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The Tomorrow War

July 09, 2021 Micah A. Lee, Kristopher Solorzano and Shane Harris Season 1 Episode 36
The Tomorrow War
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The Balance Movie Podcast
The Tomorrow War
Jul 09, 2021 Season 1 Episode 36
Micah A. Lee, Kristopher Solorzano and Shane Harris

Movie review: Tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski and J.K Simmons. A unique Sci-Fi concept that got some mixed reviews both from critics and your boys at The Balance Podcast. 

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Movie review: Tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski and J.K Simmons. A unique Sci-Fi concept that got some mixed reviews both from critics and your boys at The Balance Podcast. 

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What's up everyone, it's Micah with the balanced podcast. Thank you for tuning in. Today, Chris, Shane and myself are going to be talking about tomorrow or the newest movie on amazon prime. Before jumping straight into it. Don't forget to subscribe really helps us out, we want to see those numbers, we want to see what you're listening to. And we want you to keep updated with what we're doing. Okay? If you enjoy the conversations, please hit that subscribe button. so you don't miss out on future content. Follow us on Instagram, at the balanced podcast. And that's all I'm gonna say about it. Okay, enjoy the episode. prophecy of the one who will bring value through this whole thing

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you want to help would be a huge surprise. But being drafted into a resistance against an alien force.

Unknown Speaker  0:57  
That is true. Which is what happens in tomorrow. War. Haha, tomorrow war tomorrow? Or how do you guys feel about a draft in general? You know, I was talking about this with Jessica, um, you know, in some instances, I might be able to see it like when we're dealing with maybe Nazi Germany or a country that's literally trying to take over the world and doing it in a very inhumane way. I get it, but like Vietnam, some wars that don't need to be. And these politicians start these wars and then send our children and go fuck yourself, you send your kid and fight yourself pitch.

Unknown Speaker  1:37  
Very good point. So I guess in a situation like, tomorrow war, you would understand.

Unknown Speaker  1:47  
There's a lot I didn't understand about that whole thing. Because like, first of all, okay, like, first of all, why Christmas? Like, you have to come back around Christmas time to like, you know, what's after everybody? Was there was Christmas decorations. I didn't even notice he might

Unknown Speaker  2:06  
be that might be something he just noticed. And we didn't because I didn't notice that either. But that's interesting, because they're probably that makes sense that they would add details here and there that would allow you to know what time of the year it is. If you're curious, but I didn't look for it. Because

Unknown Speaker  2:23  
that time of year is so fucking awesome. So then to interrupt it with a goddamn future draft sucks. What a bummer.

Unknown Speaker  2:31  
Yeah, totally. And then, uh, you know, I mean, I don't know. I mean, it's like, I kind of get why they did it for the movie like drafting the, I don't know if you guys know the original title of this movie, like when they first announced that it was going to be called Ghost. Ghost draft. Oh, that ghost trap, which is strange as that sounds, it actually is kind of a more appropriate title, I guess kind of, because what they were coming after wasn't so much like, they were going back in time to get the you could say they're getting like the parents of the kids who are going to be the people of the future and all that stuff. But they were really going after people who are going to be dying soon. Rand, right. And that way, it's like, okay, like, so well, you only have seven years to live anyway, or that kind of thing. And

Unknown Speaker  3:19  
he was to avoid a paradox. Correct? That I guess that was supposed to be like the loose reason for it is like, Oh, yeah, then like, you fit the criteria. You're supposed to be dead in seven years. This is 30 years from now. So you, and then remember the people that were in charge of the mission. They were super young. And they had said at some point, like, oh, because they're too young to have been born by then.

Unknown Speaker  3:46  
Yeah. Okay. So there's no other here. So there's no paradox between Chris Pratt, and also Vicki and Dan. So Dan is a play by Chris Pratt. And Vicki is played by Yvonne, or no, Vicki. That's not her name is Mary.

Unknown Speaker  4:06  
Yeah. You know what, internet?

Unknown Speaker  4:08  
Lucky I did my research. Clearly, I just called her Vicki now. But um, there's no paradox between the father and daughter meeting up and she was gonna get sent back.

Unknown Speaker  4:22  
I guess, the simplicity of what he what they're doing there is they're just like, meeting yourself is the otherwise like, for instance, Lieutenant Hart, played by Jasmine Matthews. She was one of like the main like younger chicks that was kind of in charge of the project. She she was able, I think, her place like where she was born was in the future. And she was there recruiting people in our present day, or, I should say our main characters present day and she was able to do that because she was too young in the future, to have an younger self in that present. But her parents were there. Man, you just blew my mind. Her parents were there man. Her parents were there. She it's

Unknown Speaker  5:07  
hard to catch. I thought this movie was like a blend of a lot of different movies. Oh, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker  5:13  
I think one of the biggest things for me and my girlfriend we were watching it was that like, in some respects, this feels like Oh, if a quiet place were a full on action movie, what? What would it look like? Yeah, it

Unknown Speaker  5:28  
was like a quiet place meets Edge of Tomorrow meets some elements of the matrix meets,

Unknown Speaker  5:34  
I was gonna say meets an element of alien covenant. I haven't seen it but probably. Well, there's this aspect of the film. Spoiler alert. Sorry. Where like Michael Fassbender, his character like wiped out a whole society but like, I guess this is dating back to promethease if you guys saw the alien film promethease there's like this. There's like this concept of like sending like a ship full of this certain specimen to wipe out an entire civilization which it seems like is what was happening here. Okay, yeah, it does. But they said it crashed landed there. No. Yes. Crashed landed by a being that we hadn't seen the live you guys remember? So yes, humanoid, kind of like alien skeletons?

Unknown Speaker  6:20  
I do. And I'm really disappointed that they didn't play a bigger role because as I saw them, I was like, Man, I'm down for like a good alien movie. Like our traditional kind of gray looking alien. I want to see some flying saucers. You know? Like, I feel like we haven't gotten a solid not just like a creature feature. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  6:40  
Yeah, I didn't take into account the quiet voice thing. But now I see it. And now I'm picturing. I see exactly what you mean.

Unknown Speaker  6:47  
We'll also be creatures in the tomorrow war. I kind of dug but they were also just kind of like it was. What What am I looking for? I mean, it was just like a copy and paste of like every monster you've ever seen. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  7:02  
especially lately. It seems like there's kind of this general sense of like, what most monsters look like in movies are alien monsters. Like there you got like the Cloverfield monster. They got like a super eight monster thing. Got like all those monsters that you see in the in the superhero movies?

Unknown Speaker  7:21  
Yeah, those ones in infinity war that like invade Wakanda was like dog. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  7:28  
And they all a lot of them have like, kind of like the big eyes like black eyes. I don't know if these ones had big black eyes. But they have the sharp teeth, the big old mouths and the sharp teeth. They had big red, and then the big old lanky arms, right. Used to be a running theme.

Unknown Speaker  7:47  
I know what you mean, and even the sounds of these creatures. It reminded me of quiet place when they would be kind of trying to hide from one. And it sounds like they're using like some sort of echolocation like those creatures, like kind of clicking right?

Unknown Speaker  8:00  
Yeah. No, why don't they just tell like, hey, like, I want to see those monsters just talking like us. But it's like, Hey, I'm gonna eat jack.

Unknown Speaker  8:10  
Have you seen that one clip of Lord of the Rings with one some of the Rakhi Rakhi. How am I saying that? Right? It's when they have the halflings and they translate. It's like, oh, the earth guy and normal voices. Like one of the monsters walks up. He's just like, Hey, what's that smell? Just like, hearing him say it in a normal voice is so funny. Man. Oh, I

Unknown Speaker  8:34  
think I've seen Yeah, man flesh, man and flush. Yeah. That's pretty funny.

Unknown Speaker  8:39  
So let's kind of give like a somewhat of a rundown. So Chris Pratt is ex military, right? Or ex marine? Uh huh. And he is drafted in this tomorrow. War. This team like this. At the time when he gets drafted. He's just like a science teacher, right? Like in high school or something? Uh huh. Just and his daughter is I think, what like 246. Like 678. So yeah, she's like seven or something like that. Okay. Yeah. And this army team shows up at a football game, right? Is it a football game?

Unknown Speaker  9:16  
It was a soccer game. It's also a football game. I don't know what I meant. I'm just gonna roll with it. No, I guess yeah, I guess it is a football football game football. So

Unknown Speaker  9:27  
let's stop there. You're watching a TV have like a local game. And a portal to another time opens and a bunch of soldiers come out. How fucking trippy man. Like what would that feel like? That would be so bizarre like you would. Everything in your mind would tell you it's not happening. And there's some sort of stunt going on?

Unknown Speaker  9:50  
Yeah, there's an explanation. This is I would think it's a Doritos commercial. Exactly. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  9:55  
Like five GM. Want to know what five GM tastes like soldiers come out about It'll blow your ass away. Yeah, man, I think I would be equally terrified and excited. Because you know, I don't know, life can get sort of mundane and I want there to be some kind of UFO disclosure. If we find out there's time travelers in the future coming back. That'd be fucking awesome. I want to see a real life Jurassic Park.

Unknown Speaker  10:23  
This is pretty grim though, dude. This is like bad, you know? Yeah, this is not the kind of reality you're like, oh, finally a little bit of shake up like no, like everybody's dying.

Unknown Speaker  10:34  
Yeah. And like 30% of the people who get drafted to go into the future, make it back. So 70% die. And the ones that make it back oftentimes are injured. Don't come back home. Yeah. Which aren't great odds. No, no, they're horrible. And in the future, the global population is down to 500,000 or so. What they said, which is nothing. That's crazy. Yeah. There's like 60 million people in California. That's a good point. Do I have that number? Right.

Unknown Speaker  11:09  
So what you're saying is this draft should happen or not the drop of the war? Wow, Shane, you really flubbed that one? Wow. How embarrassed? I think? Would there be a small part of you that's like, Oh, these like, children from the future? Because I mean, they're not like children, but they're pretty young. Like, is this is what is this? What like the millennial, or not the millennial but like the Generation Z, like turns our future kids into, like, they can't fight their own wars. So they come back for us. And they're like, you guys do it that way. Like, we like we're like, let's seems like the millennials, we had our like, ancestors, like kind of fuck everything up for us. And then like, now, like, they're, they're softening up people so much that now in the future, they're coming back for our generation again, to help them. It's like, geez, man, like, what can we like? Can you just leave us alone? Dude,

Unknown Speaker  12:07  
I think you nailed it that that is a crazy interpretation that is like, so spot on in so many ways that like, I wouldn't be surprised. You know, no, I don't know.

Unknown Speaker  12:16  
I also think it's funny that a huge plot point of this film centers around spoiler alert again, that that what are they called spikes, white spikes by white spikes. The fact that we find out that the white spikes like we're here like a long time ago, and at some point, like you find out how they got out, was through over time, these ice melting and in particular, the Chris Pratt, dad in the film played by JK Simmons at some point looks around, he's just like, are you really telling me all this is gonna melt in the next 30 years? I'm just like, pretty heavy handed, like, comment on global warming?

Unknown Speaker  12:59  
For sure. Yeah. Remember that? Yes, it will, bitches. The will. You know, what's

Unknown Speaker  13:05  
supposed to be like is like part of his character, you know? Yeah, age, the guy. I don't know Vietnam. Which,

Unknown Speaker  13:13  
which I fucking love, Jake. I mean, I in general love JK Simmons. But I loved his look in this movie. He looked like a total badass. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  13:22  
he did. He's in good shape. Dude. He really is. Yeah, it's like stupid. It's all that still doing those farmers commercials. Is he still doing though? Cuz he can. I don't know what else he does. He does the voice. I think he still does it the voice of the yellow peanut m&m and the m&m commercials. That's him. Why I think that's my favorite role that he's had. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  13:47  
I would love to, like, track him down. Like when he's gonna be at like a restaurant or like a club at night or something, whatever he does, and like, bring a picture of the yellow m&m and ask for an autograph for differently. Just like, JK, JK, JK, please. Like it's like one of those girls that would cry it Beatles concerts.

Unknown Speaker  14:08  
Oh, man. Yeah, he still plays him. It used to be john Goodman. Oh, yeah. Oh, I didn't know that. That was wait a minute for like 20 years. Yeah. I loved a whiplash. I did too. Yeah, that's probably my favorite performance for JK Simmons. JK, JK. Awesome. Either that or Palm Springs people. Oh, yeah. Palm Springs is really good. But Chris Pratt, like I kind of like Micah mentioned before, I think we officially got started that like, you know, Chris Pratt. He's kind of he's kind of his evolution of acting is kind of become like, I don't know. Like, I noticed a lot of him making the same kind of face in this movie a lot. We kind of had his eyes like squinting while he was saying something important. You know what I mean? Yeah. quotes around important. But like, you'd like squint, and then say like, We can do this or somebody you know, or like, you know, we're the only ones who can help this okay to do it and blah, blah, blah. And, and, you know, I was just like, okay, it's kind of corny. It was a little bit corny. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  15:14  
I have to give it to him a little bit, though, because I wasn't particularly bothered by any of his acting more. So some of the lines he was given. Yeah, like he said, a lot of cheesy like, corny stuff that was just like, not realistic and super weird. He also said yes to that script. Yeah. Well, I know, but I'm just saying like, he wanted to do the movie, and he thought it would be fun. But I mean, as far as like, his performance when he delivered, I think I enjoyed him quite a bit. But some of his lines were weird. And I don't think he picked them. Like, what was that thing he said to his daughter, when it was revealed that he needed to take this drug, he or he needs to take this dose back to his own reality so that he could save like their future? And he said, like, okay, I'll do it. But understand this.

Unknown Speaker  16:07  
Yeah. I'm coming back. And we're gonna save this reality together. Like,

Unknown Speaker  16:15  
crazy. I'm just like, it was ridiculous. It was I don't think there was any way to deliver that in a convincing way.

Unknown Speaker  16:21  
Like the understand this thing. It's like, understand this.

Unknown Speaker  16:25  
Yeah. It was like, I don't, why would you? I don't know. It's so fucking weird. Alright, so you know what? Oh, sorry. What were you gonna say? I'll

Unknown Speaker  16:34  
just say who we talking to. We're talking to Zack Dean. And that's what this is, Phil. Yeah, that's who wrote this film. He's also credited. With deadfall, a movie released in 2012. And that's all I see. unless anyone knows more. But um,

Unknown Speaker  16:54  
yeah, I know. I want to know, buddy, Zach. I'm fucking nobody but work on your dialogue, bro.

Unknown Speaker  16:59  
Okay, wow. What if we get really funny, bro? He hears it. Thank you. Fuck, good, Lord. I don't Bless you. Don't worry about it.

Unknown Speaker  17:10  
Um, I was gonna say the guy who directed it. This movie that tomorrow we're creating a ghost draft. Chris McKay also directed the Batman The Lego Batman Movie. Yeah. So now that kind of when I realized that I was like, okay, like this movie kind of is just like a big action. popcorn. Like, yeah, there's a guy. He's got

Unknown Speaker  17:33  
a very sexy IMDb profile photo. Interesting. He's got a Captain America tattoo. It looks like he's a little bit of a daddy. That's the director.

Unknown Speaker  17:43  
Yeah. But when I realized that, I kind of had this feeling like okay, maybe this is just supposed to be a balls to the wall, like, fun popcorn action movie. And the idea was to kind of not care too much about the little details. Because it is pretty insane. The way it starts. They're all watching a soccer game. And boom, this hole opens up from the university's time travelers come back and say, hey, there's a future war. We need you to fight it and she looks directly into the camera isn't like we need your help. And like, you can just look at it like okay, this is just supposed to be all fun and games like nothing to be nothing to write home about. But also nothing to like, look too much, deeply into. Yeah. And so for that, I was like, okay, like, I get it. I guess. It could have been a little like if it if it were going for that. It might have been better for them to throw a little bit more like self awareness into it. Maybe. But uh, yeah, I get you, but I kind of went like, okay, like, that's fine. If, if the, if that's what they're going for, then. That's fine. But uh,

Unknown Speaker  18:45  
yeah, I wanted to see I would love to see this movie, directed by Steven Spielberg. starring Tom Cruise and not Chris Pratt. With a different writer. Yeah, yeah. Cuz I thought the concept was really cool. I really do. And I don't you know, I typically like Chris Pratt. I don't know, I just wasn't feeling him in this role. I thought it was. I don't know. It felt like quill trying to act he felt like his character. And his quill the guardians of the character.

Unknown Speaker  19:19  
Yeah. I don't know. I think I leaned in and I just had a good time. I'm with you, Shane. I that's kind of what I fell into is like, Man, this is just like this is really good popcorn flick like this is not going for like a felt consistent with what it did at least like it. I feel like it knew what it was. And I enjoyed it. I

Unknown Speaker  19:40  
had a good time. Well, there was a point where I was watching it trying to piece things together like like there's that episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia were Charlie's like, he's got like the big old like Zodiac detective room going on with like this. You know, this string goes over here which leads to this and that. Like there's a famous meme He's like, you know, and I'm like trying to figure out all this stuff like, Okay, well, if that's going on, then how does that connect with this? And I'm like, What am I doing? Like, this is a dumb action movie. And then I was like, Oh, yeah, it's a dumb action movie. And maybe they knew that when they were making it, you know, like,

Unknown Speaker  20:14  
I don't want I think it's too unique of a movie and too big of a budget for them to just say, fuck it. Let's just make a shitty movie script wise or story wise. $200 million budget, a fifth of a billion dollars. That's fucking wild. That's a lot of money.

Unknown Speaker  20:28  
But like 50% of that went to Chris Pratt on it.

Unknown Speaker  20:34  
I just think the way it was shot in the way like that the pace of it was really good. And I was never personally I was never bored. And I thought the effects were good enough that it was really fun. It was just like a fun. Popcorn flick sci fi. Like, there were some things that made it like lesser for sure. Like, it wasn't like some great piece of artwork, you know? But it was a good time. And I just think it was a good B movie. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  21:00  
I forgot. Do you guys ever see the B movie with Jerry Seinfeld? Yeah, I did. I did. I've seen it several times. Actually. The movie.

Unknown Speaker  21:13  
Oh, movie. So it's pretty weird when Chris Pratt meets his daughter in the film. Right? Right. Like it's like, quite a trip. And I don't know if I was the only one but I was like, I didn't know it was his daughter. Like, right away. I knew pretty quickly, but I was like, Oh, dude, is he gonna like try to smash this chick in the future? And then like, then slowly, the conversation revealed like, Oh, no, that's, that's no, I

Unknown Speaker  21:38  
kind of had that. I had a little bit like, I kind of That's weird. Well, I figured from the beginning of the movie, when he has the daughter, he's going to the future like, Okay, he's probably going to meet up with his daughter in the future because I set it all up like, Oh, she's kind of smarter, you know, so she'll probably be there doing some science thing. But I thought they were going to try to like play it off for a little bit longer. Like they didn't know who each other were. And they were gonna have like, some awkward joke like that. Yeah, cuz it's because I mean, it is Yvonne strahovski strahovski. Right. Some back pain if you Dexter could fall for what I mean. It's like, it's kind of like, you know, like he showed he does go up to her. And there's that, like, there's that brief moment where he's like, Hey, I'm what's what's his name again?

Unknown Speaker  22:18  
His name's Dan forester.

Unknown Speaker  22:20  
Yeah. He says, Hey, I'm Dan forester. He doesn't say that. But anyway, he's also like, I'm gonna homina homina hanging out.

Unknown Speaker  22:29  
Yeah, right. Yeah, I'll be honest, like, I had I didn't have that thought once. But she he finds out who she is right away. Yeah. I think cuz I didn't want

Unknown Speaker  22:42  
to linger on that too much. Most of the time. They work together beforehand is all just a voice. And then when they meet each other, like inside of five minutes, he finds out who she is.

Unknown Speaker  22:51  
Yeah, and for three minutes he wanted to fucker.

Unknown Speaker  22:54  
He says even says like, you look good. Like you can it's kind of like you look, he will look really good.

Unknown Speaker  23:01  
Evening. turns around now you guys are perverting some not there. He's like, let me take off my jacket and then he ties it around

Unknown Speaker  23:09  
inside of the context even inside of the context of his character in the film, like all you see of his characters that he's a teacher and that he's a devoted husband and then he's a devoted father and then he goes to this other area and he that look you're talking about that was like he's seeing his daughter for the first time but he doesn't know what at first no when he the comment that changes made them that you look good or whatever. Like that was the that was a comment he made after he found out it was his daughter because he's in shock that he's looking at her as an adult but when he's

Unknown Speaker  23:43  
talking her he doesn't know yet. That's what I'm saying you're sending in is something that's not there you fucking fervor.

Unknown Speaker  23:50  
Oh, come on. Back to the Future. The whole plot is like starts off Marty having the hotspurs man

Unknown Speaker  23:56  
Yeah, Back to the Future does i don't i don't think is there man. This dude just went through Fucking hell battling monsters and you think his first sight of a blonde chick that's not his wife is I want to fucker is like he's like I might die. I have a 30%

Unknown Speaker  24:12  
chance of life is too short. Life is too short to ask questions like are you my daughter? Yeah. You guys are Wow, you guys are wild. Wow. Yeah. Gods day. Oh, hell yeah. You guys are sick. No, I guess all I'm saying is uh, Yvonne strahovski. Like, I mean, come on. Like, yo are good, right? You want to find it? I understand what you're saying. I I have my standards are very low, though. I'm just saying like, he's like, I want to fuck one of the white spikes. No, but I'm saying she's exceptionally beautified. Fuck JK, Simmons. I'll tell you that. Oh, that's an ass. Oh, yeah. Like JK Simmons or a white spike. Oh man, but fucking JK Simmons. Oh god. Alright, sounds scary. I might get whiplash. Oh my god. This is the worst moment. But as I was saying that she is exceptional. Don't get me wrong, his wife, beautiful. The woman who plays his wife Betty Glickman glypican, what's your name? dopin glow. She's also very beautiful.

Unknown Speaker  25:27  
She's great. And glom I saw that, you know, glow was it got canceled because of the pandemic, they decided to just take it off the air because they couldn't move forward with production. So they decided to get rid of it. Unfortunately, I'm sure there's a lot of things that went into making that decision, but I'm kind of bummed about that. She was really good. And she was really good in this movie. I think she wasn't in it a lot. But yeah, but uh, you know, um,

Unknown Speaker  26:00  
so we have the daughter murie. Right. She's wears many hats. Because we find out she's like a badass, too. She has a huge hat collection. Oh, can we talk really quick about when they first get drafted and sent to the future. And the coordinates were off. So they like get up in the sky. Way too many people survived that. And they just got up. Yeah, they landed in the pool. And the add on by

Unknown Speaker  26:30  
the planning wasn't it? Wasn't that just extremely poor. From a military standpoint, like, time travel?

Unknown Speaker  26:38  
I think something happened. I got screwed up. No, no, they explained this. They were at the other side of the other bridge that has to stabilize those coordinates to they were attacked. Fuck them. They should have done their job better. So were they all supposed to land in the pool? No, they were all supposed to land five to 10 feet off the ground on the street. They fucked it up royally.

Unknown Speaker  27:01  
How high? Do you think they were? How far from the pool at the drop? Oh, way too far. Like to live? Yeah, yeah. And but they like none of that they were all fine on Alright, what's up? He's got to swim in pretty

Unknown Speaker  27:16  
sure, you know, I know that they're in the middle of a war and everything. But they should have done some test runs. You know, on that thing? They did?

Unknown Speaker  27:27  
A bunch of people have died. But did you like that? About what they were talking about what they were doing? They were saying that they can only have these two points. And that they What are they they referenced? Like, the way the portal is connected? Is like it's hanging on by like a chicken wire and string or something like that? Yeah, just to make it with Thank you. You're gonna send me 30 years in the future on chicken wire. That's how confident you are here for sure. Then you know that I guess that comment pays off with the scene we were just talking about.

Unknown Speaker  28:00  
Right? Well, yeah, I mean, like, just picture like, being iffy about if you'll even arrive in the future? And then if you do you have a 30% chance of living? Sounds pretty fucked. Yeah, not great. But um, I mean, they have like, kind of like an initial battle. But I don't know if I'm missing anything. But I wanted to fast forward to after he meets his daughter and they go to like an encampment where she's studying one of these creatures, right? And it's like locked away in a cage. But it's it's escaped. Is that what happened?

Unknown Speaker  28:36  
Well, we pretty quickly get get to that. But if you remember the mission, they were sent on once they kind of got everybody together was to go to this research facility to collect particular samples. He collects those samples for her so she could continue with her research. And amongst that they lost most of their team. Yeah, and then from there, they take a helicopter over to the base. And that's where, you know, they meet they realize who they are. Or she he realizes that it's his daughter. Yeah, and then we we move on to those experiments.

Unknown Speaker  29:15  
Do those I have to say the special effects in this film? I thought were top notch. I thought they did a real good job. And all the scenes with the creatures I think could have been very choppy and poorly directed, shaky, and we don't really know what's happening you know, in some of these like film scenes, like during a struggle or or battle, but they were able to balance like a good good action sequence with like, top notch CGI. I thought that action sequences were really good.

Unknown Speaker  29:45  
Yeah, I thought they were great. It was really fun to watch. I think that was probably one of my favorite things about the movies. I just thought it was really good action movie and the sci fi aspect of it was fun to a lot of the plot point details are obviously the biggest problem

Unknown Speaker  29:59  
here. Yeah. So after they managed to get the white what is called again? white clouds called White spikes. A weight loss film is just like a somebodies hatred of white claw. They're trying to take down white man they've taken over the nation. We see the conspiracy You are the guy dude from sun always sunny with the conspiracy. Oh, the chain said that.

Unknown Speaker  30:28  
But uh it's probably the owner of a Budweiser or something. Yeah. wrote the movie that makes sense. Does that make sense at all probably

Unknown Speaker  30:36  
all the major beer companies coming together up again. Well, I guess they're all kind of making seltzer now so I'm yet I don't understand anything anymore. But we

Unknown Speaker  30:47  
so we get introduced to a character there that has his on his like, third

Unknown Speaker  30:52  
wave. I was just about to mention him. Oh, sorry. Go ahead. Go ahead. Oh, he's played by a Keith powers. I knew that right off the top of my head without looking at my phone at all. And he but yeah, so he's got that white claw or whatever. thing? No, I I think that Edwin, too, or? Oh, really? Dorian? Yeah. I don't know things. I think that's Edwin. Yeah. So door he plays. Okay, you're right. You're right, right. Yeah, my bad. Um, and so he says at one point, like, okay, so like Chris Pratt, like they're going through the they're in the future. They're walking around, they're being attacked by aliens. They're searching for the one alien in the building. For the set the searching through the building for aliens, and he says something to them. Chris Pratt goes like, Hey, man, so we could really use your help, like, you know, because this is like, your third time. And, you know, like, could you just help us out like giving us this? Like, you know, you got to learn. I forget exactly what he says. But he says something along the lines of like, you know, it's every man for himself out here. You can't be helping people out. This is the real world are blah, blah, blah. Oh, then I'm like, so then Chris press, like getting attacked by an alien soon after. He's like shooting it and shoot it in the head and it just won't die. And then finally, it's like leaping over him. And that guy comes up. And he's like blasting in the gut. And he flops over. Yeah. And then he's like, Yeah, you got to always aim for the stomach or the neck. That's the only lethal part of their body. And then he like, runs off. And I'm like, oh, that would have been helpful information to tell anybody yesterday.

Unknown Speaker  32:24  
I like I think they do go over it, though. I think they like they flashed by like a training. I think they flashed by a training sequence or something where there are at least explaining it. Well, so uh, Chris Pratt just forgot about all that is, well, I wouldn't have gone for those people that needed help. I'm gonna be honest with you. Like,

Unknown Speaker  32:45  
it was a good point. But it's also like that's instilled in his training. Right? Leave no man behind. Yeah. So I disagree with all that what what I thought would help your fellow man. They were saying like, during the training sequences of like, you're not going to get like standard training and all this stuff, right? I'm just like, What do you mean, you recruited some people that have never fired a gun? You're not going to show them how to use the gun.

Unknown Speaker  33:09  
Right? Yeah, I mean, well, yeah. And especially this group that had just been drafted, like had to get launched even quicker into the, to the battle, right? Because something happens. And they right kind of prematurely.

Unknown Speaker  33:22  
Chris Pratt, buddy, Charlie, like, he shows him like, you know, where the safety is, and all that and how to load it like right before they're dropped into the heat of battle. Like, that's fucking stupid. Right? And for the like, trying to defend humanity, and you're not going to train people first, like at least show them a few tips on how to use a fucking weapon.

Unknown Speaker  33:42  
Yeah, know for sure. That is weird. I don't know if I agree with sending people from the past to this war. I don't know. It's like you do your thing, boo. Well, thanks for letting us know. We'll figure it out. But we don't need to die. Right? And how does it also work with like the timeline? If they go back and prevent this from ever happening, then that did that future that we get to see never exist? Or does it just branch off into a different timeline? That's a good

Unknown Speaker  34:13  
question. There's a comment from his daughter in the future. I mean, he asked, she's dying later on in the film. She says make sure this never happens. So maybe we could use that little bit of information to assume that within like the rules of this film that like that future would have never existed if he goes back and he does that. So technically, he has that memory of it happening but it never did. Or like you said it is just a branch that basically got chopped off and they're like kind of done Yeah. Or they keep going in now these monsters have just overrun their planet. I don't know it's that's the weird thing with time travel movies is like there's so many assumption That you can make.

Unknown Speaker  35:01  
Definitely, there's like that scene in endgame Avengers endgame, where he's talking about time travel, he's got to follow the rules of time travel. And he's like, dude, that's bullshit. That's not how time travel works. He's back to the future is a bunch of bullshit.

Unknown Speaker  35:13  
Yeah. I mean, like, there was one discussion I had with my girlfriend, which was about the relationship between him and his daughter, and how it was strained because of something that he had never experienced that in, you know, in her life, when she was when Mary was growing up, that hurt, the version of her dad actually ended up leaving one day like they got divorced, and they weren't together anymore. And he just wasn't the same person. And then I was just like, Well, wait a second, like, Did that same version of him go through what he is now going through? As time travel goes through. So you know, technically like, what did something was something he experienced so traumatic, that he experienced with Nuri in the future, that it was so traumatic that when he went back to his present, he couldn't keep it together anymore. But I don't think that's the case, I think within what the film wants you to assume is that Mary had an entirely different childhood. And she never experienced the end of the world stuff. Like she had to experience it naturally. And her timeline went back. I don't know, man. I've tried to wrap my head around it. So yeah, so. So I don't think there's any kind of like back and forth. Shit. I think it's basically in Mary's time, the monsters came out and they took over. And when they showed up on that football field, or soccer field, whatever you want to call it. That was the first time that had ever happened. Yeah. So Mary herself had not experienced her father leaving in her reality. When she grew up, her father stayed, and something else happened that changed him as a person. Well,

Unknown Speaker  37:05  
she did say, she did cry and say he left her he left them. Right. But it was a lot less dramatic than she acted like it was. And I don't know, in my view, this is my opinion. But no, I said, like me left them. But he got in a car accident, right? It's not like he left like I'm leaving, I'm going out for cigarettes and then didn't come back. Like

Unknown Speaker  37:25  
he was that he had left before. I think that was the trauma. Not necessarily the car accident. That was the last chance but like he hadn't been the same person grew distant, got a divorce stopped coming around. Like he wasn't really in anybody's life anymore. Wow. I don't know. I mean, was he not in their life? Or was he just yeah, that's what it was. It was like an estranged father kind of situation, where she was still holding on to hope that he would come back and be the dad that she remembered. And he died before that ever became a reality, which is why their bond was so close towards the end. And she said right before she died, I'm glad I got to see you like this. This is the way I'll remember my my dad, this is the way we'll remember you. Well,

Unknown Speaker  38:07  
she says like, this is the way I Well, no, she says, this is the way I remember you. Not that I will remember she basically says like, like her last memory of See, I don't know if it went over like that he was absent. I think it just said that. They got divorced. I think like she says like, this is how I remember you like that. Like, this is the dad I remember before you died. That dad that I remember. But now, that's not how I took it at all.

Unknown Speaker  38:34  
See, this is why they needed to make the movie three and a half hours long. So we could see a whole segment where he like, decide he does say I'm going out for cigarettes and then doesn't come or you know, I don't know.

Unknown Speaker  38:45  
Yeah, because she was super upset with him. You remember when she let loose all that anger and rage? I guess you could assume that that was just her in mourning still because he died. But I don't think it was I think she was, I think through her words and what she was saying and how she was emotionally she was implying that he became a different person that he became detached and that's why the divorce happened and that's why he wasn't in their life anymore.

Unknown Speaker  39:06  
Let's ask Chris Pratt. Let's call him right now. But I guess I have to agree to disagree on that note. No, I don't know. There wasn't enough information to for me to go on that but it seemed like like when she was implying that he left like he like straight up like abandon them. But that's how I took it. Yeah. But then that but you didn't explain that exactly. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  39:37  
Dang it. Well, you know,

Unknown Speaker  39:41  

Unknown Speaker  39:42  
Alright, here we go. Here we go Wikipedia to the rescue. Chris is right. Mary reveals today on that dissatisfied with his life after losing the job. he abandons his family and dies in a car crash.

Unknown Speaker  39:56  
I needed pure definition of the word abandoned early. You know from them according to I don't know, guys.