Kids Law
What happens in the House of Lords?
What happens in the House of Lords? 27:39 Do witches really exist and how do lawyers get involved? 23:06 The Supreme Court and why is it important in our justice system. 16:52 How does the court system work and what do judges do? 18:22 What we learnt in Series 1 6:32 Does Parliament take the voices of children into account when it makes new laws? 15:06 When does a child end up in foster care? 20:03 Why do we need a criminal justice system? 18:04 Does the law control when a child can work and get paid for it? 17:27 When and how do the police get involved in the lives of children? 19:05 What happens to children when parents split up? 16:01 What is Justice? 14:55 Can you really become a criminal at 10? 25:15 What are children allowed to do under Covid 19 Laws? 14:56 Does the law ensure the voices of children are heard? 10:25 Welcome to Kids Law! 1:52