In Strange Company

Ep 24: Elk Caller w. Rockie Jacobsen

August 22, 2019
In Strange Company
Ep 24: Elk Caller w. Rockie Jacobsen
In Strange Company
Ep 24: Elk Caller w. Rockie Jacobsen
Aug 22, 2019
Marcus Strange
Kent and I interview a living legend, Rockie Jaconsen
Show Notes

On episode 24 of the Urban to Country Podcast, I sit down with one of my personal heroes and one of the fathers of modern elk calling, Rockie Jacobsen. Rockie is the founder of Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls (RMHC) and the inventor of the dome and palate plate diaphragm calls. His innovations have shaped the landscape of modern elk hunting and has inspired numerous hunters to venture into the elk woods with calls in hand. 

My friend and fellow elk hunter, Kent Anderson, sits in as my co-host for this episode. Kent is a pro-staff member for Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls and has competed at the national level in elk calling. We talk about the history of RMHCs, cars, how to call elk, why elk get “call shy”, lessons learned from our lives in the outdoors, the commercialization of hunting, personal ethics, and many other topics.

This episode is a laid-back conversation between good friends and I hope you enjoy our banter as we talk about some serious and some silly topics and laugh at ourselves a little bit. I'm so excited to continue to share the amazing people and adventures that are shaping my life and I hope this podcast has a positive impact on yours. If you enjoyed this episode please rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform. 

Thank you to Capital Sports and Western Wear in Helena Montana for hosting this conversation and RMHC for the use of their photo.

Books: Whisper of the Grey Bull by Stephen Smart, Beyond Fair Chase by Jim Posewitz

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