In Strange Company

How to Be Happy

April 29, 2019
In Strange Company
How to Be Happy
In Strange Company
How to Be Happy
Apr 29, 2019
Marcus Strange
How to take control of you're happiness
Show Notes

The message this week is that you get to control your happiness because you are the one person and thing in control of your happiness. It will take time and practice, but you can choose to be happy and you deserve to be happy.

In case you're new here, I am starting a weekly series of inspirational stories and quotes. These episodes will be five minutes (ish) and will air every Monday, but I need your help. What do I call this series? I want the title to be something the resonates with you, so I'm putting it out to you guys to pick the name. DM me your ideas for the title and if I choose your submission I'll feature you on a podcast and your title will be forever immortalized!

I'm so excited to continue to share the amazing people, stories, and adventures that are shaping my life and I hope this podcast has a positive impact on yours. If you enjoyed this episode please rate, review, and subscribe on your favorite platform.

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Viktor Frankl and Hal Elrod

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