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NO. 53 -- CHRIS MEYER | Author "Four Months And A Lifetime"

August 20, 2021
Experience The Buzz
NO. 53 -- CHRIS MEYER | Author "Four Months And A Lifetime"
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CHRIS MEYER definitely embraced the Pivot during the Covid Pandemic. In less than two years, the Funeral Home Owner self-published three books. Think about that for a second. Are you thinking what I am thinking? THAT'S IMPRESSIVE. Even more impressive was how different the three books are. His latest book is set for release in September. "FOUR MONTHS ... AND A LIFETIME" depicts a journey of basketball as a kid and a coach of his son's middle school team.

In today's episode of Experience the Buzz, Host Steve Buzzard turns Meyer loose on all subjects. "What an honor and a gift to be able to write books that will serve as your legacy.  Chris did that. His gift of description and writing style is off the charts. Friendship aside, Chris has an amazing talent!"  Our conversation hits FOUR areas: 

  • FIRST QUARTER (up by 14 pts) 🏀 begins with Chris's love for the game of basketball as depicted in his latest work. Meyer gives us the skeleton of FOUR MONTHS ... AND A LIFETIME sharing stories from his childhood, coupled with his journey as his middle son's basketball coach. We discussed recognizing our kids as individuals. And Meyer finishes off with his Flip of the Switch moment when his oldest son Hudson was born.
  • SECOND QUARTER (up by 7 pts) 🏀 describes more moments, including coaching basketball in the modern-day as well as the challenges of managing a team with a load of talent. We discuss coaching styles and Meyer goes in-depth about his son Brock. We shift gears and get into Meyer's journey to Sacramento starting with his college stop in Purdue that led to becoming a lawyer to spending 11 years in Los Angeles as a struggling screenwriter. Final arrival was Sacramento as a Funeral Home Director.
  • THIRD QUARTER (down by 1 pt) 🏀 focused on Meyer's first two books and the stories surrounding his 2019 and 2020 releases. Chris finished the third segment by talking about his writing style.
  • FOURTH QUARTER (WON by 8 pts) 🏀 is a potpourri of questions discussing Meyer's current entrepreneurial endeavors,  another book on its way in 2022, giving kids moments, being and defining entrepreneurship. And Chris flips the script on me with a question on making the decision to retire. This great conversation finishes off with RAPID FIRE 💥

Here are my favorite HIGHLIGHTS  ...
▪️1. FOUR MONTHS ... AND A LIFETIME was obviously personal. Heck, I am mentioned several times in the book. It was about the school I taught at for 26 years. That is bucket list material. I enjoyed every part of it.
▪️2. Friendship aside, Chris Meyer is a great author. His style is unique. I encourage you to read for yourself.
▪️3. Who writes three books and publishes them all in less than two years. I am still trying to wrap my mind around that.

Our Connection |  Chris and I are very good friends. It's a unique friendship. I think in large part it is because we have a lot of parallels in our lives. I have known Chris and his family through St. Michael's and my Buzzardball Youth Basketball program for the past 14 years.


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📗 2020 | THE 'WOOD
📘 2021 |  FOUR MONTHS ... and a Lifetime

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Tim Collom and His team are regarded as the top real estate team in Sacramento.

Introduction | First Quarter
Our Connection
The Love of Basketball 🏀
Childhood Basketball Stories
Coaching Basketball at St. Michael's
Understanding Kids as Individuals
Flip of the Switch Moment
Second Quarter | Tapping Into Childhood Memories
Coaching Basketball in the Modern Day
2019 Season Wasn't Easy
Coaching Styles | Toph | Brock
Chris's Journey Starting at Purdue
Life as a Funeral Home Director
Third Quarter | Life in 20 Lessons
Three Stories from the Funeral Home
Drawing on Things from the Past
Second Book | "The 'Wood"
The Writing Process
Fourth Quarter | Other Ventures
Another Book in 2022?
The Importance of Creating Moments and Being Kind
Chris Flips the Script on Me
Would You Have Been Able to Write These Books Without the Pandemic
Rapid Fire 💥