The Heart Of Show Business With Alexia Melocchi

Making Conscious Content with Emmanuel Itier

November 01, 2020 Alexia Melocchi Season 1 Episode 15
The Heart Of Show Business With Alexia Melocchi
Making Conscious Content with Emmanuel Itier
Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about making conscious content for a better world.  Emmanuel is an experienced feature film producer and documentary filmmaker.  A regular at all the major Film Festivals and Conventions, Emmanuel scouts for films for French distributors. We sit in line watching films together and talking about what's good and what's not for our clients.  Of course, he has a ton of film credits. But I do want to speak about his documentary work because it's so meaningful and so needed today. I was involved in his Peace documentary THE INVOCATION narrated by Sharon Stone and starring Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, as well as many other worldwide peace activists. I got a little special thanks credit on that film, because I brought in some actors, and I brought in some really great spiritual leaders that contributed to the documentary. He's also on the board of the Santa Barbara Film Festival for a decade. 

During a spirited conversation, we opened the lid to the world of documentary production and the challenges of making content for a purpose and not for capital gain. Some  highlights: 

Our actions need to speak for us more than our talks.

Why Emmanuel started making documentaries.

The distribution and growing popularity of docs today.

Working with actress Sharon Stone.

Having faith in what you believe in and how faith helps us to keep going.

Meeting Desmond Tutu.

And so much more!  

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