The CaliConBlogCast

MagWest 2022 Recap/SacAnime Summer 2022 Preview/D23 Preview

August 31, 2022 Episode 90
The CaliConBlogCast
MagWest 2022 Recap/SacAnime Summer 2022 Preview/D23 Preview
Show Notes

On this episode of the CaliConBlogCast, a week after the show went unexpectedly dark and Matthew was isekaied to a different podcast, Nate recaps MagWest 2022 in Santa Clara as well as previewing D23 Expo in Anaheim & Matthew returns to preview SacAnime Summer 2022 in Sacramento because that convention just keeps adding guests. There's also an update to the search for the Persona 5 slot machine as Matthew recaps his up and down weekends at the casino, plus we look at renovations to the Arena and how that might impact Anime Expo.

AP 766: Summer 2022 Previews #6 -

GAME SARU - Japanese Arcade Game Rentals and Purchase - Arena to step up its game with several years’ worth of renovation and upgrades -

Sky River Casino in Elk Grove opens weeks ahead of schedule -

SacAnime » SacAnime Guests of Honor -

SacAnime » Programming Schedule -

D23 Expo 2022: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event -

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