. I mean his, his mind, he was in a hardcore band. Well that first, the first Eps Corp is a devil and more. Was that the first day pay? I mean they were definitely harder. Well, do you feel that you guys just sound, do you feel that this is the sound that you guys want to stick to for awhile or do you feel like you want to see it evolve more? Oh, you guys aren't, you guys are not Scott. Just oil very [inaudible] it's not intimidating. It's a sounding can pick up. You can just have fun with. I think you guys mentioned intimidating the music to the drawing board meeting. He'll cut your ear off. Ben Gives you the thousand yard stare. You know what? I'll do whatever. I had to find out [inaudible]

Speaker 6:25:23[inaudible]

Speaker 4:25:40is Madonna's borderline a better song or is um, I don't know who the fuck that come from. It came from a conversation last weekend and we both know the answer is, oh father Madonna. How are we talking about Madonna? I want to tell me more about your fascination with Madonna. It's not, well it's, it's, it's actually not Madonna. It's uh, it's pop music. I would rather listen to something I would much rather listen to. A really, really accessible, fun, popular swift. You love something that makes me think, and that's kind of how I try and what is accessible poppies and what's the stuff that makes you think Dell? Um, what's the stuff that makes you, how does that even in the conversation right now, because John's care always pimping a Dell, a Dell accessible pop music or stuff that makes you think, oh, I don't want wonder what it is now is what we're talking.

Speaker 4:26:41The other day a Taylor swift song came on and we were both saying this is actually a well written song. This is actually a good song. I mean Taylor swift makes, cause I think she does a great harm. She does and everything. The way it's all put together. It's just, I mean, she's a good artist, you know, she's good at and I'm kind of good bull shit on your thing about the not thinking thing because John's lyrics, one of the things that, I mean I don't know most of them or any of them, but they're very thoughtful. My Shit's good but he has no idea what I do now. I make up my own lyrics in the middle of the nicest backhanded compliment ever. Yeah. From myself when I, when I noticed like time periods where I will, I don't know if it's because of what I'm listening to at the time or whatever. I kind of become like a one trick pony and do like a lot of the same crap during this time and but then I'll do like something different for the next period of time. It's weird, you know what I mean? I changed my style. I think we're on a good path here. I think I speak Trevor, hold on, let me, let me see if I can figure this one out. [inaudible]

Speaker 4:27:50you know what I mean? Like, do you feel that each time you get to another spot, so the last band you were in versus this band and what was the last band ball? Was it missile Beach Party and what? What were the hardcore band? Yeah. I wouldn't not even classify, classify them as hardcore. I would classify them as part of your rod. We classify them as pop hort version of the daughter. I would love to know what pop hardcore sound. Sorry. Is it like Taylor swift but like suicide silence party. Look up muscle beach party. This'll beach party. Each party, Everybody Missile Beach Party. Google search it right now. Pop, pop hardcore. It's refined hard. We weren't like real heavy, you know we were, we just having a good time. We'd write whatever the songs just came from, whatever. We weren't trying to fit anything. We just, what do you think?

Speaker 4:28:49Do you mind if I think about it? I tried to take a stab at what you were trying to say with the moving. Like for me when I'm in multiple bands and when I'm, when I'm drumming and over the years I do notice that like w how I play or what I played does change your style changes from period to period. I just think with, with drumming, I feel like it's always your personality and who you are coming out. You know, it's one of those rare instruments where it is your entire body giving it to. And I don't know if it has to do with what I'm been listening to a lot. That's how you 30 or what, I don't know why, but you know, my style changes a little bit and I noticed it like I, you know, I can, other than that, I think most drummers, that's just the kind of, the way it, it kind of goes, it's a, it's a growing process.

Speaker 4:29:38As long as you see yourself changing and moving and growing, that's kind of cool. It's like, I think I play very aggressively. And you do two coming out of heart. We both were started in hardcore bands I think. So it's Kinda like, you know, every now and then I pushed it a little bit. Maybe a little bit more aggressive than what the band necessarily. It is. See this is on your, your last album, you guys are on there all the time about the latest album. Yeah. You guys are on cause you can tell. Yeah you can notice it. There's definitely like a little more teeth in there. Yeah it sounds great. There's a part of me that just felt like I was busting John's balls when I do like these little eighties metal riffs and you know it was something that I don't think you initially wanted in the band or the eighties John, what is it?

Speaker 4:30:19I'm talking like Tony Ladies Metals to me when I heard that track I was like that's so much fun that he's just throwing these in here to accent in there. But he's not trying to steal the show. Right. People in the band that glisten to different stuff and come from different music. So you know we are governing that that comes on. It comes down to the band cause everyone gets to kind of go full tilt. But we rely on each other to, this goes back to how do you guys build a salt? How did you get started to build a song? Start to finish shot. How's it work?

Speaker 5:30:54Uh, I'll let Greg, uh, also you let him,

Speaker 4:30:59oh thanks. The question before he left them outside for his daily bathroom use on answering questions. He didn't give you permission yet. And this is what practice is like. Everyone just destroying John [inaudible] gets crapped on the Mesh. It was definitely your band. Let me clarify

Speaker 5:31:31what this is. So this is something I've been trying to recapture my last chicken. No, I want to tell, I've been trying to recapture my last experience, uh, in the last, uh, band that kind of organically happened, which was Chrissy way back when, uh, it was in another band support group, which was a lot of the same issues. But, um, I'm trying to, to be in a band again where I am not, it's not my band where it's our bin, it's everybody.

Speaker 4:32:04And that's still a learning process, right? It's not like, oh here you're starting to get around. It's cohesive. It doesn't sound like

Speaker 5:32:12instead of the three songs that were recorded sound very cohesive because they're written as bad as it. Yeah.

Speaker 4:32:18And it sounds like it comes out that way. Wow. I mean we all come from different styles but um, we all for our own style into it, but we make it mesh as common ground. Yeah, it's a bit, and I, and I would say that one of the, I think one of the biggest contributors to this particular AEP drugs is John's of chefs. Trauma's definitely drunk. Put a shout. I'll talk drug then. Yeah. Thank you so much for making this mache that having been through a cycle dollar two with John on this, I think that his ability to finally surrender a little bit of that control has made things better cause it. Everyone does come to the, Greg comes to the table. It's fantastic. The Russell that like arm wrestling competition is, how'd you get that guy at all? Dude? Very it like, listen, it's not a rape joke, but if anybody wants to rate me, I am the easily most rate person in the world. I will say you got serious. I always knew that about him because I'm out without anything to anybody's suggestion. I will do anything you want to add to get to. So long as you're giving me the $5, go out the face. I've never I, well I do. I have spent in some ways that's nobody likes it. Nobody likes to get spit in the face.

Speaker 4:33:52Yeah. But to answer your question, how we regulate John is a technique that Greg and I use. We talk about serious issues during practice and you know, John just walks outside. I can't take it too. You can't take it to smoke cigarettes. In fact, this is the longest I've ever seen John stay in one place to give them time.

Speaker 4:34:40John, this whole time we've been talking has been drawing a picture of me. Um, yeah. I don't know what the hell I'm doing in the picture. Is there a bear and a picture too? It's going to be a washboard. Maybe. I don't know what that is. What am I holding her up in a form set up? Who's good? Quick question to follow up on the songwriting thing is how do you guys know what, as long as it's done, I think that we ever done that today. Fan. That's the question. Yeah. Um, I think at some point it's just like art. We reworked it enough to where we just say, let's go in the studio and not think about it anymore. We're not, when I can get from getting the cannery and without forgetting apart for you guys, you guys pretty much set it in stone and then you go play it differently.

Speaker 4:35:23Right? And that's the only true or just like live, I think you get a much more aggressive wilder show than what get getting the recordings. And I think that's fun, you know? Yeah. It's like if you'd like us live, you're going to love us on the record. You gotta be able to hear the song, you know, and it's recorded. And then the live experiences, what they're going, they're also a huge differences. We are sober in the studio. Yeah. I didn't even bring beers with us in the studio a that smarter and it turns out there. Good. I've been in, I've been in studio sessions are they're drinking and I'm like man, you guys are not going to get the pain you want according with Jessie Gimbal for this last one. He was great. It was great experience or did you guys record? Yeah, Jesse Gimbels basement. That's the studio's name.

Speaker 4:36:01I have to throw this in there though. Bordered a line. Um, it's not been, it's just I don't play on that song and Jessie's grants or do to be honest, I made up my own drums and it's different when I applied for the recording and I think that's part of the fun is like, I mean you get a high energy experience with us live and then the recording. I've been thinking about changing it to the recording though cause I feel like it, it's the right thing to do. Well to add onto the recording, I should probably play it that way. Right now you're doing hi. I know I'm like a year you're going to get whatever cause it's a lot. It's not just a subtle, it's a lot. At least like how I play. It's like there's a way that song is so like there's still sections that are pretty instant change things here and there. It still sounds like, do you feel like that's something that you guys typically like to do as well or do you really try to stay to the, to the studio, but just turn the energy up? Do you know what I mean? We, I think you stayed there once we write a song and it's solid and we know it from me. You try to stick to it. We stick to that. I don't know that I do. I don't work. I don't know. I don't know that most of us do. Oh, you suck.

Speaker 6:37:11No,

Speaker 4:37:16I don't think that Ben does either Johnson or played the same song twice. The way that I see it is that there, there is a skeleton written. Yeah. You have to abide by the uh, verse, chorus verse, Chorus, bridge. Right. You can't change this drop between is whatever. No. You don't change this change though.

Speaker 6:37:35Yeah. But you changed the delivery. Yes. But having said that, I mean there's a lot to me to be

Speaker 4:38:01said for playing to the album to the original recording. Cause I came up, you haven't come 45 years old. I heard my heart 45 as a 15 years age. I'm 45 and nine. You are 15 you could have been his dad. Oh, I know. I am Ms. Dot. Uh, I, I came up in when I, my first instrument was based, I eventually moved to guitar, but Oh really? Yeah. I didn't know that. My very first symptom was base and a, and I love the new, doesn't know so much about Greater Kiera. It's as, it's interesting because you are a guitar player through and through. Right. And you play bass the same way. I am a bass player through and through and play guitar the same way I learned how to play lead guitar by playing Bass. And, and I learned, I learned how to play Bass Guitar because and you know to the point of playing things to precision I came up cause my older brothers came up on a lot of yes, came up a lot of genesis 18 minutes there.

Speaker 4:39:05I love, I love stepping outside of the boundaries and you know bring you a different experience to it but to be able to recapture an 18 minute song the way you did it in a studio. Holy crap that's a different era. I think Juliet seventies music was, it was a packaged art. I think we got away from that time concept records thing back then you got away from concept art I guess a package, dark package start the live show and less of these amazing recordings out there laying down. Sure. It really, that's my impression. I don't think it was here another trout rat like trout mask replica album, like a, like a, like a captain Beefheart. You're really not going to probably see those guys unless there's another wave of progressive music I know won't be around. But to go back to the planning, the upside of the item.

Speaker 4:40:03So let me, let me, uh, let me see. It's unpalatable prog anymore. John. Social Fun so far. I think that at art, I'm sorry, I think that, oh, are they, I think that [inaudible] are, they is doing that completely. The writing. I love writing, writing rock operas one and two, and they're going out every show. They sure, sure. They're writing, they're playing that they are doing performance art. Um, they're definitely doing it completely accessibly. The live show I think is where it's at, right? Yeah. Yeah. Right. But I don't see it as studios much. It maybe you please just put out where I'm wrong. How about Coco bread? They did a whole, uh, the whole cohesion totally gap. The fact that we can list bands like this finger tells us that it's just a rare thing. It absolutely, I would say that, oh, are they are doing it almost in the spirit of, uh, uh, um, Pete Townsend's first one while he's away, right.

Speaker 4:41:08The live show, the comic book, which has nothing to do with our music like whatsoever. Like, I love those guys. But I mean now we're totally more replacements. Sam. I am. I mean anything in that word early nineties it's like we're not getting, we're not any one band. I'm not trying to say not anyone ban, but sure as shit traps band. Come on, come on. We come. We come from the same page on the, I was saying at the same time, I feel like individually we each have common grounds. Like I can say to you like, Oh let's do it like Sam, I n which might mean nothing to John and Ben. Right. But me and Ben would be like, Hey Sam, I am a fuck. You know, you don't, but maybe like did you go see him when they played it fucking a road down? God, I was at the shelter about that.

Speaker 4:42:03That's crazy. No, but the truth has been like even on like brand new old, like I'll be like, oh that fat records part. I don't really need to explain that. You know exactly what I'm talking about when we go into that fast. Yeah. Kind of mentally punk thing. And the same thing with me and John when it comes to like who's good doers replacements. Right. We know exactly where we're at but it's not necessarily going to be the same for us. Collective. That makes sense. Yeah, it's cool. It's cool to be able to branch across because I, I'll, I'll look to, to Greg for references and like the last let's say 1520 years and then sometimes I'll look to John for references prior to that cause I can draw from both and I, and I appreciate them both equally. So it was just easy to snap into Jane.

Speaker 4:42:40Kate, like on the verse like you're doing your baseline. I wait for you to wrap up your baseline and then I do my guitar lead. Is it a chore for you to wait for me to wrap up? My baseline is I just want to like do feedback and squeals and Shit over such a chore. It's kind of like, it is kind of like a Bob Stinson, Tommy Stinson thing where it's like you do your part. I do my part, we go back and forth and we always do and we do that organically. I think it's funny that we never, we've never, I don't think we've ever talked to each other about how the parts, yeah, this is great. This one over each other's podcasts is that we bring bands together and they actually learn about themselves. For sure. It takes some members name. We suck at talking to me now. The drums are always last, you know, they bring it to me. I just write what I just play, whatever you,

Speaker 4:44:02you know, I've got, I just, you got to adjust. You know what I mean? And that's all about meshing. Well, that's where you guys are doing what it's not yet to do. Just adjusting. That's why I want to get to the drummers come lasting because I think we're Ben comes in to play is that he's, he's hearing every kid listens, every ties it all together like he is. He's painfully acute of every time that we're all listening to. And sometimes it does. Harrison as recent as two weeks ago. Every since two weeks ago I'm playing bass line, which I thought was like, whatever, because I'm a gratuitous based dishes. Right. And he's like, no. He's like, you're doing too much. Do it like this. I'm like, all right, you're right. Cause if you're listening to it back there and part of the rhythm section, you hear it. So I just love getting that input from, it comes from everywhere. How did, how'd you find yourself in this bed? Is it like a retirement cake or something? Like what's going on? [inaudible]

Speaker 4:44:58Jason's going to love that. I find myself in this band. I came out of, I, I played for a long, long, long time. I didn't do a lot of bad stuff. I did some stupid playing in the bedroom and garage bullshit. Um, with yourself into my Twitter shut up. Um, in high school and college didn't do anything for real. I was just a recreational musician. Uh, he didn't happen until I met a guy named Matt [inaudible] who moved down to Philly from New York. I'm connected to him with him on a dag nasty a message. So I, Sal came down here, started the band with him, called the 13. Like that was my, I was, I was 27 I think when I played like in my real, like in a first real life, you know, cause I just bless you. Describe what kind of music we're talking about here.

Speaker 4:45:54That was, it was very much in the of the day, more letters, the way sal wrote stuff was very much replacements and the WHO and that was right in my sweet time from the judge. And then we ended up through that board. We ended up meeting Peter Cortner from Dag Nasty. Um, and the opportunity came up to start a different band. The Jarron's, um, that was actually music written by amazing basis. Amazing person or a hunter. Bennett from DC. And uh, cause yeah. So I was like, oh my God, I grew up listening to dag nasty. It's like, I'm like, Holy Shit. I think I had kindergartners attention for a second. I can be in his band and they can kind of live a little bit of my dream. Uh, so pulled him. He got, he got in very dear old friend of mine, Ben Goldberg who sadly passed away a few months ago. Um, so became to Jaron is thing that Jared is a little bit of an art rock.

Speaker 4:46:54Slash let's do some uh, DC punk rock review from back in the day. John, I'm not exactly sure, really good description of the Jarron's is art rock to be DC punk? Yeah. I mean if it's, and I met John when the hell did I meet you? I met John. Oh I can't, I was brought in by Sam Penola to do a tram is the glue till. Yeah it is. Cause you had a song that you're recording and I think Sam said, I have a, I have a great guitars for this. Apparently not as good as Greg, but I have a great guitars for the, I came in and I do, I think I did a one off track for you and I met him and he did these, John just had these, he had a voice that kind of touched me in a dirty, John has a great voice. Well because it reminded me of something, I think when I first met John, like he, he, it brought me back to that replacements moment and the second one comes in and I was kind of like, Holy Shit.

Speaker 4:47:53The voice is the key to this band. I think that the backing vocals are also key. I think that the, which one's good one sort of shitty ones who had to go once they got to go together. Those are always good. I think that, uh, I appreciate that. Um, people like what I do, um, take it to compliment SARC deck tactical. What is going to think. You're an ego maniac, but taking a compliment, I don't think it's a matter of being good at what you do is just to be, he has a, a very organic connection is when I came in there were songs like a man overboard, which we've never done it as a feeling and it's like, so that's when I, that's when I started this mental sexual relationship with John Back at you can tell an abusive the way to solvents are built.

Speaker 4:48:46It's there. You just feel you guys have show coming up on Friday, February 8th, another show upcoming in April, which will will promo later date. Yes. Friday, February eight just to remind everyone with brick Nova girls size van seders and full Bush, you can get tickets online through tick a leap that just round guys brewing company search for that for the underground. John, do you want to plug VictorOps? I would love to plug victor traps. Um, I'll wish you guys could see this picture. He drove me. What is that picture? That's awesome. It's, it's been hitting the guy. Oh, you're losing your live action shot. That's me about that picture though. That's Amalga and I was holding a pint. No, what I like about the early playing in the background associated says Weezer on it. Bill thing very much. Um, thank you. Uh, I guess maybe the, that we just released.

Speaker 4:49:45Yeah, can, someone else does. Yeah. Well I'll tell you what else we can plug. Is that correct of all the underground and it's been really paying, you know what the underground is probably a fair place to plant. Good Bank gets amazing players have been wonderful and Russell Messenger's messenger, which is a Russian hero. So it went both ways and there aren't many places around now having core shows. So we got a great team and I'll tell you what my most, I'm sorry, I'm, I know I'm buttoned up time, but most magical experience here is because my daughter was able to come here. She's 13 years old. So for her to come here and see me play line 13 for her to come here and be able to see me play live as I'm sure it was exciting for her, but it was probably way more exciting for me.

Speaker 4:50:30And every time we play here, we're just so intimate with the crowd. It's crazy. So much fun. Yeah. And that's, you know, that's a nice part body right down across her with you. So yeah. Thank you for the kind words. Thank you guys again for coming down and you guys have a website or a place where people can find your information. Uh, pick your and we have bronze. Find us on Spotify. That's Instagram game. Can I give you my beer idea for you? Oh boy. Yeah. Why don't you give me the pure idea of yes. I feel like we're all set. We're done. Actually. No one ever has. So why don't you get it? If your idea, what's your idea? First love as a barley wine ale, which is an excellent peer. Yeah. Fun. Barley, barley wine. Let's get [inaudible] you don't know it are much more of a hot resume. A big beer in Mount Carmel. Nutty character to it. Yeah. Also very strong. I would like you to make a Victor Trappist l sound guaranteed Dui. Yeah, right, exactly. If you're going to get a Dui,

Speaker 1:51:37Yay.

Speaker 2:52:12Well. That was a pretty wild episode with these guys. These guys definitely know how to have a good time. I don't think we've had some many drunk people in here that I actually forgot their keys on the chair while he left at a time. Please do not take any of that stuff as the way you want to live your life around. Guys are not trying to encourage anyone to get drunk on a podcast and Barbara for about an hour, but hey, it was a fun time. Love these guys. I, I had a blast. I got Carl over here who's doing sound for us today because rocky was out and me and Kyle are actually drinking a beer here at the underground around guys brand company. It's called trailer trash. Khalid, do you drink any bonds to drink? Is this your first bond? This is my first. I'm, I'm a bit of a of a Blonde Virgin Bill.

Speaker 2:52:56I'm more of an IPA guy, but this, this whole blonde ale with peanut and vanilla. It's, it's right up my alley right now for someone who drinks ips. Yeah. Do you know what I notice about this blonde? It's the underlying beer is phenomenal and it's as someone who's, uh, the beer guy, right? Like it's, it's a bite of book blonde. It's a really Chris Biscuit. Mot followed by a floral harp that are there just enough bounced out by this peanut crunch. Like, what's that about? Have you do taste that it's like perfect is in there. If I could buy us at shoprite at wood, it's like what you do. And I was like, well you do back there with the music then the sound, you'd, you just blend it all up. But our goodness. But in a camp, that's how I want to say butter. Goodness.

Speaker 2:53:33Don't be saying that. Yeah, sure. It brings a whole new arm to it. Uh, but either way it's, you know, it's got some moderate bitterness, smooth texture, medium light body. This is a great beer. And I, I really dig trailer trash. It's a mock law beer right now around guys brewing company. All three locations. Well, two of them have mock lost. We haven't got something down here for the underground yet. We're working on that. But our Glenn side, Ale House and the Lansdale brew pub both have that guy on tap and for takeout. So definitely check it out. You can find out more about the original stocker podcast by round. Guys Bring Company by checking this out online. Why don't you subscribe? Hey, we got, we're on iTunes, we're on Google play, Spotify, stitcher, or pretty much anywhere. You can find a podcast. We are, they're definitely sign up. Subscribe. If not, you can just do a quick search. Google the original soccer podcast around guys brewing company. We're on a website round guys, you can also find us on Facebook, original slacker sign off. Listen and definitely give some feedback and have a great one guys. Thank you,

Speaker 1:54:30Huh? Yes. [inaudible] passion. [inaudible]

Speaker 4:57:44grab coffee and an a beer within relative close proximity or time to each other. You're pissed. Smells. Oh this wretched. Oh, I don't know if anybody else. My pee smells like cheerios. Nice. Serious. Pretty much. No, I to use it as an [inaudible] all the time, but because I eat a lot of bread, interesting. And I put the bag a week. We're kind of money. Are we talking about, we're talking about specific bread, is it? No. Any bread, leg humper products products or like grain products. Like Dave, I'm going to go ahead and say you're a liar because you don't eat cause like cause cause I'm, my faith would right there and I didn't smell any cheerio. You see a water food sometimes, but he won't eat it. I don't know how far can I take this out with me. You know, I don't, it's weird.

Speaker 4:58:38We never see him. Actually I'm literally the joke's on me. I'll order food it take a bite and then take it home and then eat everything I did. Um, I did on last Sunday. I saw him eat a half a Hoagie. Oh No. About a quarter of a Hoagie. I saw half the fucking Hoagie. No you ain't about to, you put it, you put the right. Exactly. Cause that's called the portion your food now you eat it now. Yes. That's the plan. I'm like a dog man. You feel me? He put food out. It's gone right now. Until then. No, that's the first time I ever see Johnny Johns like a 28 day cycle. I was, I was straight edge in high school. Yeah. It look with that. Got Him. Look at him now. Yeah. Yeah. I'm garbage now. That's such a floor away. Sometimes it just doesn't take, I'm just straight A's in high school too. I remember getting in an argument with the guy because he was about to cut my lag wagon shirt and I'm like, no dude, I could take it off. I got to cut it. And I'm like, no dude. Like this is a cool shirt. You know, I could take it off and then he cut my shirt and then I woke up again and the hospital, don't forget, we have to switch it Tuesday this week cause I have a group therapy, meaning don't have to go to a Weezer fan is like a creed. The garbage got fucking blessed right.

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