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Diversity for the World | Andrew Calderella

April 06, 2021
The Josh Bolton Show
Diversity for the World | Andrew Calderella
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   Andrew was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1966 to parents fighting for the civil rights movement.  His life is a combination of The Rocky Story, Think and Grow Rich, & The Celestine Prophecy.

   He has been through so many harrowing and intense situations that those stories alone could fill volumes.  He has overcome dyslexia, other learning disabilities, being legally blind in one eye, and being bullied into becoming a school leader, athlete, and attain university degrees in Speech & Communications, Religious Studies, and Eastern Philosophy.  He has lived overseas, traveled the world, is a martial artist, yogi, and many call a health and fitness fanatic.


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Can you hear me? Hey, Andrew. Yes, I can. I can hear my audio going. There we go. Just make an adjustment. Just having video issues this morning. Oh, like my camera wants to do some more things Hang on. At least it doesn't have the cat filter on. Yes. Anyway, how you doing Josh, thank you for coming on your show you welcome. We know we started the show or we just pre show you're gonna cut all this out or Yeah, I can cut all this out. No problem. No worries. So I just want to ask you one question. Is this like an hour hard stop? Or is this just go as long as we want or as long as we want? Okay, because I kind of moderate my answers if it's, you know, a shorter show or whatnot. So I've done a two and a half hour because the person we just kept going. All right, no worries. I just did two two hour shows last week. So Damn, alright. Then, let's ready anytime you are. Alright, let's get right into it. How you doing? Andrew, tell me about yourself when what you do? Sure. As you mentioned, my name is Andrew Calder, Ella, I actually should have prepared more about talking about myself. I'm a new author, I spent 30 years preparing this, this major work of mine, it's called the way you can see behind me here. I guess, people are interested in by start, I had a really rough start. I was born with dyslexia, other learning disabilities, as well as a patch over one of my eyes because I had a lazy eye. So I bullied in school at a really tough time. But I actually was able to compensate and kind of made it out, I was able to graduate from high school college got three degrees lived overseas started businesses. But this whole time I've been on this, what I call my greater mission is to find solutions to humanity's greatest problems. And I guess I've been doing this for 30 years trying to find this stuff. And then 2015 on April 3, I was sorting through the beginning and ending of this book, I call it and it's four different pillars of society, self, universe. And Gosh, that's just three, self society, universe and God sorry. Okay. And so I found I keep seeing these references to this is key to true success. And when I put all these together, I found there were steps, seven steps to be exactly and it kind of was like a secret code got unlocked. And since that moment, I, you know, wrote three days straight that time, will stay up all night All night and writing and then next five years to finish the book. And that's kind of why I'm here. So I'm trying to talk about some of the solutions. I found this isn't about me, it's not about like, I'm a writer guy trying to make a bunch of money. This is more of a life mission quest to try to help all of us become our best and fix our world. Hopefully, that's a good enough. Oh, let me just darn phone. Yes. So you said you were a business person you traveled? So what business did you start? Gosh, I i've been into business my whole life. When I was in elementary school, actually, I started buying these cards off the ice cream man. And I would bring them to school, my friends bought them. So I started selling them to them. And when you go to school, and you when the kids have money in elementary school, it's all their lunch money. So they can be quarters and dimes for things that cost me pennies. So I started making a lot of money started selling more and more. And the principal actually called my parents to shut down the business because I was taking all these kids lunch money and they couldn't buy food. My next major one was in college, my brother and I were he went to the Naval Academy. And we were in the process of putting together a company to do cars to the naval Naval Academy and Army and Air Force and the rest. What's cool is they all get money in the in their senior year to buy cars. So right we started this campaign to get all the lists of everything they wanted, got a dealer in the Midwest to stock all the cars, we didn't have a major party, we're gonna bring these in on trailers and have like this huge event that got shut down to because of all the local car dealers in Detroit, got wind of what we were doing, and they were not happy at all. I wouldn't think so to me, they they came at the guy in the Midwest and said, Hey, because he was a big auto guy. He said, If you continue doing this, we're not gonna sell you any cars anymore. And they hammered a bunch of other guys. So we had to shut that business down. So and then went on from there, I had other businesses, you certainly learn a lot more from your failures, failures than you do your successes. I've started a bunch of other ones in 1999. I started consulting, Incorporated, and that was really focused on search engine optimization. Back then it was a very beginning of the internet and search engines was nothing It was asking Yahoo and all these other ones. And then from there, I grew into online Marketing and started took over a business called drug testing as drug testing business called drug testing Ace now, I have that still and consulting business. But again, I put those kind of run on their own the drug testing business, and I got rid of all my let go of all my clients, when I discovered the way, the seven steps. And you know, I've done strategic consulting and you know, all sorts of business growth, I've been a recruiter, I've done pretty much every type of work you can imagine to put myself through school, or my parents put me through school, I had to earn all the extra money and gas. Right, right. So anyway, so that's kind of my business history. And like, like I said, right now I'm doing strategic consulting, but more holistic, because what I found every time I did this, is that it's, it's not that your business is separate from your life, and anybody that says, oh, leave your problems at the door, that's a joke. If the business owner is having problems in their life, it's going to be reflected in their business. So what I found is, you know, while you're fixing your business, you can, you need to also deal with all the other issues in your company, the personal issues, because if you're having issues with your wife, or your kid, or whatever it may be, like I said, it's going to hurt your business. So now, because of the ways is about you becoming your best in all the different areas of life, it's about helping you become a better business owner, but also helping you in all the areas. That's so much and so beautiful about impact. So, actually, one thing that I've been because I've gotten a few CEOs now on, and that's the one thing they've also may say, don't don't think when you go home, you just did turns off like an employee, they're like, no, it's, it's never ending, you have to keep thinking, you have to it's the feast or famine mindset. Absolutely. And honestly, not everybody, I've done a lot of startups, you know, like I said, I was a recruiter, I build companies, there's a big difference from a business owner, okay, and somebody that just wants to own a business, okay? When you want to own your own business and be a business owner, you got to realize you've got to be semi a master at all these different areas, sales and accounting, and, you know, personnel, you know, taxes, whatever it may be, because you can't just trust somebody to do it for you. Because if they do it wrong, then your business is going to fail. So it seems like there's always these two types of business owners, right, the guys that, oh, my people do it. And then there's the other ones, like I know my people are doing, you want to go with the people that know what they're doing. And as far as startups go, like I said, I've been in I have a startup in developer right now. It's gonna be huge. I'm kind of a Facebook Google takeover type thing. Oh, okay, especially with the antitrust is definitely be good. Yeah, and this one is really cool. The way we're structuring it for many people create content, but also curate the content and judge the content. So we're not having all this misinformation and hate speech and everything flowing. But I think the The point is, what I wanted to make was that when you get into a startup, there's two types of guys are people, people, women, whoever. There's the person that's like, really into the business, like, they're like sitting there all day going, Okay, now we can do this feature. And we can, we can change this aspect. And here's how we can do this. Or then they're the other guys are like, yeah, I want a Ferrari, I can't wait to like, and, you know, have all this money and time and all this stuff. That second type of guy is not a real business owner, you know, the first one is the guy that's really into it. But again, there's a difference between owning a business and developing a product. If you're a product guy or a service guy, you're like, I had the best idea for product and service, that doesn't make you a business owner. And I've felt this myself, because you'll end up spending most of your time running your business. And I'm talking like dealing with accountants dealing with the sales guy trying to set up this and that and that you're not dealing with the product at all. I mean, it's no, it's almost like, like, it's a, it's a battle, like I need to spend time so I can develop the product. So when you set up your company, you got to figure out which guy you are, are you the product guy, you business guy. And if you're both, that's great, that's kind of like I am but at the same time, then you're going to run yourself ragged. So you need to have good people that can help you focus on these different areas of your business. But you need to know what those are. Right? So they're everybody's on the page, same page and the businesses moving forward. So anyway, that's a little, little bit of that. Yeah. And that's exactly what I've been picking up on for everything is the one of my first interviews, his name was Charles. He literally was just like, I don't I'm just a strategic thinker. If my employee struggling, I asked him, What can I do to help you? He's like, because I pay them ultimately do the hard work, I can't do kind of thing. He's like, he's like, I've spent he was saying, like, I spent hundreds of 1000s of dollars in training for this one person, but he's now an asset to me. So whatever he needs, if his life is ruined, and in shambles, I need to help him as best I can without being rude kind of thing. Absolutely. Let's just speak to that for a second because, you know, throughout human history, we see this idea of the pyramid kind of dominating the structure of our society where the Super Man, you know, the head guys at the very top and all the peons, a lowly people are at the bottom. It's really not like that. And if you want to use the pyramid analogy, it's really the bottom are all the foundation of your company, they're the largest part. And if that fails your company thing, yes. Okay. And the other analogy that I like to use is a company's in all of our society in these organizations are more like an engine, I'm kind of a car guy. So it's like, the most expensive part, or the cheapest part can take that engine down at any minute. There are no if you're running your business correctly, there are no non essential people, right? Every job is a part of this business to make it flow. So if you're a business owner, your whole goal is to not only create a wonderful product and solve these problems in the world, but it's to take care of your people is to take care of the environment. And the society in which you live in. This isn't separate, you don't I mean, the whole basis of our society runs around us fulfilling these basic needs, you know, food, housing, clothing, and all the rest of our basics, right. And it's all about us becoming the best people we can be and creating a better world. And, you know, that's what all the revolutions have been about. That's pretty much what every faith is about. And all of our self help books, you know, I mean, it's all revolves around you becoming a better person, you helping create a better society and all of us creating this better world that all of us can, you know, thrive in and become better people and all the rest, right? No, I totally agree with that. That's, that's what I've been picking up as I'm talking to different people. It's like the Yes, you're the big wig, the one in charge and ultimate, your heads on the block if it fails, but you're trying to just help everyone which is just the goal of everything. Absolutely. Absolutely. And it it's kind of sad that we have to have this fight over and over again like people that work full time you know, shouldn't be able to live a decent life beyond afford food, you know, and everything else it's kind of ridiculous if you think about it, how is a corporation that makes billions and billions of dollars in profit This is money extra on top of all their pay and all their research and development insurance and everything else right. And yet their people have to get food stamps because they can't afford to live they they can't buy enough food healthy food to feed their kids. Yeah, cuz you can buy easily Doritos, but you're not going to be healthy in like two months. No, and that's that's one of the biggest problems in a lot of the poor communities is they don't have proper supermarkets with all the healthy foods there. They are the small shops without stuff with junk food. And you're not going to get the nutrition you need to be the best person you can be if you're eating that kind of stuff your whole life. Oh, I can totally agree with that. Like I currently work night shift as a janitor at a grocery store. And the healthy food is more expensive than like a like a pack of Doritos, like I said or Lunchables. It literally Lunchables, the only thing real about that is the cookie, maybe even then that's processed. Yeah, it's not even real food. I mean, most of the food in a supermarket, if you look at it isn't real food, anything that's in a package. And again, well, let's talk about my book for just a second because I want to run through this. The way is, because it's in here, and I'm gonna, I'm gonna cover this, the way is broken down into seven steps. And it's actually broken into three books. The fifth step of this of the way is about you kind of refining your life, it's called the daily way, you know, integrating and refining the foundations of life. And some of these are called, you know, all the foods that we the nutrition we take, if you get the best, and the and the right amounts, especially as a child, you'll grow up and become a, you know, your brain will grow, your body will grow strong. But if you don't get this, your brain and your body aren't going to be as, as developed as they could be, if you've got the right nutrition, this is same with the right education, the right emotional stimulation and all the rest. And this is what it comes down to the greatest problems of the world, if you want to look at it is that we're all born ignorant, right. And we're all totally dependent upon our caregivers, and our society, to give us this great start if we're going to be our best. So, you know, knowing this, this means that, to me, that's like the problem and the solution all wrapped up in one. Because if we can all get on the same page, regarding these basics and the foundations of life, and then integrate them into our, into our way of being, then we can create a better world, right? Because as we become better our society becomes better and our society becomes better we raise better and better kids. So, you know, that's kind of like, I think the basic idea of like I said, of all these faiths, all self help books and everything else, is all centered around this meaning of life, the purpose of life for you to become the best person you can be. live your best life help create a better society and ultimately, go to heaven if you're a believer. Yeah, yeah, and that's one thing because my I've been studying business, so I'm trying to be Like you, I just study everything I know, all the rules for LLC taxes, what goes into this? What goes into that? I've also been in the market. That's what started this whole craziness. But um, but that is the one thing everyone's like, so what are like the two books if we were actually going to read a mike, Richest Man in Babylon? And thinking Grow Rich, that's all you need? Yeah. I mean, you know, what's interesting about thinking Grow Rich, and a lot of people compared the way to that, because I've spent 30 years in my research. But what's interesting about that book, if you look at it in all these books, every one of those assets that he lists are really virtues. Okay? So and a virtue is what humans are, you know, like what we call the most desirable traits, right? And the opposite of is vice or, you know, failings and even sin. So the idea is, in the, in the thinking Grow Rich book, this guy spent his, you know, long time, like 30 years researching how, what rich people, the super wealthy thought were the most important qualities to become, you know, super wealthy, right. And he put them in there. But what I found is, that's only a very small part of the picture. Now, the way is living rational positive action, it's living because we do this all the time, it's living rational, because it's reasonable, it's logical, it includes a customizable implementation plan. It's living rational, positive, because it's about integrating all virtue into your life. And it's living rational positive action, because the turn of virtue into something real, you have to take actions and the best actions are called Best Practices. So like, the idea of being punctual is a is a virtue. But to make it real, you have to take actions like setting reminders leaving on time, same thing with being healthy virtue, but the actions would be having an exercise plan, a sleeping plan, correct eating plan, and all the rest and the best practices, the best way to hydrate yourself the best way to consume food, the best way to educate yourself, we can figure out so therefore, this is how we can become the best people we can be. So the idea here is, I think this idea of success, right? And I started my book this way, what is true success, you know, what is the true goal of life. And I think a lot of us, it's all what it's all about wealth, power, and fame. And sometimes it's about being intelligent, or beautiful, or whatever, even holy, we'll see like, those people are the most successful people in our society. But honestly, if you look at those people's lives, it doesn't automatically make everything wonderful in your life, you don't automatically have great relationships, you know what to do, you're not healthy. If anything, it's it's really a challenge, right? That you need to overcome if you're going to make it because so many people that become successful in that way wealthy, famous, whatever, they, they actually become the worst kind of people. I mean, you just look through all all of human history at all the kings and queens and business moguls have destroying people's lives and the world and become greedy and self absorbed their brothers stuff their house with gold and build more and more houses than do what's right for their people and their employees or their society. What the true goal of life is, right, is really what a loving mother wants for her child, right? And it's what you really want. It's about you having great relationships, being healthy and happy, being passionate about something that that is worthwhile in life that hopefully you can support yourself with, and all the other facets that makes up a wonderful life. And being happy is at the top of that list. So it's like the question becomes, then how do we do this? You know, how do each of us literally become the best person we can be? And everybody makes it so complicated. But what I found it's not because it's all based in the human conditions. We're all human. And we all face the similar things all the time. We all want and need the same things. So once you've nailed all that down, it kind of is the the, the human conditions are what we call the gameboard of life, right? Yes. So, exactly. So yeah, I can keep going. But it's all good. I just wanted to input before we get going on that is I'm sure a lot of my co workers, as we take our break, they're all scrolling through Instagram, and they're like, Oh, this person's so happy this amount of money. I bet you 10 bucks right now. They're miserable, but they're really good at Photoshop. Well, this whole idea that somebody is having some perfect life out there as a joke, it is I've met, there are, there is nobody in this world that doesn't have trauma and drama, especially, we're not all raised correctly. We don't all have everything that we need. And that's the problem. I've spoken with the super wealthy, and they have the worst relationship. I've been married four times I, you know, I my kids, I don't even know them, they hate me or whatever it may be, you know what I mean? It's like, there's huge issues. So, and that's my point is like, if any one of these major areas of your life is destroyed, it's going to ruin, right? And that's why like with the way it's about integrating all these different foundations and make bringing them all up to a certain level so that you can thrive because if any one of them falls, you fail. It's like the the idea of the weakest link right? You're only as strong as you weakest link. So let's make all those foundations as strong as possible. And that's what the way is about. It's not about some fringe, you know that oh, this is Andrews theory. No, this is human, you know is we as human beings, this is how we can become the best person we can be by integrating virtue and best practices into our life, and certain amount of knowledge and information is what we need to do that. Absolutely. Yeah. One thing I've noticed as I've just read different, because I have this app called LibriVox. It's like free public domain stuff. So I read Benjamin Franklin's autobiography, and the his 13 virtues. And well, it's exactly what you're talking. It's like, his was more rigorous. But it's the same concept. Well, exactly. And the My idea is that, obviously, all virtue is what you want to integrate into your life. And you can't leave some of them out. It's like, the idea of justice or law and order, right? law and order without justice or without humanity, right, goodness in there can become like a dictatorship, right? It's like, so if we're going to solve these problems, and you've become the best you can be, it's like, there are not conservative values and liberal values. No, there are human values, there is not one of those that we do not hold in high regard. You know, to me, it's just at certain times, they may fluctuate into what is in the lead, but you can't forget about the others. So absolutely. That's why I think that's why the way for me is, this is where, like I said, you can go to the store. Now, when I was doing this, I was deep, like, this is 20 years and you know, reading endless books. And I realized this, it was like I was reading a coach's book. And you know, you'd always go through this, like endless stories, and then you finally get to the point and then they tell you, maybe how to implement it in your life, but often they don't have to be healthy. Okay, sure. Thanks. I just spent 30 bucks and 20 hours of my life just to get that gray. Yeah, exactly. And for me, that's just a waste of time. And when I realized that every single one, you could literally take any self help book, any success book, and pretty much just scan it in. Sometimes it's right in the title, like in the thinking Grow Rich of the chapter, what the virtuous, like, you can literally just go Oh, discipline, okay, going the extra mile. Okay, great. You know, I mean, it just started listening. I started listening down, there's a bunch of this book, we're putting up more we're doing a whole virtue versus vice research project right now. Okay. What Amala but that that idea is that virtue can overcome any advice we as people, really life is this, this challenge between vice and virtue, right and wrong, good and evil, human. That's the real fight. It's not you versus me. It's not our team versus that team. Right? It's humanity. This kind of entropy of the universe and for us to make the world into something of order and something of beauty and wonder and goodness, you know, that's the challenge that we're all trying to fight. And we get divided by first, I want to say that we're not divided. Okay, humanity, everybody I've ever asked, I don't care what side you are on, wants the exact same things, right? We all want to stop the liars and cheats. We want a government that works. We want to fill the void within we want the good for ourselves, our family, our loved ones, we'd love to have a world that works and is, you know, society that isn't dysfunctional, and the hatred, all of these things, everybody wants the same exact thing. The problem is right, that we're being told, we're divided, because of the way the society is structured, right? We all know what's true because of what our authority figures tell us. Right? It's like, if you're brought up and you believe that this newscaster and this leader and this person are the truth tellers, right? Then you're gonna believe them. And if they're telling you lies, and misleading you and all the rest, that's what's causing the problem in our society. We have some of these corrupt leaders think that's the way to more and more power, you know, instead of helping us become our best, they play on the worst, and divide us and use that, that that worry that that fear and all the rest to manipulate us so they can gain more wealth power and think you're judging us so much that I've just talked to people about indices that one blurb, so what I tell people is because they're when the BLM happened, the Black Lives Matter, though. What's your opinion of Mike? I think he said yes, what happened to Georgia is terrible. Absolutely. never should have happened kind of thing. But the dividing of us, that is not that's counterintuitive of what they're wanting. Because to to divide us, it becomes a their group, our group, is it if we just changed the words to out just know their group in my group, if we change it to our group, said, think about it, just for a minute to power that word, our group instead of my group. Exactly. It's like the human race. This is where this is really a passion of mine. I'm like, so many things. running through my head right now. Okay, what do I say for? okay for us to become our best, we need to clear path, you know, to get on the same page, and all these critical areas of life. And then we need a way that unites us so that we can make these positive changes, right? And you, right? This isn't us versus them, its humanity, right? The good versus the evil. And we have to stop this. Throwing mud and shade and hate to the other side of that don't agree with us, because we ultimately forget when we need to get them on our side, we need to make enemies into our friends, we need to to rise up all good people, you know, it's like, Can you feel sorry, for all the people that are misled? Let's say, anybody that you hate, or think of that is the worst in the world, okay, throughout history to be Hitler could be anybody, picture these people, as little babies in, you know, a hospital room with all the other babies, would you want to go in there and kill these kids? Or would you want to go in there and help them become better people, you know, imagine Hitler, becoming the leader of Germany, but being a super good person. And he embraced the ideas of true Christianity, which was they were claiming was why they were killing the Jews, but of, you know, the golden rule, treating others as you would want to be treated and equality, right. It would be a whole different world right now. So it's like, that's what I mean about this, these failures of leadership, if we hell have these core values that are the same. And I, in step four, the way we talked about the importance of having a core value system that you understand, and that covers all of life, because this is one of the major problems in the world. And honestly, this is a big epiphany, probably, I was deep into Carl Jung and Freud, when I had this epiphany. And like, it was all this was after probably 25 years of researching all this stuff. And it's, it seems so simple, but your core values, determine your attitude, your actions, what you think, you know, ultimately, pretty much everything you do and say. So the problem is, in our world, we don't all know what our core values are. Or if we have a couple of them, they're not complete. So it's like and we say I talked to you, oh, it's the 10 commandments. What are the 10? commandments? Don't kill people. People Nice. Yeah, exactly. It's like they don't know. So that's why in in step four, we go through a complete core value system, it just three of those can change the world, it's respecting life, treating others as you would want to be treated the golden rule, right, equality, you know, those three alone, you couldn't like you said, George Ford, you couldn't, that could never have happened if you embrace the idea of equality and treating people as you would want to be treated, right? Because you would never want that to happen to yourself, right? This whole idea of Black Lives Matter. All lives matter, whatever you want to say, has been the same fights throughout all of human history, right for equality, that's always for some reason, some group feels superior, the sickness of superiority, we, we get to dominate and put our thumbs over people and make them slaves, make them you know, pions, their, their lesser and all of that that's, that's a sickness that is infected this world since the beginning. It's in everywhere. It's not just white people. It's not you know, I mean, World War Two is a good example. It happened in Japan and in Germany at the same time. But that same idea, like I said, has been throughout all of human history. And that sickness is, is this idea, for some reason that you are better than somebody else. Right? Just as an equality standpoint, you're not because we're all human, right? We all share 99.9% of our DNA. So genetically, we're all the same. And then for anybody that's faithful and believes in religion, you know that God created everything and everybody so religion and science agree that we're one human family, there's only one race and that's the human race, that problems that we're having or people being raised and learning hatred and division and you know, prejudice and twisted ways of doing things and they're not fully developed in their you know, sympathy and empathy for other people. So these are the real problems, how do you end prejudice, inequality, you know, injustice and all the rest we can't have a fight all throughout history for every minority to be equal. Either we're all equal or we're not either we're going to fight for equality period, or we're we're going to be at this forever so just like for me the Black Lives Matter was a really important time and I don't know about you but I I can't even when I saw what they were showing our TVs like literally the murder of a man I lost it. I thought it was gonna die. They kept showing it over and over again. It was like, like watching somebody being murdered. So casually, was so unbelievably sickening and angering. I can't even tell you I mean, you don't know me, but I'm the kind of guy that you know, I broke up a knife fight, you know, save a guy's life. And I don't know. I mean, it's like why didn't Somebody stop that gun? Live? That's what I said. I said, I know everyone's like, oh, the cops would have arrested them too. I'm like, Yes. I sit up across the car and tackle. I said, Mike, I said, Yes. And I get it. They're all of the whatever group is it. But if you really cared about human life, you wouldn't care that you would go to jail? Well, it's the cops. You know, it's like the two officers that were standing by. And again, they were rookies and whatever. But it's always like I was following orders, that always gets us in trouble. There's a point, I don't care what you're doing. If it's going against your conscience, morality, humanity, you have to just step up, you know, that's the challenge. It's like, you are not here to just follow orders, you are here to become the best person you can be. And a lot of times when you're in those type of positions, that's the test. Did you step up? Or did you not? You know what I mean? I've had those trials in my life where it's like, like I said, with a knife, fight, whatever it may be, like, are you going to draw the line and take the good fight? Or are you just going to stand by and let it happen, you know, this evil happen. And for me, like I said, I, I believe, right now, in human history, this is the only time that we can make these true global changes that we need to have happen happen. Because we're all super focused, we can see the wrongness more than ever. But we're also more connected than we have ever been throughout history. We could literally join a billion people together, gather $1 a month from people and have us all take little actions, like clicking on something or boycotting something, we can change the world, like, literally in a matter of weeks and days, you know, I mean, we have the power to do this. The only thing that's stopping us are a few leaders either corrupted, they don't know what to do. They don't know how to fix it, and all the rest of it. And that's why I'm trying to stand here and do this. Then again, this isn't about me. This is about although it is but it seems selfish when you're trying to present the way you are. No, and I've gotten many of the time. They're like you're being so selfish, and you're white and you're privileged. I'm like, No, is it I said, here's my history. For me not being selfish, Imperial privileged. I was the only white kid on a Mexican campus. I was the gringo that got the shit literally kicked out of them every day. Well, again, I think this idea of privilege, you can't just dismiss white people as being lesser than either. You know what I mean? It's either we're, we're all equal, or we're not. I mean, exactly. That means like, if I have a good idea, and I'm white, it doesn't make it lesser to a black person or a black person's truth doesn't make it less, or to me, it's true. And I think, for me, I was born in Detroit, and I was my family's fighting for the Equal Rights Movement. I've always been on this idea like, I don't get it. What a great like, No, exactly. I don't understand your your, I've talked to white supremacist, I've talked to pretty much, you know, the most hardcore people that you can imagine in the world. And a lot of them are just confused. You know, I mean, if you can't feel sorry for somebody that's being brought up in lies, and and believing an untruth, and then feeling scared and hated hatred, and all these negative things, because of how they were raised. I don't, that's where we need to start, you know, if you if you hate them, it's like hate to get hate violence, more violence, you're never going to lead to lasting peace through these types of efforts. It's like we're talking about the BLM. Okay. In any uprising, you always you're, you're angry, you know what I mean, you're not uprising, because you're like, hey, it's a great day, let's go have a revolt. You don't I mean, you're pissed, you know, I mean, so it's like, there's always people in that group that are going to be more violent than other people. It's the ability for that group and the leaders to contain those people, disown those people turn those people in, it can change it. But it's also the idea, like you were saying, it's like, to truly win. And again, I have videos on this, this is in the book, why violence will never lead to lasting peace and how to peacefully force positive change in our world. There are exact steps on how we can do this. It's not beyond our capacity to peacefully force positive change. One of the keys in this is to get the people that you see on the other side, on your side, you're not going to do that by throwing bottles at them. I mean, how many police officers are in this country? I don't even know 1000s and 1000s and 1000s are they all white supremacists? No, God, no. Oh, God, no. Right. So the problem is not is not the police. Right? It's the the creation of a of a system that is being implemented in a way that is not conducive to all of our citizens and we need to fix that system. So if you're gonna every time you burned down a building or or hurt somebody, you are pissing people off right their family now he's like against the movement. These people are don't agree with you because now you're using violence. And again, the BLM music movement was non violent. It was some actors within that fringe that created these problems. Right? Right. And some of them were part of the bml movement and just were pissed. Some of them might have been just outsiders to make it look like the BLM movement was violent. Regardless, though, the whole idea behind it was equality. For God's sake, there was about equal justice for everybody. This is noble. This is like, what America is all about. And for anybody to dismiss that movement, and just to point to the violence without dealing with the actual issues, is missing everything. I mean, it's like, do you realize how America was started? It's like, Okay. Yeah, you tell me cuz I always have the conversation with people. You know, it was it wasn't it was like a couple guys sitting in a bar going. Dude, this is ridiculous, right? I mean, this is they keep putting more and more, this is how every revolution starts, right? The people are sitting around going, Oh, my God, would you just stop hammering us taking more and more, and they just lose it? So these guys got together? And they're like, we can't take it anymore? And did they? Did they do peaceful stuff? No, they threw they they took the tea party and threw all this stuff in the bay, they had all these uprisings and then they went to war. Right? So to say that America isn't bent, I mean, America, his whole idea is his revolution, and, and, you know, protest to change our society. I mean, just look at our human history, we have the Revolutionary War, we've had civil rights movements fought throughout this, like equal rights for women equal rights for her ever being minority. equal. I mean, we've come a long way. People dog America, and I get it, we're not perfect. And nobody is just gonna stand there. And like you said, on Facebook, or, or Instagram and show you how perfect their life is. That's a joke. Okay? everybody's life is dirty and ugly. Sometimes it has problems. And we're human beings For God's sake. And what we have to do is embrace our faults. So we can help each other become better. You're not going to help your friend by by just telling them everything's great. You got to point out the wrongness so they can become better to some degree. I mean, absolutely. That's the same thing in our society. So every uprising, if you're not sitting there going, Wow, are these people mad like is like as a boss, right? If I, when I was a recruiter, and you build companies, you talk to teams, and a lot of times you, you, you talk to the team members, because they know what they really want in a team member and the boss wants certain qualifications and whatever. Right? This whole idea of us fitting together and having a positive experience together is kind of like, isn't that what everybody wants? You? I mean, why is this so hard? For God's sake? Why is it like everybody? No, we must create suffering and just this horror in our world, either. We're all gonna try to create a better world, or we're just gonna end up in another horrible war with, you know, 10 leaders deciding to kill billions of people. Okay. You know, we're gonna nuke everyone. Fuck it, we'll go to our trillion dollar bunkers they don't even know about. Exactly. And it's like, it doesn't have to be this way. I mean, it's what gives me hope, is that what I found within the way is that this isn't is complicated. And everybody tells us it is the, the solutions to our problems are really based in love. You know, it's it's us. And I know it might sound to some people all love, you know, it's like, but but if you can't love your fellow human being, and I'm just talking about even just feeling sorry for people, you know, I mean, that's pity for people that are whatever in jail, like do you feel sorry for somebody that was led into hatred to the point where they committed murder? Or do you just hate that? If you just hate that person, you're also having a problem hate is not a good thing. You know what I mean? It's not going to lead you down a positive path. If you again I was bullied as a kid I had a lot of problems with wanting to kill myself you know, having a very bad outlook on life and negative thinking and you call stupid everyday mock laughed at and all the rest as a child it it scars, you, you know, and it does. And there's a wounds that the deepest but no one ever sees. Yeah, I think sometimes they see them because I don't know maybe by how do you act or don't act sometimes because you're not quite normal. Sometimes you get depressed or issues with depression or whatever it may be is and it takes a lot to overcome that and what I found is that just to go on a little tangent with the bully thing, no problem. It's not only the the kids that are bullied, the kids that are bullied need to be really understand that it's not their fault. The other people have a problem. Yes, you're not doing anything wrong, but it's also the bullies need help, because they're the ones that are seriously damaged. They grew up in and damaged our society. And and also the kids, they're around your friends, all the kids are standing around just letting all this happen and snickering and not doing anything they need to understand how to step in and stop this stuff from happening. I cover this idea in my in the third book, the child and family guide on how to deal with this issue. And how to stop and end bullying. But one of the main points is, like I said, the bullies, what I found is, and again, when you're bullied as a kid, it's always like the bigger kids is some of the kids in your grade, but it's the grade above you, you know, because they're always bigger. And they're the ones that are right next to you. When you get into sixth grade. You're the biggest kids. And I had like two or three fights with the bullies in my age. And I won. And it was such a surreal moment, because I remember this. I literally had a fight. Just one kid, and he was like, one of the toughest kids and nobody beat him up or whatever. And I beat him up, because he was beating me up, and I just lost it. And then all the bullies came up to me. And like, I was like, dude, like, right on, and they paraded me around the school, like I was some hero. And it was such a surreal thing. Because it's like, wow, these kids hated me my whole life. And now they're like, literally like, Hey, you know, he took on the tyrant himself. Yeah. And, and I learned about these kids lives as I got older, and, and all the bullies lives are horrible. Yeah, one of them had a great home life, it was like no other fathers were collecting them and treating them like this. And, you know, whatever it may be. And it's just like, so as, as we look at our society, if we're going to create a better society, we need to bring our kids up better. So we're going to bring our kids are better, we need to become better people right now, right? And then integrate these ideas in their life as quickly as possible. It's like this, the idea of how humanity evolves, right, because we die. And we have new generations that come by, if we can push our generation a little further ahead and make life better than they do the same, they do the same, they do same, life gets better for everybody. The problem is, again, that we're all born ignorant. So some of us keep learning these, these hatreds, the sickness of superiorities infecting us, or our past, systems of society are broken, they don't work well, they're perpetuating this, you know, hatred or inequality that was, you know, created in the past. So we have to fix all this wrongness, right, but we're gonna get to the point, if we can all kind of get on the same page, when the basics of life and then in our society and implement them, where in the future, we're gonna stop having to fix so much wrongness, and just focus on fixing the, you know, when you're finding the rightness or the goodness in our society, and that's really kind of where we're gonna have a huge turning point, you know, kind of a golden age of humanity. And I think right now just made finishes that, that this point, right now that we're at is humanity, we're all linked up, we're all kind of facing the same problems we can all see the same world linked, is the time that we can make this change. This is the only time and I'm hoping and again, we say arrogance, like my privilege or whatever. I'm a dyslexic, half blind, you know, I may be some gifted guy, whatever I have, I was tested out as being a genius and abstract thinking and all these things, but it doesn't matter. I mean, human being just like you we are equal, there is no. Well, I do have privilege because of the way I was raised. I was also i'm not raised rich. I was born in Detroit, Michigan, I my family's work their whole life. And my dad, if it was my dad, who gave up so much and sacrifice for us, we wouldn't have been able to have anything and I think that's true with a lot of people. It's, it's it's not that everybody should have privilege. Yeah, nobody should be starting so low, that they can't rise to the heights of who they can possibly be. So for me, it's not about Oh, you have privilege and you should feel bad. It's like, dude, I was born this way. I am not my ancestors. I did not own a slave. I, I don't believe in that. I would you know what I mean? It's like, I want to create a better world for everybody. So don't hold me responsible for what my ancestors did but understand as a person, right? If you are in a place of privilege, meaning you, you are, you started further ahead, right in life than the previous generations have to realize that other people aren't, you know, I mean, this isn't heaven. It's like, let's talk about this present. One of those problems I find in the world is that most of the wealthiest people I've spoken to think the world is perfect, right? They go, No, everything is the way it should be. God is you know, made everything the way it is should be. And my question like some of these guys, I talked to one guy's like, I've got you know, 10 houses is are stuffed with you can everything you can possibly imagine every one of these houses all work. It's got five Ferrari's got golf clubs, you know, the best of everything and every one of these houses. I'm like, so how did you make all of your money? Oh, I have this cooperation. This this this? Hey, where are your workers? Oh, they're in China and Malaysia and whatever. I'm like, okay, so do you pay all those people like good wages so they can all live decent lives and you making sure that none of your pollution is destroying the world? No, no, no. Well, you know, we just do what they do in that country, whatever the laws are, that's kind of went there. It was really cheap. So you're making all this money? Basically, exploiting people in the world, and you're stuffing more and more houses that you barely even go to? And yet you think the world is perfect? What if instead of doing that you paid all Those people have really great wage, maybe you only had two houses, oh, God forbid, you know, three instead of 10, right? And you didn't stuffed them all with Ferraris, and all the rest. But these people now, were able to live great lives, they were able to send their kids to school, they were able to feed them, well, they were able to buy clean water, and the rest of the things that we all want, that's what would have made the world better. And if you look at the all of human history, where people like all these leaders, all the world is perfect. God is making everything the way it should be. But we're doing it in free will, where is your choice, it's your choice that's making it this way. And the idea that certainly God made everything, but he made us in the image of God, meaning, we have free will, and we can use this within, you know, the gameboard of of all the limitations of our human conditions to, to either, you know, become better people and create a better world or not. And this idea that, that anybody who has anything of great wealth, power, fame, and all of that, and sees everything is perfect, and doesn't do anything to help fix everything, or just does very minimal or nothing is the problem. You know what I mean? That it's like, either the biggest problem in the world is that everybody thinks we're doing good, right? Even the most evil people in the world that you can think of they all think they're doing guys are blowing themselves up and taking down our, you know, 911 whatever it may be those people all thought that they were honoring God, and helping the world, right. Even even though the crusades, the crusade. Oh my god. I mean, it's like like World War Two, the Germans, they Hitler wasn't like, we're evil. We're gonna destroy the world. No, it's all about we're gonna save the world where they're, you know, the Crusades. This, this drives me crazy. Okay. It's like, I don't know, if you're Christian. I've studied all the face. I was I was raised Catholic, Christian. Okay, the idea that anybody could understand Christ, the king of peace, right? The guy who wants to, you know, figure out how we can feed everybody, figure out the health problems, figure out the rich and poor issues, you know, corruption, and he's got all the stuff he's into, is going to be like, yeah, I want you people from Europe to come down to my homeland, and kill rape and terrorize everyone. Who is? Well, from what I could gather from what I've been reading, it's never officially said, but it's kind of like, for the first Iraq war for us. It was about like, it wasn't oil back then. But it was like gold. I wanted the gold, but the key excuse, but they couldn't make an excuse to go in and take it all. So it's like, oh, God wants us to kill him for the gold. But we're not going to tell him that. No, and I you know, the whole idea like the Catholic Church. I mean, if you follow the history of Christianity, when Rome, you know, the Holy Roman Empire and church kind of merged, I think that's when the huge corruption of the, of what you know, the church could have become, and to be to be truthful, every religion, I've studied all the faiths in this whole world, they're all about the same thing. But again, it's about integrating into your life becoming a better person creating a better world, and connection to the divine. That's all covered in this book, The problem that we have is that we as humans, the sickness of superiority, again, raises its ugly head, in that none of us are beyond being corrupted. I mean, nothing we have is perfect. You know, that's the whole point. If you can't see that our faiths, our organizations, everything we create is slightly tainted. Let's talk about this idea of original sin. Okay? This idea that humans are flawed is that we can become corrupted, we can fail, right? We can, we can fall to sin, but we can also then choose virtue and goodness and all the rest. That is the gift, okay, you can see it as a sin. But it's like if you didn't have the ability to fail, that you would be a puppet. Right? If you knew God existed, absolutely. There's heaven over there. There's God, here's right and wrong, you know what I mean? There would be no choice, there would be there would be, there would be no real point you wouldn't be you'd be a puppet. So the fact that you can fail, you can be corrupted, we as society can be corrupted and fail, is also the greatest gift because it means we can choose not to fail, we can choose to be good. We can choose to see each other as equal, and create a society where these virtues are manifest everywhere and we compensate for this flaw. You know, one of the things that makes humanity the most noble species is that we see that we're flawed, we know it, and we we put in checks and balances. We try to raise our kids in a better way. You know, I mean, we, we have this idea of faith, we have this idea of God and goodness, and we're trying to all better ourselves, you know, this is a Nate. This is like, the first three steps of the way the idea that we as humanity, innately know what good is right if I if I put You know if you know what slavery is, and freedom is, you know which one you're going to choose, but this is poisoned water, this is clean water, you know, it's not a hard choice in your head, he's like, of course, I want the good stuff, I want it for me, I want freedom, I want love, I want clean water, the same thing is true, you're going to, you're going to want this and you're going to want to choose it for yourself. And this is true for every human being on this planet. So again, if we didn't get on the same page, when it comes to all the foundations of life, and kind of work our way out from there, and join together in the right way we can fix this world very quickly. It does not have to be this way. Yeah, that's okay. So you touched on a few things I want to touch on earlier. So your question of do I fall faith, I believe there is a God, but I have way too many bad experiences in the church, that I don't believe the church itself is correct, there is a God, but not the way everyone portrays them, they made, the priest herself came up to me said, You're fat, God's gonna send you to hell, because you're fat, you better lose some weight. Well, that's where the corruption comes in. You know, I'm saying it's like, holy, and that's why I put that in there. This idea of wealth, power, fame, holiness, look at the all the church all face, right, and you take the the leaders of every single one of the highest level, they live lives that are so different from anybody in the world. That is like take a monk in Buddhism, you know, like living on the mountain. And, and, and doing nothing is the ideal state, being a pope, or being a priest, you know, that that is so far removed from what everybody is they don't know what the hell is going on? That's what I'm saying. They say exactly. So how can people that live lives that are so different, and devoid of what normal human lives help us? And if you look at all of our face, they've been fractured and divided. And, you know, that's why I have so many different sex. You know, it's like one leader says, This is the focus. This is the focus, this is the focus. The point is when you say, God, God, right, I talked about that in, in the book, there's these five God laws, the first idea that that we all just need to get on our head is that is God is the Creator, the prime mover, the first actor in the, you know, action reaction cycle. It's like, people, even scientists agree with this. It's like the Big Bang, what was before the big bang, everything came out of nothing. There's nothing This is something this right, this idea of how everything works is like God was one right before the beginning, it's oneness. And then the first creation is the multiverse or the, the omniverse. Right? This is where all universes every everything that is non God is, is contained within. And this idea of God, non God is still God, because that creation is of God. So that's how we're all connected to God. That's how we this is all part of this same thing. We are not all separated in islands unto ourselves, right? I mean, we kind of go up and rise together as humanity if we're all going to kind of make Yep, so that's actually one thing I wanted to touch on earlier. So when you were talking about the fractures within the transition in history, my sister study theology, she went to college and all that, so I would I have challenges because she knew about my challenges what the church. So I love playing devil's advocate to see what people do. And I told her, I said, You know, I think I said, Yes, the book itself is good. But I said, it was written by humans, though. It was written by Gods I'm like, No, it wasn't, it was written by a human. And if a human realizes, they can manipulate people, long after they're dead, they're going to take out maybe that Jesus had a wife, there was reincarnation, because then the fear kicks in. And they have control. Like, ultimately, the book is tainted, because humans are involved. And her professors actually agree. They're like, that's a recent thing we're thinking, because there's so many in consistencies. It's almost like they intentionally just cut areas out. Well, exactly. The idea of in Christianity, the canonization of what we call the Bible, you know, the Old Testament, the New Testament, all that was, was done 100 years, I believe, after Christ was dead, he corrected the stories and put them together. And if you look at the evolution of the Christian church, they stepped between you and God. I mean, they made themselves the the omnipotent on Earth, the pope is infallible, it's that same sickness of superiority infecting every thing. And this is the challenge to all faithful if you're hearing me, you can honor God. But if you're honoring God, you cannot, cannot leave your conscience and morality out of this. You mean, our organizations are flawed, anybody in those organizations are flawed. You can see this in the in the Catholic Church, just with the molestation issue, right. This has been going on for 1000s of years since Rome, because Romans For some reason thought that was okay. That's been plaguing the Catholic Church. This idea of hiding that and you know, moving to another location where you can do it again and, you know, is, is the problem because you if you can't see that, that doing those kind of things is like accepting corruption into your organization that will make you more and more corrupt over time, the idea that what you were saying is fracturing. Everybody that's in a faith, it's like, the guy that becomes super fanatical sometimes becomes the leader, right is the guy that most, you know, devoted the most whatever, and that happens for over 1000s of years. That's why we have God knows, I don't even know hundreds of different sects of every faith, you know, I mean, there's always a different spin to it. And he, like there's a recent one of eco now, for the Christians. Even jail, this is where I get into the whole idea of look, God has got, okay, we, as humans, created all these different faiths to kind of try to interpret what we're seeing or what we're feeling. We have Buddha, we have Mohammed, we have Jesus as the messengers, right? Then we have these organizations that grew up to be to fulfill their kind of message. But again, like you said, we're human. So all of these are corrupted, we all have the flaw. If you think God wrote anything on this planet, like, literally, you're wrong. That's not what this planet is, right? This is Earth. This is a testing ground and a training ground for us to learn certain things to upgrade certain ways of being and to overcome these tests and challenges. God is specifically not here in physical form, literally walking around the world, fixing everything, because he wants us to do it, you know, this whole challenge of human beings, like people say, Well, why do all these horrible things happen? It's to teach us and for us to create systems in a society that we can overcome all these things? Absolutely. You know, it's like if we were puppets, and we had all knowledge, and there was no problems on the world and all of that, what would be the point? There wouldn't be a point. Exactly. You know, and I think this whole idea of the observer, people say, well, then why would God create us? What What is the whole point to any of this? I don't know if you have kids, but No, I don't. I don't either, just to be clear, but okay, know what it's like. And the feeling that you have when you have a kid, and you're looking at that child, and, and you feel all of those wonderful feelings of like, wow, I want this kid to grow up and be this best. That's an amazing moment. You know, you're crying as you're laughing, you're feeling this love this overwhelming. Again, the idea of us being created, the image of God allows us to feel all of these things to, to observe and to become something greater. That whole that that feeling that you have when you're looking at those, those kids and you're feeling all those feelings is the point. You know, I mean, if we can take that same idea, and just translate it into our society, it would be a much more wonderful place, because there would be no kid left behind right there. We know, everybody would want to help everybody become their best, all this hatred and spinning of stuff online, and where everybody's got to one up each other and, you know, kind of throw around all this negativity would end because you really don't want to hurt people. Do you know, I mean, no, there's something wrong with you. I mean, it's like, I've went through phases in my life where people do horrible things to you. And you get caught up in this idea of revenge. But if you do that, you are going to become the monster you're trying to kill. Exactly. And it's like, you let them win if you're sitting around thinking about revenge or hating all the time. And, you know, I mean, because this person did something to you, you're slowly becoming a very negative person focusing on negative things, right? It's like, all good people lose when we go to war, even if we win the war, right? Because we're going now we're now we're murderers. We spent years of our lives committing horrible atrocities and destruction instead of raising our kids and doing good things. You know, I'm saying so we need to create a world where those kind of things don't happen. And how do we do that? The first step again, is love which we got to see each other equals, we got to feel sorry for people that are being twisted and misled. We need to help them see the light, not throw shade and mud at them. So they hate us even more. Right now, and because of my bullying back in the younger years, I realized that it's like my biggest bully his name was Daniel, but actually is his name, but I don't really care about him. Essentially, he was picking on me so pretext before I actually get to the cool part. His parents were specifically lawyers for child abuse and fighting. So you're gonna really see where this is going. Yeah, he picks on me whole year just give me shit tearing my ego apart. Finally, cuz he's like, Oh, your martial arts. Why don't you hit me? Like, I'm like, fine. I give I just crack his eye so hard. He has a black eye for three days. And literally, afterwards when he leaves and he's crying and licking his wounds, they're like, just so you know, his parents are lawyers specifically for this incident. I love like, shit. Well This is gonna be interesting. I mean, literally when he has to go explain to his father and he's like, you're the monster. He's like, no, here's a steak and you're eating it tonight to just so you know, so don't wipe your ass with it. I learned true. I think some of these lessons, like you were like you experienced are not only for you, right? But you help that kid I've been in situations where they call it the bully beatdown. Like, literally beat up the bully. And then they learn these great lessons that they couldn't learn otherwise. Because it's it's like, now they feel helpless. And then if you show them mercy than they realize what a great gift that is. And I've had that experience throughout my life. I've been in more fights than you can imagine. I'm also been I started off fighting with kids. So I learned martial arts. I was a bouncer in college in place. So yeah, I've studied pretty much everything and what sadly Have you studied just real quick. Well, just to go back, I'm kind of old. So this is before MMA. So I've lived in Japan, I you know, classic Korea like karate. Yeah, I studied. Well, I didn't live in Okinawa. I lived in kiss shimamura, which is a village in Gifu. prefecture. But what I studied in Japan was karate and Judo and Aikido and Judo, and a little gin ninjitsu. And then as I traveled around the world, you get to see, this is back in the day, whether MMA wasn't really a thing, right? And I always found that there were flaws in every art, right? Like literally, like, I'd be in judo. And I'm, like, you know, if I could just hit this guy right now I could, I could take them out, but I can. So I'm blessed. I'm struggling, you know, just by having to use Judo notes or, you know, grappling moves or just in karate, same thing, you know, you can, you can throw somebody but you really can't do the full Judo thing in karate. Right? What if you could, Oh, my God. And that's actually the funny part of my system. I do. I do. kempo but we have a my instructors are creating crazy Middle Eastern or even calls it himself that way. So he teaches us Judo, grappling, and then hand to hand fighting, right, striking and kicking. But he also was like, we're gonna he's This is not in our system. And all we're doing leg sweeps, we're doing everything he's like, because he, like you said, all ours are flawed, but he's like, if we can at least have the concept. Instead of being like a 40% chance of success, it's like a 68% chance, you have a better chance of winning a fight than if you just stick with the original. Absolutely. But I've always been a little bit I don't know of a natural fighter that can say that. It's fine. Your reaction times and your ability to find the you know, the way in, you know, all fighting is lines and circles really interesting. It's like so how you how you do that and what I found was, you know, is the best martial arts nowadays you know, MMA certainly because they integrate the best striking and blocking and kicks and grappling and everything in one, but also is crowd McGraw is a self defense and I keto isn't really kind of isn't utilized within the MMA community as much as I think it could be. And I keto is awesome, especially for anybody that's, you know, smaller, whatever, because it uses the force and momentum and size against the person. I've literally seen little Japanese guys thrown around football players, like they were, you know, pieces of paper by using their force and things against them. So you know, and is a self defense, the idea of crop McGraw is is like, the most hardcore martial art because it's everything you know, I mean, it's like pick up a book and learn how to smash it into your throat, use the edge in your eyeball, or, you know, I mean, yeah, they're crazy. Yeah, everything and anything that in your environment and anything you can possibly do to break it and save it and save yourself and everything else. So I love that. And that's the martial art. I would teach my kids probably McGraw and I Kido because I Kido does grappling you know, little twists and things like that as well. So between those two, and then you throw in the MMA you have a really pretty good idea of how to defend yourself. I just want to make one point though. Every super high level martial artist I've ever met, is not a bully. Oh, God knows a fight on bullies and make sure they don't bully. Exactly. And a lot of them have bullied. It's funny because probably out of probably 10 you could pick 10 martial artists, probably at least five of them were bullied as kids. My Grandmaster, the 10th degree. He was bullied back in the early 30s. So he came No, sorry. He's like 60 now. So like 70s when he started his like career? Yeah, he said, He's like, he was bullied. He's like this. He chose this path because he's like, I have an invisible armor. I know at any moment I can destroy a man which is literally my finger. Exactly. He's like, so words don't bother me anymore. No, and it's like, what? I think it's one point you become confident enough. In your abilities to where, like you said, it's like, it just seems like it's childish. You know, I mean, like you look at these guys, I'll give you an example. I was in Australia by myself and met this girl, I was hanging out with her, we started dating a little bit. And this guy walks up to him in the bar, she's over there, looks up to her, and it was talking to her, they slapped her in the ass, right? Just like really gets a good grab on. I'm like, What the fuck? So I walk over this guy, I'm kind of drunk. And I say to him, Hey, man, I really appreciate it. And if you didn't do that, to my girl, he goes, I've known her since whatever I know, I know. It's cool, man. No worries. But just please don't do that. He goes, who are you to do that, to me, whatever. I'm like, just don't do it. And I'm right away. So then he comes back up to me with like, eight of his friends. And he's just going off and mouthing off and we're gonna kick your ass now. And I just, again, I reached flexor instinct, and reach out, hit him under the jaw bites his tongue. And he shuts up. And I point everybody like, Look, here's the situation. This guy walked up to my girl, and he slapped her in the ass, and then gave me shit for it. And I want to ask you, if that was your girl, your sister or your mom, would you think that that would be okay? And then I should have my ass kicked by eight guys, because I said that. And everybody's just standing there. And I said, Look, I've also been studying martial arts my whole life. And if you guys want to fight, know that I'm not gonna play any games with you, some of you are gonna lose eyes, you're gonna break your legs. I am, may even kill some of you because this isn't a game to me. You're gonna come at me, I could die in any second by Miss shot my neck or you can hit me and I can hit my head on the table or whatever. So if you want to go, then we're gonna do it. Nobody moved. Right? I'm like, Look, man, I'll buy you all beers, or whatever you want to do when you just chill out. This is a joke. The biggest guy comes back over after they all left. They all sent me over here to kick your ass. And I go, how's it feel to be there a little puppet? He goes, man, I'm so sick of this shit. Cuz I'm like, Yeah, you got a friend over there. That's a big mouth. And you know is using you as some type of bully is wrong, man, you got to go over there and tell your boy to get his act together and stop treating women with disrespect and showing some other men the respect that they deserve. Instead of going and beating them up for for challenge you. It's challenging you when you're the one who was wrong. And I just I brought the story up because we as men, okay, most of the biggest problems in the world are caused by us, okay, and it's us boy gets boy and I've been in those rooms where it's just us. And it's all this ego stupid trip. And everybody's got to one up each other and all this stuff. Dude, that is such a joke, man. We've got to, like, call out our friends for this injustice and and realize like, Look, we're all trying to do the same thing. You as a bully and a bad person and treating other people badly is the problem. Right? You know, so we as men need to be better people, and we need to help our friends be better people. So when they're drunk or when they're whatever, call them out, man. When they're doing these things, stop them as their friend. You need to help them become better people. If you don't, you're actually aiding them to become worse people. And that's a threat. You know, and that's actually one thing I've I've talked about because I used to teach martial arts. That's how I got so good. So quick. And I had a little guy, I will never always remember whose names It was cool. But it was kh o l or something like that. And he had two mothers and was like, that's like whatever kind of thing is like, we were an interesting world can't judge. He was getting bullied and they specifically picked me because of my history. And my instructor told him like he's been bullied. That's why he's here. kind of thing. So literally, the kid comes up to me says, So mom wants me to talk to you. I'm like, Which one? The one with the Mohawk or the one with the being Karen. She's like, the Mohawk. I'm like, okay. So yeah, scary, very scary lady, and we don't want to mess with her. And he's like, they're picking on me and they want me to fight. I'm like, okay, quick tip, just so you don't get in trouble. Because there's adult rules that come into play. Let them hit you at least once real hard. Then you have an excuse to unleash on them. So he did he led. I said, try to go for two if you can handle the pain. Once you have wounds that principle can see. You have every excuse to hurt that kid. Because you were scared for your life. Come back a week later, he's expelled, but he's worth it. He's feeling like a million bucks. He's like I whooped his ass. He gave me a plaque guy. The principal said I was okay. You were right. And like it's called adult rules. Once you know those rules, they can't hold it against you. So self defense. I want to speak to that for a second because I was in a similar situation. I was 19 probably 19 my girlfriend was under age. I was at college he was at home you know where I was not one of my friends are not super close friends. But you know in that group, was at a party with her got her drunk sexually assaulted her. Big deal. Oh yeah, I came I came back home and sat down with him to talk to him for over an hour. Trying to get the story. And he sat there and lied to me and dismissed it as nothing and, you know, girls, whatever. And, you know, it's like, it's such a joke and at the door is just, you know, Hey, man, let's go out and party and shaking my hand and I just crushed his hand and I started telling them off. And then, you know, throwing backwards, I'm like, you know what, man, this is a joke. Whatever I'm telling him off, puts his hands up, I put my hands up. The fight lasted probably four seconds. I ended up shattering his jaw giving him a concussion, he went into a coma and almost died. So what I want to say to you is that fighting back then again, I was, you know, learning how to fight. But I do realize how much you can hurt somebody. Oh, yeah. Like, like, what you see in the movies is a joke. Oh, it's out in the face, like 50 times by, you know, Arnold Schwarzenegger and just up to the next day talking or no man in the hospital with a broken jaw and everything else. So, you know, when I learned how to fight in that, that kind of changed the way I approach things. When I was about to run. There were bouncers that will beat the crap out of people. And when I was hired there, I was, I was a lowly bouncer. But the head guy was huge. And he was like, you know, he'd go and beat the crap out of people. And he got fired, because of whatever reason, I don't wanna go into it, but, right, yeah, bouncers feel like they're God. I mean, it came head bouncer, it was like, No, man, we are not doing this anymore. If you're gonna, if we're gonna bring somebody out of this club, it's like two or three of us grab the guy, put his arms down to his sides and bring them outside. We're not going to sit there and wait a lot of in or outside the club. And most of these guys are just college people and they're drunk and whatever. I say the girls honestly, when you try to pick up fights, the girls are the words. Oh, they are they absolutely. They will call you out and kick you and the guys will be like, Alright man, are you but the literally the sissy slap fighting is totally true. Because like, I remember back in high school, I just I had I got in trouble. I was in the principal's office a lot too, because I was testing authority and all that shit. But I hear it loud. And it's just in the girls bathroom. And I'm like, What the fuck this girl because she looked at her boyfriend the wrong way. slammed her face in the toilet, like 15 times broke, just completely grounded on the floor. I'm sitting there going, fuck anything. And I told the principal, my age. So I know I test the prince, the teacher. But you might want to check literally at a restaurant outside your door, there's gonna be a bloody mess everywhere, kind of thing. And that's where I think, you know, we need to raise our kids better. So that kind of stuff doesn't happen. You know, I think one of the biggest problems we have with our kids is that we we aren't raising kids to see each other as as equal to help each other. You know what I mean? It's not like, I know, it's hard, because they're kids and things. But there are ways to ingrain this idea of treating people as you would want to be treated if you constantly ask them and say that every time they do wrong. Hey, Johnny, you just took that from? Would you want john to do that to you? You know, oh, no, I wouldn't want him well, then give it back. I mean, it's like you got to teach these kids, these ethics as their children if they're going to be ingrained in them as their as adults. And I think that's one of the biggest problems in the world that we have is that we're all as adults trying to fix and relearn the best ways of doing right. Everybody taught, oh, yeah, I'm trying to learn how to eat now I'm trying to learn. It's like, how old are you? I'm 35. You're just now learning how to eat properly. God, how sad is that. I mean, like, you guys should have the best eating habits taught to him as a child, so he doesn't have to relearn it, or how to sleep properly. Or how to train your mind or your body or whatever it may be, so that you can be the best person you can be. But just to give back to the fighting thing for one second. My whole thing was, how can you stop? That's why I love about keto and lox and things like that. Because you can literally, you know, do like I broke up knife fights and all sorts of fights by by not hurting anybody, right? I mean, by just being able to subdue somebody, or even make them look stupid, like, okay, man, he's throwing punches at you, and you're just trying to this side, you know, just like, Alright, man, are you gonna throw another one? Because if you do, it's gonna hurt next time. And he does and you punch him in the arm as he's doing it. He's like, Oh my god, you can't even Oh, you hit them in the right, you know, the dinner plates, and all the rest of that stuff. So you know, you don't have to break somebody's job. Give them a concussion to teach somebody a lesson and make them stop. And that's, I think, is a higher level you get but there's also that point as a, as a fighter, you got to realize that you can be killed at any second, you know? And if you're finding somebody that's untrained, sometimes it's essential. Yeah, it's where it's worse. It's almost worse because you don't know exactly what they're gonna do. Like when you fight people have been doing cop doesn't what you know, kind of, you know, they haven't had her in a sec, okay, but this is just gonna go crazy and like, hit you in the temple and Wow, now you're dead. You're like, what the hell just happened? Yeah, you know. So that's where it's like when you're in real life. You don't want to fight and if you do fight you gotta know how to stop the other person from doing what they're doing. And one of the biggest ways you can do this is by logic and reason if you're not wrong, what I don't know, like I said, I've always talked my way out of most of the fights I've ever been in, or been able to put up such a defense. And I blocked that they, you know, we're in a little bit of an offensive like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, I'm way in over my head. Right? You know what I mean? People don't guys don't usually do that. They're like, ready to throw down with you. But as soon as you do a block, and you throw them backwards, they're like, Wait a second, you know, just a nuisance shit. Yeah, maybe we should consider. Yeah, exactly. I've had that happen so many times. So the idea is, you don't want to hurt anybody. I mean, you really don't. I mean, I almost killed this person. Those three, four days when he was in a coma, and we're like, Is it gonna come out of a coma? He's gonna die right now. I mean, what is gonna happen? Am I going to jail cuz it is dumb stuff? Well, and again, I hit because he messed with an underage girl. And, and we were both over age. These parents were also big leaders in the Christian community. And it was like, all washed away. Nobody, because he would have gone to jail for assaulting her first. I mean, and again, I didn't, I didn't start the fight necessary. I mean, I went there and talked to him for an hour, so I didn't just go there and beat the crap out of him. No, you know, I mean, it was an altercation at the door. And you know, who we both put our hands up? You know, it's like, I don't I mean, certainly, yes. I, I definitely. When it was throwing down, I threw down and I didn't obviously pull my punches at all right. But again, I didn't really know as much as I know now about how to fight. I was a bruiser back then. You know, just throw it out. I guess it was 19. I didn't really understand the subtleties of the martial arts at that point. Yes. Yeah, it was just the whole story of bringing that up. Because you said women fights are just brutal, Mike. Yeah, that was just me walking to the principal. And I'm like, Yes, like that. I counted as I literally hearing the things. It's like, 30 times on the toilet. 15 on the door. And then she ground her face on the tile. So that was just within like, a span of like, 10 seconds. Yeah. And I've seen those kind of fights. And when you're breaking up a fight, sometimes with women in the club, I mean, they don't stop. I mean, it was just like many guys, I, I could get them to stop. I mean, it's like, yeah, between them, and you're like, dude, going outside, you know, whatever they like, you know, but it's, I mean, I had a few fights in the club like that, but, but the girls, man, they just wouldn't, you could say anything you want, man. There's attacking me. They're trying to grab her clothes and hair and oh, my God, it was just a nightmare. Yeah, I have a number of those. So it is a different way they fight and, and, you know, for the girls, it was like, grab her arms. I mean, it's like, you got to stop her arms from you know, reaching out. And you know, I got caught. I mean, these girls have some nails. I mean, it's Oh, yeah. And it's usually the permanent, like glue on stuff. And it looks like a dagger. Yeah, so then the piercing noon shit. Anyway. And I think the whole idea of us, as males going out there on Friday and Saturday night looking for fights. I can't tell you like being a bouncer in a club. There's this group of guys that that's what they do every weekend. You know what I mean? They're just bully boys going out to cause some shit. And to get in fights with anybody that they can feel lesser, or see is less or whatever it will be, right? Anyway, we got to stop that dudes, you know what I mean? Yes, you've come across somebody like me, who gets pissed off and will potentially kill you, or you're going to hurt somebody else and then end up in jail. And, you know, it's just, it's not worth it. And besides, it's not what you really want in life. I would say to you go work out in a gym really hard. You know, get some martial art training, go fight your friends in that class. And when you go out, you won't feel that anxious to go and do that. Well, that was actually my biggest sell point why I got so many students so quickly, because if I would target the angry kid in the school, I said, hey, what if I told you legally you could punch someone and not get in trouble? And he's like, done. I don't need to know the rest. How much do I pay him like 250 a month? Yeah. Oh, it's cool. When you take those kids in? I thought some martial arts on the side not not like you did, but it's like when they get punched, they realize the value of not hurting people. Right? Like, you know, especially if they go against people like I was saying like the it's always the younger bullies for some reason they get in class, and then they they want to prove themselves, right. So you know you're fighting with them and they're like, they're getting pissed, you know, because they want to hit you. And it's like the more you that you make them look stupid, or that you hit them sometimes the more that anger they get and I always took that as a learning time for them where it's like you as the the black belt or whatever it may be to the green belt, or yellow belt or whatever they may be white belt sometimes. You can show them the way of peace like whatever was trying to do is like, Look, the problem, the reason you lose is because you're attacking too much, okay is so much easier to fight somebody if you let them strike you first because you can see every, every counter, they're committed, you don't I mean, if they're striking This way, you have so many more options that then you would if you were striking. So what I also tried to do to some of these kids is like, you give them like you said, a hard blow, you know, in the chest or try not to seriously hurt somebody, but wake them up. It's like, yeah, it's a quick jar. It's a solar plexus, you know, just give them a good shot. You know, two, three minutes later, they're like, wow, I won't do that again. Yeah. So I mean, I think that there is this idea as, especially as boys and men that we need a certain amount of physical. The word is like upmanship, like, we need to be called to the math show. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes. I mean, some of us do. And I think that that's, you know, you can't fix everything without violence. But you can't certainly can't fix everything with violence. But there is a there's an appropriate amount of force, I think, that we as men can use with each other will actually help us learn and without damaging everybody. Oh, I agree. That's the one thing I took away from my junior high in high school years, is because everyone because that was the big guy. I literally had football coaches, like, you know how to tackle someone like we'll skip straight to varsity, like, you're a frickin Jurgen and we need you. I told him like, I just don't want brain damage. So I'm not doing football kind of thing. But literally, I was that big guy that was the grill in the room. I didn't know it. I just thought it was like a dainty little poodle. I didn't really realize. I think as kids we don't we don't realize our own power. We don't realize a lot of things and you know, being bullied as a kid, you can relate to this. You know, if some of those we call are bullies, or this The, the, the popular kids, the the kids that were in the know, you know what I mean? That was, you know, the smart kids that the popular kids, if they would just reach out to the kids that weren't so smart, weren't so popular, and gave them a, you know, a thumbs up and nod once in a while. Tell the other kids just just leave them alone. You know what I mean? just back off, man. Give the guy some space. He's got enough issues? Well, I think what people don't realize is when you have learning disabilities, like I had a patch over one eye, I couldn't read or write I had, you know, dyslexia. I literally had a teacher in like, fourth grade start ridiculing me in front of the class telling me how stupid I was how I should drop out of school, and I'll never learn. I mean, that kind of stuff is devastating. All the reds, you laughing at you. I mean, I didn't go to school for weeks and weeks and weeks after that. just pretending I was sick and whatever. So, you know, it's like, but if it were the opposite, you know, if the opposite of that the kids in the school were like, hey, Drew, we got your back bed, you can do this, you know, and the teachers were like, Okay, well, let's, let's not like, just just to be clear learning disabilities, a lot of them come with gifts. Oh, yeah, most of the leaders throughout all of our society, a lot of them have had some type of learning disabilities, you know, Leonardo da Vinci, George Washington, Albert Einstein. I mean, there's so many of them as they think the CEO of Salesforce, or at least that I knew of yet he has ADHD or something like that. Elon Musk, you know, Richard Branson, Robin Williams, you know, all these guys, a lot of the leaders throughout time even, you know, Moses Stoddard and thanks. So the idea that, that these are disabilities is I think, what has been twisted, these are learning differences. And if we can help these kids, figure out how they can compensate and then and then excel at whatever gift they have, instead of ostracizing them in school, because a lot of these kids I think they, you know, dropped out of school, they were bullied, they were, they were never taught, they had to figure it all out on their own. And it's like, you can see all these success stories. But at the same time, imagine if they, if they were actually helped, how much further they could go, oh, society would be so far ahead. Well, exactly. I mean, just myself, I spent so long, I've been so bullied and you know, had a lot of horrible experiences with, you know, bad business partners and all these things, if I was helped, I mean, I am a little bit of like a Leonardo in the sense that I have so many solutions to world problems, I literally have 1000s of business ideas and products and solutions and ways to do things. If I were helped, instead of hurt, you know, as a kid and ostracize and all the rest. I can go where I couldn't, you know, it took me forever just to figure out how to, how to learn how to write and do all these things. So that was actually one thing I've I've come to realize. That was my biggest hiccup is like if I was just shown even in junior high how to properly because so I wouldn't say I'm dyslexic, but when I'm reading randomly the words just like like Move, like legit move not like, go backwards. So it's one of those like, I couldn't like thinking like, I'll show you right here thinking, thinking fast and slow, randomly thinking would be where the pencil is, this would be up here. Well, again, I might be, there's all sorts of this is like, Well, yeah, dysgraphia just whatever, I can't remember them all the displacement I do I have a bunch of these different things where, you know, you transpose words upside down those kind of thing. But they're also see other words, you, you know what I mean? Or you can't see certain types of letters, or certain letters I just can't he'll never pick up on. So it may be that you do have some type of learning disability, oh, no, I know, I do they call. But again, it's like with that they come other gifts. So for me, it's like a, as a society, let's, let's really find the weaknesses and strengths in our kids, and help them compensate and deal with the, with the issues that they have when, like, for me, it's like, Look, you could spend a million years with me, trying to teach me how to spell and do high level math, it's just going to waste my life. Like, it's like, better to have taught me, here's how you look up words in the dictionary, when you don't know how to spell them. You know what I mean? Yes, here's, here's how you seek help for writing things, or whatever it may be. And learning teaching them the compensation skills, let's say thing with math, it's like, Look, this kid might not be great at math, you teach them math. So they developed different types of neural pathways in their brain and all that that's all great. But at the same time, there's, there's way too much time spent on some of these things where there is the you know, like learning how to raise a child, we're not taught how to care for your body, how to communicate finances, finances, everybody should graduate from high school, knowing exactly what balance sheet is how to take, yes. Even if it's just for their house, that's what I'm saying just for their house, just just for you. When I had a lot of different business or work that I did, I was a car salesman at one point after the earthquake in 94, for a little while, okay, the job that I could get, and so many people came in and had no idea how much money they meant, compared to how what their expenses were, like, Oh, yeah, like if you as a person running your own household can't run a balance sheet, like knowing literally, like, these are my expenses. This is how much I make? What's the difference? Where can I save money? Where can I, you know, invest money and all the rest to to, to make a better life for yourself? I mean, that's part of the problem in our society. And like I said, Why isn't that taught, like every kid that graduates from high school should know how to care for the body, how to raise kids how to deal with their finances, all these basics, they're going to deal with every day in their life and said, I math if they're never gonna use, literally, so like two of my co workers have approached me because there's one point I was listening to Dave Ramsey, and I didn't have headphones, so they had to hear it kind of thing. So they all just came up to me. I'm like, whatever mountain debt, can I say? Can you help me? I'm like, Well, obviously Dave Ramsey, what do you have for debt? Why? And like, like, do you What's your income, and I would sell them in there. And then just give them a basic plan, because like one of them wanted to pay off his Honda, it was $3,000. He made like 40 K. I said, so just cut whatever right here because he would buy food for everyone, like 100 bucks a day, to just cut food for everyone. Every day will get you your three grand. And there's no hindrance. Exactly. I mean, it's amazing how many people just don't know, I, I, like I said, it's just the amount of basic information again, just you know, the the finance angle is covered in here. We're definitely gonna have to get you on in the future for more of this too. So, you know, all the basics in life is what I tried to cover in the book. And I and I'm saying that for not like, Oh, this is some great thing. But it's like, I think the reason I felt like compelled to do this as some dyslexic person who took forever to be able to write it a proper paragraph, or to write a book was insanely hard. You have no idea, oh, I would totally get it do this. Because it was like, you know, I was so great at it. It was like I did it because it was so needed. And it was so like, Look, this is what's missing in our society, period. You know what I mean? We either are all going to get on the same pages on the basics of to life, and we're all going to kind of rise together or we're just going to destroy this planet and go to another huge war, where it's going to be robots, chemicals and biological agents that just ravaged humanity and our world to death. Yeah, I mean, there's the hole. Have you seen black broken mirror? Black mirrors? Is so it's like a science fiction thing on Netflix. And one of them is literally, so it's like a what's called the$12 million man kind of thing. Literally, everything he does, all the food is chemically made. The earth is literally just fried. They are in a factory. They're riding bikes to power, everything. And essentially, it gets to the point where incense, like just adds non stop, or happening, and it's the, you want to brush your teeth and add, do you want to do this you want to sleep and that kind of thing. So eventually he gets to the earth and realizes everything screwed up. And he just spent $12 million for no reason kind of thing. And he goes back, because it was comfortable. And it was like, the whole, like, plot twist is like he'd rather stick with the devil, he knows the screwing, and then go to the new one that might not as hard. Well, I, you know, I think that's, I think the false choice that a lot of people come to is that we're, we're doomed. You know, it's like I talked about this in the book, the idea that you as your best self versus you as a failure, our society, you know, going into Armageddon, you know, when destruction versus creating this wonderful paradise for everybody. You know, this idea has been with us, since the beginning of humanity. Yeah, the garden, you know, living in Paradise, what the point is that deserted the meek mill and earth herot, the earth Heaven, these whole ideas of what it is to be, you know, a really good person to be your true self, your best life, right? All these great things, you know, it's like, for me, it's like, I don't understand why it literally has to be this there, probably less than 100 people in this entire world, and throughout all of human history, that determine the fate for the rest of us. You know, I'm saying I'm talking like the leaders of countries, leaders of some businesses, you put them all together. I mean, they're like children, they don't want to talk to each other. Well, and again, it's like, to me this, this whole thing is kind of ridiculous. Because we, we've learned this lesson, so many times in history, if any of us are diminished, we're all diminished. If we, you know, exploit and, and, and, you know, push down people, they're gonna rise up. I mean, the whole idea of 911 we like, Oh, you know, these evil people? Well, they the whole angle that it could have been doctored up to, like, we actually sent them on us different excuse to, but that's a whole conspiracy theory thing. There's a lot of conspiracy theories out there. But I mean, as far as I don't, I don't believe that. Because if you look at again, it's like Christianity has been fractured, and segmented and whatever you have super, you know, weird leaders leading some of these groups that literally like yeah, go go kill other Christians. No, like, like, that's the thing. Okay. The same thing has happened in Islam. There are some people that fractured segmented, that believed there and taken out one clause, you know, of the faith and said, Now, this is the end all we must go kill, everybody doesn't believe in us, whatever. And you can find other clauses in there that talk about the complete opposite the children in the book, I mean, what is trippy, if you've ever studied Islam, is that what blew my mind when I first started doing this in college is that they literally have chapters in the book dedicated to Abraham, and Mary, and they've talked about Jesus Christ in the in Islam. So like, it's not like, they're totally against it. Abraham is the founder of Islam is the founder of Christianity and is the founder of Judaism. They all honor that same patriarch, bringing the, you know, the, the one true God, whatever that idea to humanity. So to say that we're all, you know, totally against each other is a joke. This, this, this, this idea. This is important, because it's like saying that, you know, they're their Christian murderers, their Islamic killers, you know, I mean, nobody is killing in the name of Islam. You know, I mean, nobody's nobody's a Christian murderer, you know, it's like, oh, he's a Christian child molester. No, no, no, no, that's going against the whole idea of what Christ was watching you. You were kind of a failing as a Christian. So to say that like, like, just call people, Islamic terrorists or Christian terrorists, is like, it's like saying, this good thing is now an evil thing. You can't be a terrorist of a good organization. These are people that are trying to take a faith, and then legitimize their hatred and everything else by grappling onto the faithful, right and say, oh, now we're all Christians must hate Islam. No, no, no. You know, that was actually one of my biggest arguments with my feet, the female priests that called me fat, and it was going to hell, I told you, she essentially went on this whole rampage about how gay people are inferior, but never actually said it that way. And essentially, we all confront her because we knew there was that guy in the corner. That was but he never said anything kind of thing. I said, so you're literally saying I was that asshole. I'm like, you're so used to saying he's going to hell. Because he likes men more than women. Like No, no, I didn't say that way. Like No, you did. kind of thing. And that's where then everyone rose up. And they're like, yeah, you're literally like making fun of him. And we're paying you to make fun of him. That's not cool. You know, I think this idea of any person telling who is going to Hell is also the sickness of superiority. Yes, between you and God? Absolutely. You as a human being were created by God, it doesn't matter what you are, you're still the same as everybody else. So the problem with Christianity is that there are things in the Old Testament, because of the people of the day, you gotta realize 2000 years ago, this PC stuff going on? No, they didn't have that. But they also didn't have any real knowledge of how anything worked. Right, right. That's it, I didn't understand anything. So to say that, we have to forget all of our morality, goodness, and worship a book and people that live 2000 years ago, is a joke, but also the idea that a book that has been written in ancient Aramaic, that you're reading in English that has been rewritten and rewritten and rewritten before the, you know, idea of the printing press, and all that meaning written by hand, interpreted over 1000s of years, there are so many different versions, yes, the Bible in the Quran, and everything else out there, that, and we also interpret some of these words wrong, you know, the idea of the meek, I was told is can be translated in a bunch of different ways. The idea of a day or the timeline that they're espousing back then means different things, they didn't have clocks. So the idea of a day meant between now and when I come to you, we will, you know, meet again, like, the idea of a day meant it was like, between now and then, you know, but now we take it as a day. So, you know, like I said, this, this whole idea is, is kind of a joke, because God did not make you to worship a book or people, you worship God, God is the only thing that that humanity can worship, all these other things are humanity's creations, that, that we have to realize can be flawed, there was no human being that is leading you, that is beyond redemption, you know, there's, I mean, beyond being flawed, we all can be redeemed, you know, I mean, we all can fail and, and, and learn our lesson and become better people. And that's the beauty of this, you know, any leader that is like so afraid to show their weakness to show that they made a mistake. that's their problem. They are because it Look, man, we're all human, I make mistakes all the time. It doesn't make you lesser, it's like saying you don't know something is like, dude, you're born ignorant, you can't know everything, you can automate, if you did, you probably go crazy. Well, and again, I mean, it's like when you meditate you, you become oneness of God, you can see the complexities of humanity, and even be at one with it all. But to then try to articulate it within this linear, you'd be here forever, I'd be literally talking about creation and how everything happened in God and everything forever, because I could never do it, but you can understand everything all at once. But then that's kind of like, a really big spiritual experience when I was young, okay, and it's kind of led me led me down this path. The only way I can describe it is like I was given this, like, don't say, like a crystal ball. But if you look inside of it, there's all these lights, but there's all these gems and things. And if you turn it, you can see how everything is connected. Like literally like, Oh, well, if we don't feed ourselves, well, we can't become better, what if you don't, we also need to have education, we also need emotional, we also need this, we need society. So many different aspects of life are all intimately connected. And if you put them all in the right order, and you connect them in the right way, we can create a better society, we can create better people, you know, we can become our best if we just had all the right inputs. Right, as he so so I think that that that idea, I think has been said like, humanity as a whole, right? Any one of us can't know everything but all of us together, we might be able to know pretty much just guys studying how many hairs there are on a man, there's people are trying to build space stations understanding how, you know, worlds work, you know, dark matter, you name it, humans are trying to decipher the universe. And that's what I feel like is like the image of God, it's like, we want to know everything as humanity, you know what I mean? But we also want this simplicity, this understanding of the pieces, how do I just deal with all the basic aspects of life and master those, and then we can go on to master these greater things in life. And for me, it's like, I don't care if you're trying to figure out how many hairs are on an ant or building a space station. You still need to know how to maintain your body, how to have good relationships, how to communicate, you know, I mean, all these basics, they all are going to make you a better person to be able to help you. You know, when you're on your other life's mission. Absolutely. So I should have mentioned earlier that I had to work night shift so I needed to go to sleep soon. Well, you have what oh, you have a night shift. I work night shift. So yeah. I realized No, I would love to keep going and seeing if we can schedule an earlier appointment. I'd love to just keep going. I had no idea man next time, let's, let's schedule it, you know, at least a couple hours earlier. And hell yeah, let's do it some other topics and go through it. So sorry for the sudden abrupt ending anything on your way out, you want to, I will definitely get your link for the your book. Okay, I want to say this that the hub for everything that we're doing is seven way me that's the number seven, w a And it is, it's seven way me because it's kind of like a command, it's seven steps within the way. And you can say seven way me now. But you go there and you can learn about the book, you can join the one movement and party which is in there, that is going to allow us to all get on the same page within the way and make these changes within the one party and movement. There's videos on there and societal solutions. And I'm right, you got more I mean, how to overcome negative thinking this, you know, addiction, how to stop corruption, how to fix our justice system, just to name a few of them. So they're all on there. And what I want to say to everybody is Look, there is hope. Okay, this is all happening for a reason. And it's for all of us to get on the same page. And to focus. This is not about me, I just found some stuff that can help us all. So you know, I'm not here to, to play any games, I really just want to make this all work for all of us. So if you're out there, and you're hearing this, please help me I need all the help I can get I needed advice I need. We need to create a group, a tribe that can grow and grow and grow and kind of make these positive changes in the world. And this isn't about us separating from whatever you're doing is just joining all of the goodness together. Right? So by joining with me, you're not not doing something else you're just adding on. And I believe that this is how we're going to change the world. So I want to help you become the best person you can be in and fix your life. And hopefully you can help me and through all of that we can join together and really create a better world for everybody. Now it's beautiful. Send off love it. Absolute poetry. Thank you. I will I'll email you right after this. And get some of your social links for description too. Okay, great. Thank you very much. And we'll talk soon Josh, appreciate it. Thank you so much for your and everybody out there. God bless you all. Thank you for listening. God bless you. Stay safe, stay well.