Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing

Talking Tires And So Much More with Johnny Miller From Track Day Tire

December 04, 2023 Johnny Miller Season 3 Episode 41
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
Talking Tires And So Much More with Johnny Miller From Track Day Tire
Show Notes

Johnny Miller is a very accomplished race car driver and he shares so much! 

The conversation ranges from Johnny's racing career which started in SCCA autocross to why being relevant is important in your racing career (hint: this helps with getting sponsorships for grassroots racing).

He grew from Autocross to racing professionally in Trans Am, IMSA, and NASCAR.

He's set track records at many tracks, landed great sponsorships, and built a tire business to help grow grassroots racing.

Did you know that the government of New Zealand once paid racers and teams to race in their country?  Johnny talks about it.

Johnny shares the idea that racing is a game of details. He's right!  Listen in as he talks about this concept.  His advice?  Set goals - it helps get you where you want to go.

We also talk tires.  How to store, where to start with tire pressures, how to choose.

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