In Strange Company

Message to My Younger Self

July 29, 2019
In Strange Company
Message to My Younger Self
In Strange Company
Message to My Younger Self
Jul 29, 2019
Marcus Strange
What message would you send your younger self
Show Notes

Happy Monday! I hope you're planning on having a fantastic week just like I am. If not, now is your opportunity to begin choosing to make each Monday the start of a great week. I hope this short podcast will inspire greatness in you this week.

Have you ever thought about what you'd tell your younger self if you could? I have. This week I challenge you to think about what that message would be and then sit with that. How does that make you feel and what does that reveal to you? 

I'm so excited to continue to share the amazing people, stories, and adventures that are shaping my life and I hope this podcast has a positive impact on yours. If you enjoyed this episode please rate, review, and subscribe on your favorite platform.

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