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Building A Racing Sponsorship Plan

April 07, 2023 Bill Snow Season 3 Episode 13
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
Building A Racing Sponsorship Plan
Show Notes

So you want to go out and find sponsors for your racing program, right?  Do you know where to start?

Bill Snow shares his insights into how to build a  sponsorship plan for your racing program.  Sponsorships have to go beyond product sponsors if you want to get to the next level of getting funding for you and your team.  Having a plan and knowing your value is key to building your program.

Over the years Bill has been involved with securing sponsors, fan activation, building plans, and developing value for organizations involved with motorsports.  He's conducted sponsorship seminars and works with drivers that are looking to take their motorsports program to the next level.

Topics covered include:

  • What businesses to target
  • How to build a plan
  • Value adds that need to be part of your plan
  • What if they say no
  • Why working with a charity is important

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