In Strange Company

Ep 21: A Joint Venture w. Hannah Nikonow

July 10, 2019
In Strange Company
Ep 21: A Joint Venture w. Hannah Nikonow
In Strange Company
Ep 21: A Joint Venture w. Hannah Nikonow
Jul 10, 2019
Marcus Strange
Hannah Nikonow and I discuss the sage brush sea and what the heck is a join venture
Show Notes

On episode twenty-one of the Urban to Country Podcast, I sit down with conservationist and journalist, Hannah Nikonow, during the 2019 Bozeman Conservation Convention, hosted by 2% for Conservation, Fermentana, Sitka Gear, and Stone Glacier. As the Intermountain West Joint Venture's Sagebrush Communications Specialist, Hannah provides digital content management, science and feature writing, field events, and other communications services focused on the conservation of sagebrush country. Hannah grew up in central Wyoming and holds a B.A. in journalism from the University of Montana. She spends the majority her free time exploring public lands by foraging, fishing, and hunting, often with her Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Rye.

This episode is a laid-back conversation between good friends and I hope you enjoy our banter as we talk about some serious and some silly topics and laugh at ourselves a little bit. I'm so excited to continue to share the amazing people and adventures that are shaping my life and I hope this podcast has a positive impact on yours. If you enjoyed this episode please rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform.

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