Nutanix Weekly: Using a Bloomberg Keyboard with Nutanix Frame!
XenTegra - Nutanix Weekly
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XenTegra - Nutanix Weekly
Nutanix Weekly: Using a Bloomberg Keyboard with Nutanix Frame!
Dec 17, 2021 Season 1 Episode 39
XenTegra / Andy Whiteside

We are very excited to share a demo of the new Generic USB Redirection feature of the Nutanix Frame® DaaS solution (which is now available in Early Access with the release of Frame App for Windows 6.7 and later)!

Generic USB Redirection further expands Frame’s support for USB peripheral devices, including advanced/specialty devices such as Bloomberg® keyboards!

In this blog we will demonstrate the seamless integration of Bloomberg multi-function keyboards within a Frame session via the Frame App. For those unfamiliar, Bloomberg keyboards are specialized devices used by financial services customers to interface with the Bloomberg Anywhere™ solution. The keyboard not only includes Bloomberg-specific function and menu keys, but also built-in speakers as well as an integrated biometric fingerprint scanner for multi-factor authentication into Bloomberg Anywhere.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Harvey Green
Co-host: Jirah Cox
Guest: Kevin Cooke
Guest: Michael Yannotti