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#154 If You Can't Succeed, Try and Try Again, Interview with Bestselling Author Chris Donaldson

February 01, 2023 Lino Martinez, Psy.D.
A Little Less Fear Podcast
#154 If You Can't Succeed, Try and Try Again, Interview with Bestselling Author Chris Donaldson
Show Notes

Chris Donaldson talks about his journey traveling the world in a motorbike when he was in his twenties, and now in his 60's he is traveling the world again on the same motorbike he traveled in his 20s. Now he faces Parkinson's Disease with aches and pains being an older man, but his passion to see the world riding his motorbike keeps him motivated. 


When I left Belfast in 1979 my original plan was to ride to Australia, on my Moto Guzzi Le Mans. I never made it down under and ended up in Argentina nearly 2 years later.

I travelled through the Middle East, rode across the Sahara Desert and down to Cape Town, where I hitched a ride on a yacht race back to Europe. I then went to the USA and rode from Canada south through Central America and South America to Buenos Aires.

I have recently published my book 'Going the Wrong Way,' which is an Amazon best-seller.

 I decided to finally complete the journey this year, 44 years after my return from South America and take the very same Moto Guzzi to Australia.

I started traveling with an old friend Liam Lavery and made the journey in stages, as we both have wives, children, and jobs. If all goes well, we will continue to America and complete the round the world journey.

Liam was riding a new Moto Guzzi V85, and it was interesting to see how the new bike (and younger rider!) compared with my trusty old 1977 Moto Guzzi Le Mans and myself.

We would be totally unsupported in our journey across the world.

 We travelled down Europe to Athens, before shipping to Israel and be refused entry to Jordan. Returning to Athens Liam decided he had had enough and came home. I continued alone on the next leg through Turkey and Iran to Dubai.

From Dubai I crossed Iran again to Pakistan then on to and India, and Nepal where I left the bike to fly it to Australia, as Myanmar is still closed.

Along with the usual political and geographical challenges, I had Covid 19 against me.

 Adventure before Dementia

 There were other interesting aspects to the journey.

When I left in 1979 I was 21 years old, so the trip turned into a ‘coming of age’ story. Now at 64, I will have more in Common with Don Quixote, and a coming of OLD age story!

I have also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and have various other aches and pains associated with old age!

We also connected new with old in other ways. My 1977 Guzzi had to keep up with Liam’s 2021 bike, and I had to compare myself to my  innocent but pretty dumb 21 year old self!

Other things are just the same. Iran and the west are still falling out. Israel is still at war and the same old arguments still go on in Northern Ireland, albeit without the guns and bombs

I am 64 years old and have worked in many areas.

Retail furniture, property development, health and Fitness, and recently mobile apps in Dubai for 8 years.

I am now a published author with my book, Going the Wrong Way regularly on Amazons best sellers’ lists. Going the Wrong Way, has been for sale through Amazon and has over 900, five star reviews.

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