Better Presentations More Sales

Deliver Compelling Sales Proposals with Reuben Swartz

April 25, 2022 Trevor Lee Season 1 Episode 213
Better Presentations More Sales
Deliver Compelling Sales Proposals with Reuben Swartz
Show Notes

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales Podcast Reuben Swartz from share tips and ideas to help you deliver compelling sales proposals

Reuben talks about the need to make the buyer the hero of your proposal rather than yourself and to ensure that from your first paragraph, in whatever format you deliver your proposal, the buyer recognises that you have understood the situation they have, the problem they need to solve etc…

Far too many proposals are sent out with incomplete understanding of the buyers situation often as Rueben says because we simply don’t ask enough questions and indeed enough of the right questions to ensure we fully understand what the buyer is looking for from us

A great tip that Rueben shared was for you once you have compiled a proposal to go through it with three highlighter pens. 

Mark in green everything that is about the buyer and their company, in yellow things that may confusing or jargony and in red the things that are entirely about you.

Ideally you should little or no yellow some red but almost all green! Try it! 

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